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WhatsApp Chat Button – How To Add WhatsApp Chat Widget To The Website?

Businesses have increased their presence on the instant messaging platform due to realizing the benefits of WhatsApp and the app's popularity among its over 2 billion users.

Businesses have increased their presence on the instant messaging platform due to realizing the benefits of WhatsApp and the app's popularity among its over 2 billion users.

Additionally, the nature of B2C communications is evolving. People no longer desire to be contacted by phone or email. 

They like sending texts. 

They wish to be contacted using the methods of their choice.

Another justification for businesses to think about using WhatsApp is this.

But is using WhatsApp sufficient? Actually, no.

You must let potential customers know that you are on WhatsApp. 

Installing a WhatsApp chat button or chat widget on your website is one way to achieve this.

In this article let's discuss everything about the chat button.

A WhatsApp button: What is it?

WhatsApp Button

By using a chat button, website visitors and potential clients can communicate with you without leaving your page. 

However, customers prefer to interact through handy means, such as instant messaging apps.

In essence, a WhatsApp button is a chat button that allows your consumers to interact with you on WhatsApp easily. 

They only have to click the chat button on your website to start a conversation.

These conversations are reflected on your WhatsApp business account, giving your clients an easy way to contact you, earning you a high reputation for customer service, and much more.

There are two different kinds of buttons: call to action and quick replies. 

These buttons give companies all over the world numerous options to interact with their clients on WhatsApp, one of the most widely used messaging platforms.

Businesses can define buttons for quick replies that users can tap. 

A message containing the button text is sent into the chat when a Quick reply is tapped.

When pressed, call to action buttons place a call or launch a webpage.

Please be aware that WhatsApp does not currently allow deep links.

You must include buttons in a message template and submit them to WhatsApp to use them.

 After receiving approval, you can send templates with buttons by including the message text in your API request.

How can WhatsApp be incorporated into the website?

"Click-to-chat" is the feature that enables you to integrate WhatsApp quickly on your website.

There are a lot of justifications for including a WhatsApp Button on your website. 

There are additional aspects to take into account, though; after all, you want to utilize WhatsApp to enhance business communication and increase client conversion, not to hinder growth in any manner.

Visitors to your website will be able to start a new chat on the app immediately on your WhatsApp Business page, or, if you don't have one, on your phone number WhatsApp page, thanks to this feature, which makes use of WhatsApp's APIs.

In this manner, the user will just need to initiate communication (the user gives you his opt-in through this action).

How can a chat button for WhatsApp be added to a website?

There are numerous ways to incorporate WhatsApp into your website, and we'll examine 3 of them in this article so you can pick the simplest one to start with:

  • Use the documentation for the WhatsApp API.

Let's start with the trickiest (but quite simple) answer. We can incorporate the click-to-chat link using this approach in any area of the website.

In reality, all you need to do to make WhatsApp accessible to your users is add your personalized link to an image, a button, or any other call-to-action.

Simply enter your phone number at the following site to make your customized link:


Your link will be as follows if your number is, for instance, 4566789715 and your country code is +23:


Chat Button to a Website
  • Utilize the Chat Callbell widget.

The best way to incorporate a WhatsApp button on your website is through a chat widget, which works similarly to other online help options like Live Chat.

In addition to directing all traffic produced into the instant messaging channels of their choice, this will enable website visitors to start a chat with only one click.

You must first sign up for a free Callbell account, construct your custom widget in a few steps, and then install it on your website using either WordPress or Google Tag Manager. The widget can be configured to display on both desktop and mobile devices, or both.

The widget will then show up in the lower margin of your website's pages (you can choose to have it appear on the right or left of the screen), giving your website visitors the option to contact you by clicking on the WhatsApp Chat button.

You can handle your incoming messages straight from Callbell without needing to use the official WhatsApp app by creating a WhatsApp Business page or integrating an existing one.

  • Use the chat widget from GetButton.

In addition to Callbell, GetButton also provides a chat widget that enables you to initiate a conversation on the primary messaging platforms.

Similar to the process outlined for Callbell, the GetButton widget will appear at the bottom of the webpage once it has been generated and installed on your website. 

You can incorporate other channels into the chat widget using GetButton.

However, much like with more sophisticated services, there is a fee if you want to add more than 2 message channels.

This might be incredibly restricting for businesses using different messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Telegram.

Can WhatsApp be used for live chat?

Customers want to be catered to, and they expect it now. 

You should therefore offer a live chat-like experience.

What better way to communicate with your customer than through WhatsApp, their preferred instant messaging service?

Using WhatsApp, you can have real-time conversations with your leads and consumers. With WhatsApp live chat, you'll never miss an opportunity to maximize lead conversion and provide your consumers with the superior service they expect.

Why should WhatsApp be included on your website?

Add a personal touch

WhatsApp was designed to be used as a private communications tool.

 Businesses began using WhatsApp for, well, business purposes much later in the app's life.

Nevertheless, the majority of us have used (and still use) WhatsApp for social interactions with friends and family that are unrelated to work.

You automatically create a more intimate environment to interact with your customers by integrating your business into such a setting. 

Additionally, this intimate setting may give your clients the impression that they are conversing with a friend, which will make them feel more at ease when dealing with you.

Establish a better relationship with your customers

WhatsApp is now the best messaging tool for creating better customer connections due to its wide user base and global reach.

The way leads and customers view businesses has changed as a result of messaging. 

They no longer conduct businesslike, impersonal phone calls or email correspondence. 

They now perceive themselves as conversing with a human-like persona when messaging a business.

55% of consumers said that messaging a firm made them feel more personally linked to it. 

Quick responses made possible by text messaging hasten the establishment of a relationship between leads and businesses.

Stay in touch easily

We've all probably seen this scenario before: you utilize live chat to contact a company, wait for a response, and ultimately opt to leave since you can't wait all day.

Most live chat programs interface with email programs, so whenever you respond via live chat, customers receive an email notification.

A high level of customer satisfaction and a seamless customer assistance process cannot be sustained, though.

 When a customer first contacts you through your website, you are forcing them to take an extra step and check their email for your response.

How to make WhatsApp chat on your website automatic?

Customers will have to wait two days for an email response. 

On the phone, they'll wait in line. However, when they use WhatsApp, they anticipate nearly immediate responses. 

These expectations are both a blessing and a curse for customer support staff. Customer happiness soars if you deliver.

But if you fall short, your clients will become angry.

By putting this automation in place, you provide your staff with the ability to work at the anticipated pace.

Quick replies: 

Ever receive redundant inquiries? Concerning your stock, return policy, business hours, or delivery options? 

You do, of course. Additionally, you'll lose precious time if you don't automate the responses to these queries.

WhatsApp Chat


Your consumers will always receive a prompt answer if you set up an auto-reply. When you are unable to answer right away, this gives you some breathing room. It is especially useful after business hours.

Automated messages

Advantages of WhatsApp Chat Button

Advantages of the WhatsApp Chat Button include:

  1. Increase sales

A WhatsApp chat button on your website encourages customers to contact you. 

You may interact with your consumers in real time, help them choose the ideal product, and persuade them to buy.

Additionally, WhatsApp enables you to stay in touch with your clients and send them information about new product releases, specials, and other things. 

Other live chat platforms won't let you do this unless your consumers explicitly provide you with their contact information.

  1. Communication is simple

One of the easiest instant messaging apps to use is WhatsApp. Additionally, more than 2 billion individuals use it.

Your consumers can contact you instantly if you have a WhatsApp chat button. 

They only have to click the chat icon to start a conversation.

Additionally, you can communicate directly with your customers by sending them personalized SMS messages.

  1. It is economical

Downloading WhatsApp Messenger is free.

 Additionally, it is simple to use, saving you the time and money it would take to educate your staff to communicate with clients using WhatsApp. 

This significantly lowers your expenses.

  1. improved customer services

People in our fast-paced society demand speed, especially when it comes to customer service. 

Your consumers can contact you via the WhatsApp chat button and receive responses in a matter of seconds.

Conclusion | WhatsApp Chat Button 

In essence, a WhatsApp button is a chat button that allows your customers to easily interact with you on WhatsApp. 

They only have to click the chat button on your website to start a conversation.

A live chat button is a little bar that can be found at a website's bottom right or left corner. 

It encourages guests to strike up a conversation. 

A chat box where people can post messages and receive immediate responses appears when they click on it.

That is all there is to know about the WhatsApp conversation button.

If any of the aforementioned situations apply to you, get in touch with ChatDaddy.

We'll walk you through the process of adding a WhatsApp chat button to a website step-by-step.

FAQs | WhatsApp Chat Button 

Q: Can I add a WhatsApp chat feature to my website?

A: How can WhatsApp be added to your website? Click-to-chat is a feature that enables WhatsApp to be quickly and easily integrated into your website. With the help of this tool, website users may quickly start a WhatsApp conversation with your company.

Q: How can I add code for live chat to my website?

A: The Installation component of the JivoChat app contains the JivoChat code: Channels -> Settings -> Manage Installation. Paste the JivoChat code directly above the closing /body> element at the bottom of the HTML file after scrolling down. To publish the modifications to your website, scroll up and click "Save."

Q: How can I get a widget for WhatsApp?

A: To open the chat window of the person you need to call frequently, click the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner, then select Add Shortcut from the menu that appears. The option to add to the home screen is now visible.

Q: Whatsapp chat: How do I integrate it into my HTML website?

A: If you wish to use WhatsApp's live chat feature on a manually created HTML website, simply open your web browser. then type the subsequent URL. Now click over create here.

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