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What You Can Achieve?

Automate your workflow

Automated notification to increase conversion

Personalized marketing strategy from engagement to conversion

Effectively retain customers for super high repurchase rate

Multi-person customer service ease customer relationship management

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ChatDaddy 10X Program
Power Up Your WhatsApp

30 minute session
Learn about your company's operations and set WhatsApp Strategy
Within a week
Integrate and execute, Power up your Whatsapp
Within 3 weeks
Review results, optimized workflow and improve efficiency

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Who is suitable for ChatDaddy 10X Program?

Too many inquiries but shorthanded.Wants to avoid missed messages, late replies, and no more unattended clients
Does not have a system to follow up.Wants to make the most out of your leads with a systematic follow-up method
Wants to increase customer Life Time Value but does not have a strategy or blueprint to do so

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What We Provide

Multi-channel in 1 Platform

Powerful Team Inbox

Easy CRM Management

Integrations with Apps

Increase Conversion Rate

Real-time Analysis

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Clients After Joining
10x Program


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