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How To Set up Your WhatsApp Business Account in Under 10 Minutes
June 28, 2022

How To Set up Your WhatsApp Business Account in Under 10 Minutes

With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most widely used instant messaging service in the world today.

With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most widely used instant messaging service in the world today. 

Therefore, neither the app nor its numerous features require an introduction. 

The WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API, however, are still relatively unknown to many people.

It's not difficult to gain access to the WhatsApp API. 

With this thorough checklist, tyntec walks you through the procedure and makes it even simpler for you.

Tyntec assists businesses in setting up their WhatsApp Business Profiles as a certified WhatsApp Business supplier. 

We achieve this by following a simple procedure and upholding WhatsApp's reputation for reliability and quality, giving you hassle-free access to WhatsApp.

You will receive a comprehensive overview of these tools in this post, which are intended to help you up your marketing game. We'll look at how to set up a WhatsApp business account and much more.

You will receive a comprehensive overview of these tools in this blog post, which are intended to help you up your marketing game. 

We'll look at how to set up a WhatsApp business account and much more.

The WhatsApp Business Account: What is it?

The WhatsApp Business Account, in contrast to the standard WhatsApp account, is designed for companies to communicate with their clients, many of whom are also WhatsApp users.

When compared to the WhatsApp Messenger app, these accounts have more capabilities. The functionalities that businesses require to communicate with their clients on a large scale are missing from the messenger edition of the app.

For example, with access to the WhatsApp Business Account, you can set up automated messages, create message templates that help with quick and efficient customer communication, create catalogs that contain information about the goods or services your business offers, etc. that are not possible with the WhatsApp Messenger App.

You might be wondering how to create a WhatsApp Business account if you own a business. It is simple to download and is free to use the WhatsApp Business App. 

A WhatsApp Business API, which is the official form of the business account, has a subscription-based pricing structure and is more appropriate for expanding and sizable organizations.

Let's first examine how to set up a WhatsApp Business account utilizing the WhatsApp Business app. 

It is easy to access this software on your phone because it can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. 

Are you prepared to quickly review the instructions for downloading and setting up your profile on the WhatsApp Business App?

Before getting started

Before being granted access to the WhatsApp Business API, each business account must submit an application to WhatsApp for approval.

You must first create a Facebook Business account to proceed.

If you don't already have one, you can do so at https://business.facebook.com/.

The following details must also be gathered to create your WhatsApp profile:

Select the phone number you want to link to your WhatsApp profile.

Find out how to choose a phone number. If your phone number is linked to an IVR, manual onboarding is required.

Name shown. Verify industry standards.

Business details include a description, a public email address, and a URL for the logo. Webhook URLs: specify the webhook URLs for delivery notifications and incoming messages.

Step 1: Find the WhatsApp Business app.


You can simply visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store and search for WhatsApp Business App, just like you would with any other app. 

There is an icon in the well-known WhatsApp brand color, but it has the letter "B" in the exact center of the figurative WhatsApp chat bubble. 

You've probably guessed by now that the letter "B" stands for "business."

You will therefore be requested to accept the terms and conditions once you have downloaded the app and installed it under the instructions. 

After reading, proceed to the next action.

Step 2: Create a WhatsApp Business account 

You can start creating a WhatsApp Business account here. But chances are, you already have a personal WhatsApp account. 

In this situation, you have the option of using your personal WhatsApp number in place of your company number.

Technically, you could use both the personal and commercial versions of WhatsApp, but doing so would make your personal and company numbers the same. 

Alternatively, you can just register a new number and separate your personal and professional lives. 

You can enter your company number if you choose to "use a different number" for this.

You will get a six-digit verification of the new number you entered after entering the old one. You can manually enter the code if the app does not recognize it automatically.

Instructions For Changing From WhatsApp To WhatsApp Business

You may need to think about transferring all of your personal information, such as your chat history, media files, and contact list from your personal WhatsApp to the WhatsApp Business app if you choose to keep using your number for business purposes.

You are giving the WhatsApp Business app access to your contact list and media files by doing this. 

You will be prepared to go after WhatsApp has moved all of your chats and files to the WhatsApp Business app.

An extensive tutorial on switching from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business may be found here.

Step 3: Create a WhatsApp Business profile.

You have now completed all of the aforementioned steps to take ownership of a WhatsApp Business account. 

You should then construct your business profile. 

The goal is to design a profile that best represents your company and provides them with all the contact information they will need.

Create the information about your business to complete your profile. 

Specifically, a succinct description, a profile picture, the name of your company, and its address. 

The more details you enter, the better. 

Customers will gain a better understanding of your company and its products as a result. Even so, WhatsApp offers a variety of categories from which you can pick one for your company.

Step 4:Log into Facebook

It's time to join your Facebook account associated with your WhatsApp Business request after adding the API key and webhooks. 

This phase links your Facebook Business Manager to:

  • Create business accounts on Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • Connect to the WhatsApp Business number and verify it to create your WhatsApp Business profile.

You will have a direct connection to this stage through our dashboard. 

Go to Login with Facebook and click.

Make sure you're using an admin account to log in.

Step 5: Confirm your company.

This stage has been created to make sure your Facebook Business Account is genuine, including documentation of the business's legitimacy and proof of its employees' access to the account.

This step also makes sure the display name adheres to WhatsApp's rules and that your WhatsApp Business Account is compliant with those rules.

Within their Facebook Business Manager account, your business must file a Business Verification request.

Step 6: Send your message templates 

Although contributing message templates is not required, doing so would allow you to test the platform. 

Additionally, having at least one message template could be useful for auto-replies, for example, when agents are not immediately accessible or the request has come in after business hours, even for organizations that merely want WhatsApp to react to queries.

Businesses may send clients standardized messages using WhatsApp Message Templates, such as appointment reminders, shipping updates, problem remedies, and more. 

Only clients who have chosen to receive them can send them, and WhatsApp must first approve them.

Step 7: Gather opt-ins

Before starting a WhatsApp conversation with a customer, get opt-ins. 

This means that the company must contact its clients for their agreement through a "third party channel" rather than through WhatsApp itself. 

Examples of third-party channels are email, websites, SMS, customer service calls, interactive voice response systems, apps, and SMS.

Additionally, the opt-in needs to be active. 

This implies that it needs to be sparked by a user action, such as keying in a phone number or ticking a box to confirm consent.

Last but not least, utilize explicit opt-in messaging so that users are aware of the kinds of messages they are consenting to receive.

  • Implemented opt-in policy
  • First consumers who opted in were gathered.

How to register for the WhatsApp Business API

If you own a small business, the WhatsApp Business app is fantastic.

Normally, you would only require running the software with one user at a time in this situation. 

However, the application does not allow for the management of WhatsApp by a team.

This is the more sophisticated version of the WhatsApp Business platform, which offers a wide range of potent features and advantages to businesses wishing to expand their operations and improve communication. 

This is because only one user and one device can simultaneously access the app.

The WhatsApp Business API was developed for this reason. 

Teams can use WhatsApp Business with numerous members thanks to this.

Additional Methods for Opening a WhatsApp Business Account

Creating a WhatsApp Business account can also be done without downloading the free WhatsApp Business app.

The approach entails obtaining the WhatsApp Business API, which is a little more difficult and time-consuming. 

The API also has a price component. For businesses, it has a lot more functions and advantages.

Only an authorized WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP), can access the WhatsApp Business API.

Depending on where your business is in its development, you may or may not need the WhatsApp Business API. 

The API was created with larger, expanding organizations in mind, whereas the free WhatsApp Business app is geared toward startups and small businesses.

Final Thoughts | WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp Business is the best option for you if you are a micro business that has just begun utilizing a messaging platform to collect orders and respond to client inquiries, where the customer base is tiny, you can work without any kind of automation, and one person can handle all the queries.

However, WhatsApp APIs are unquestionably the way to go if you're a medium-sized company, enterprise, or even a small business trying to grow, sell, and offer support to a sizable customer base because they offer superior integration, automation, and control over your messages.

If you require any extra assistance, you can get in contact with ChatDaddy.

FAQs | WhatsApp Business Account

Q: What is the purpose of creating a WhatsApp Business account?

A: WhatsApp Business offers capabilities to automate, sort, and swiftly respond to messages, which makes communicating with customers simple. Additionally, it's designed to function and feel exactly like WhatsApp Messenger. Everything you're used to doing, like messaging and sharing images, can be done with it.

Q: Can I make both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business calls from the same number?

A: The answer is yes, provided you use a distinct phone number for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. You must utilize a dual-SIM phone and register both accounts with distinct phone numbers to accomplish this.

Q: What distinguishes a WhatsApp Business account from a regular WhatsApp account?

A: In essence, WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are different in that the former is only for personal communication while the latter also offers marketing capabilities. Small local businesses can use WhatsApp Business for free as a method to take orders and respond to inquiries via chat.

Q: Can I turn WhatsApp into a business?

A: Create a profile: Choose a profile image, enter your business name, and choose a business type. Then Create a company profile: Select Business profile under EXPLORE. Here, you can provide crucial company details like your business's address, description, operating hours, and more.

Q: Is the WhatsApp Business account cost-free?

A: For the small business owner in mind, WhatsApp Business is a free app that can be downloaded on Android and iPhone. WhatsApp Business offers capabilities to automate, sort, and swiftly respond to messages, which makes communicating with customers simple.

Q: Can a WhatsApp Business account view another person's status?

A: The status action of the user on the business profile is not updated by WhatsApp Business (online, offline, or last seen). Earlier in 2021, this function was available; however, it has since been withdrawn.

Q: Can I use WhatsApp Business to mask my phone number?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to conceal your WhatsApp phone number. To access the service, you must enter a valid phone number into the app.

Q: Is using a WhatsApp Business account for chats secure?

A: The same Signal encryption mechanism that secures communications before they leave your smartphone is used to protect every WhatsApp message. When you send a message to a WhatsApp business account, it is delivered securely to the recipient that the business has specified.

Q: My messages on WhatsApp Business can be read?

A: Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted if a company is handling chats independently. No one can read or listen to them outside of this discussion, not even WhatsApp.

Q: Do you use your actual phone number on WhatsApp?

A: Mobile phone numbers are linked to every WhatsApp account. It's possible that the previous owner of your existing phone number used it because mobile service companies sometimes recycle phone numbers.

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