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WhatsApp For Business: Effective Tips to Sell Products and Increase Your Sales
June 28, 2022

WhatsApp For Business: Effective Tips to Sell Products and Increase Your Sales

The rise of conversational marketing is largely due to consumers' rising expectations for ease and personalized digital experiences.

The rise of conversational marketing is largely due to consumers' rising expectations for ease and personalized digital experiences. 

90% of consumers worldwide claim they'll spend more with businesses that offer personalized services.

Today, WhatsApp Business is used by more than five million brands. 

That market is sizable and ready for interaction. 

In this post, we'll demonstrate how certain firms are utilizing WhatsApp for business purposes (apart from marketing) and highlight a few cutting-edge strategies for maximizing the network.

Why Should Your Business Use WhatsApp Marketing?

The most used messaging app worldwide is WhatsApp. Its audience will have increased to 2 billion active users monthly by 2020. 

Businesses that wish to reach customers in emerging markets must have access to this marketing channel. 

For example, India has 340 million monthly WhatsApp users, while Brazil has approximately 100 million. 

However, given that 68 million Americans visit WhatsApp at least once a month, the network is also a great alternative for advertising in the US market.

More than half of WhatsApp users check the app daily, allowing you to stay in touch with your customers using WhatsApp marketing.

Even better, since texts have a 98% open rate, you may be certain that they will receive your offers.

WhatsApp marketing is a form of messenger marketing that enables companies to communicate with their clients via the messaging service WhatsApp. 

Although it has more features than text or SMS marketing, such as the ability to transmit photographs, files, videos, emojis, and more, it still operates similarly.

The last thing to mention is how much your customers adore this kind of contact. 

They have higher faith in brands that offer chat apps; 53% of consumers believe they would do business with chat-enabled brands.

Consider choosing consumers to be equivalent to audience segmentation, which is something you can perform in the app by utilizing a broadcast list.

Additionally, since WhatsApp doesn't charge for international communication, connecting with your foreign customers will be simple and affordable if you have a global audience or customer base. 

This promotes the development of strong client ties abroad and facilitates rapid problem resolution.

Making a WhatsApp Business profile

It's simple to create a WhatsApp Business account, especially if you already have the program downloaded. 

If not, search for "WhatsApp Business" in your local mobile app store. 

The app will link your account to a Business profile if you've already created one.

Accept the Terms and Conditions after that, then input your phone number. 

(If you prefer not to use your number, you can modify this under Settings by changing the letter.)

After that, you're ready to go! From here, you may present your Business account in a polished and expert manner. 

Additionally, you can start to investigate some of the business-specific features that are at your disposal, such as contact labels and quick links.

Let's discuss a few of the features you'll use in WhatsApp Business.

First, you can enter your company's contact details in the "Business Profile" area, which is reached by clicking "Business Settings," including your email address, physical address, and website link. 

They resemble a Facebook or Google Business profile if you've ever seen one. 

A summary of your organization will be available in your WhatsApp Business profile.

For leads and customers to know they are speaking with your business when they communicate with you, your Business profile will also be listed as one. 

A green checkmark is another signifier for customers:

Business profile

When WhatsApp verifies your account, which involves making sure the details you provided when creating your profile are accurate, you'll notice it added.

Additionally, you may access messaging data (such as information on when messages are sent, delivered, and viewed), create a catalog of your company's items, and arrange sales functions using labels.

Effective Tips to Sell Products and Increase Your Sales

Improved sales

WhatsApp marketing acts as a kind of sales magic wand. Including a WhatsApp phone number on your website could generate 27% more leads for sales.

Potential clients appear to have more faith in brands just because they have the option to communicate with them through messaging apps. A minimum of 66% of people are more likely to purchase a business if it is active on messengers.

Even better, think of WhatsApp as a stand-alone sales channel for your company. 

With individuals increasingly preferring to make purchases over chat apps, it is possible. 

About 60% of customers think they'll utilize messengers more often in the future to make purchases.

lower marketing costs

WhatsApp continues to be a very cost-effective marketing medium, which attracts small businesses to this platform. 

Installing an app and connecting to the Internet is all that is required to get things started.

The likelihood that your message will reach the customer is extremely high in the meanwhile. A user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times every day on average.

WhatsApp marketing increases conversions boosts revenues, enables you to create long-lasting, high-quality relationships with your clients, and costs next to nothing to implement. 

Learn how to create a WhatsApp marketing plan by reading on.

Deep connections with customers

If they use messaging applications, more than 55% of consumers say they feel more connected to a brand. 

It makes WhatsApp marketing a foolproof tactic for creating lasting, meaningful relationships with clients. In turn, maintaining such a connection aids brands in reducing costs as customer retention is 5 to 25 times less expensive than acquisition.

WhatsApp offers businesses a wide range of customization options right out of the box. Sending bespoke welcome messages, exclusive offers, birthday greetings, and other communications is possible. 

Over 70% of consumers claim that they only interact with brands through individualized marketing communications, therefore this strategy keeps customers more invested in a company.

Higher rate of conversion

It's important to pick the right channel for your first interactions with customers. 

When contacted via phone rather than email or social media, people may become irritated.

Here, WhatsApp might help you encourage potential customers to make a purchase. Businesses claim that 40% of WhatsApp messages were responded to by customers.

And even better, messaging encourages conversions. 

Specifically, sending a message to a prospect after making initial contact can boost conversion rates by 112.6%. 

WhatsApp marketing is not the only strategy for increasing conversions, though. 

Follow our thorough guide to conversion rate improvement if you want to discover more tips.

Collections and Catalogs


Catalogs are the other element that will be helpful for your business. 

They appear as follows:

Utilizing catalogs enables your business to display your products for easy browsing and product inspection by potential customers. 

You no longer have to send each item, price, and description individually as you once did thanks to catalogs. 

Now that everything is simply gathered on your WhatsApp page, you can stop sending your consumers elsewhere or to the website.

You can add details like the price, a description, and a product code for each item in your catalog. 

Your customers won't have to ask you about each item individually or go from WhatsApp to messaging apps because this is so much simpler.

Shops on Facebook integration

You may build a personalized shopping experience using Facebook Shops throughout the platform's family of apps (including Instagram). 

Many firms now easily sell through their social media profiles thanks to the functionality.

WhatsApp Business facilitates communication with potential customers thanks to the Facebook Shops integration. 

People who come across your goods or services on Facebook can simply contact you using the chat app to inquire about further details.

WhatsApp Business Promotion

WhatsApp Business is a fantastic advertising platform with unrealized potential

Using the "Broadcast" tool, you may send customers promotional and educational content. The fact that you are not invading their privacy is the nicest part.

Additionally, you can be sure that you are only focusing on leads who are interested. 

They only give you their number if they are considering what you have to offer, after all.

You can directly communicate information about your promotions and other flash sales via WhatsApp Business by using the "Status" feature.

You instill a sense of scarcity because an updated status will only be visible for 24 hours. 

And this can force your WhatsApp followers to start interacting with you right now.

Using the messaging platform in this way can greatly increase conversion rates.

Decide who your target market is.

All of your marketing efforts are based on knowing your target market, and this is what makes them successful. 

To figure out who your target market is, you can attempt a few different strategies. 

Creating client profiles is a traditional example. 

Follow our instructions for creating a buyer persona to investigate it.

Utilizing the jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) framework is an additional method. 

If you choose to adhere to this one, consider the following:

  • Why do customers buy your product?
  • What benefit do they hope to derive from it?
  • What results do they hope to get?

Avoid guesses and guesswork no matter what strategy you use and focus instead on researching your audience. 

Interview 10–15 of your current customers who have recently made purchases to get started with the JTBD framework.

You may create customer profiles by conducting social media surveys and incorporating information from Google Analytics, your CRM, Facebook and Google Ads, etc. 

You can identify the demographic and geographic traits of your usual consumers with the use of these tools.

Establish a brand persona

People want to converse with other people rather than with a faceless corporation. 

Thus, you must create your brand persona to engage in successful WhatsApp marketing. 

A brand persona is a collection of characteristics, outlooks, and beliefs that your brand possesses.

Observe the market leaders. 

They all have personas. 

For instance, Apple seems imaginative and intelligent, Fanta is cheery and laid-back, and Nike is enthusiastic and active. 

Your brand likely has a personality as well; try to discover what its most important characteristics are. 

Your tone of voice and WhatsApp discussions with prospects will be guided by this persona.

Give your clients the impression that they are working with a human. 

Try signing documents using your name rather than the name of the company; it tends to work better.

Make a list of contacts.

You require a contact list if you plan to utilize WhatsApp for purposes other than customer service. 

Utilizing subscription forms is the most effective technique to acquire one and acquire new contacts. 

A lead magnet, such as an eBook or discount, should be offered and placed on various pages of your website.

Choose multichannel forms if you want to provide your subscribers the option of receiving updates by email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other channels. 

This action enables you to interact with consumers via the methods they prefer. In turn, this strategy fosters greater engagement and increases conversions. 

Try the SendPulse form builder to quickly construct multichannel forms.

To create tailored experiences and send the most relevant campaigns, keep in mind to segment your audience. 

Even though we wrote this tutorial on mailing list segmentation with email marketing in mind, you can also use the strategies for WhatsApp marketing.

Make broadcasting lists

Do you recall how we instructed you to add the name of the product users are interested in (if you have more than one product) to their names?

When you build a broadcast list to sell on WhatsApp, this will be quite helpful.

Lists are fantastic because they allow you to save time, especially when more than one person needs to get the same content.

The disadvantage of this approach is that it prevents you from reaching those who haven't saved your contact information on their mobile device. 

For interested consumers to save their contact information, it is crucial to publicize your phone number in advance.

By separating your contacts into those who have already made a purchase and those who haven't, you can make lists much more quickly. However, you can go beyond this to make your information more pertinent.

Construct your communication.

Compared to other channels, WhatsApp messages have excellent open rates. 

However, if you provide irrelevant or subpar content, your marketing efforts on this channel will be for naught.

Determine your primary points and the messages you wish to convey first. 

Try not to restrict yourself to just marketing messaging; keep in mind to inform and amuse your audience. 

People frequently check WhatsApp on the go and have no time to read lengthy messages, so keep your conversations brief and to the point.

Multimedia materials, such as animations, photographs, or videos, can help you emphasize your points. 

Emojis are suitable for WhatsApp marketing as well. 

Choose smiling faces or people instead of objects with a corporate theme if you want to get away with it.

Consideration should also be given to message frequency. It's likely that if you spam your readers with messages every hour they'll grow tired of your brand. 

It is preferable to follow the standard procedure of sending 5–10 emails per week.

Use emotional cues

Psychological triggers are sales methods that take into account the usage of emotions to affect consumers.

It appears that by utilizing them in your advertising, you can influence your target market to carry out specific behaviors automatically and without giving it any thought.

One of the best times to use triggers like scarcity, reciprocity, reason, curiosity, urgency, and so forth is while making a purchasing decision.

While selling on WhatsApp, you need to consider how to deliver messages that influence people's subconscious decisions to buy the item you're selling.

Do not mistake this for manipulation, though!

To show that your product is a solution to a certain problem, you must understand your audience and supply what they desire when we talk about mental triggers. 

You must therefore always send engaging content.

The Tales Quinderé-developed WhatsApp Meteoric Launch sales strategy is a wonderful illustration of how to leverage mental triggers.

This technique employs three distinct mental triggers:

  • Create anticipation by sending out communications informing them that a new product will soon be released. 

Consequently, they'll be able to prepare because they'll be aware that something new is on the horizon;

  • Belonging: Inform them that this product will only be available to a pre-selected group, i.e., demonstrate that only those on the WhatsApp broadcast list will be able to purchase the product;
  • Limit the amount of time that can be spent making purchases on launch day.

Give people as little time as possible so that they can decide as soon as feasible.

Transmit engaging content

If you currently regularly use WhatsApp, you are aware of how frequently false information is spread via this app.

This causes some consumers to ignore communications from unknown senders or even to doubt the information presented on the app.

Because of this, you should be cautious before providing any content to your consumers over WhatsApp, especially those who are unfamiliar with your company and haven't made any transactions just yet.

Of course, if you use the advice above, you'll only have the phone numbers of people who were prepared to give you their details and who permitted you to contact them.

Given that it demonstrates that users were engaged in your content, you may consider yourself halfway there.

Therefore, it's time to draw them in:

  • Send audience-friendly films with informational content about your brand and industry; offer customer care via the app, including voice messages;
  • For people who access your sales website using the WhatsApp link, compose text messages with information about promotions.
  • Contribute to the general education of your readers. 

This is what will keep people interested in you.

Final Thoughts | Effective Tips to Sell Products and Increase Your Sales

Your WhatsApp product portfolio can contain up to 500 items. It may be viewed by potential consumers who may post links to certain products or ask you questions about them. Additionally, you may publish a link to the entire exhibit anyplace online or email individual catalog products to WhatsApp users. 

For small enterprises or prospective entrepreneurs without websites, catalogs are quite beneficial.

WhatsApp marketing is a fantastic way to strengthen your brand and create enduring connections with clients.

Go beyond WhatsApp and become an expert on all the channels your consumers utilize to get better outcomes. 

Additionally, try Telegram and Facebook messaging, and strengthen your marketing plan with email and web push notification campaigns. 

Register with ChatDaddy to begin using these channels.

FAQs | Effective Tips to Sell Products and Increase Your Sales

Q: What distinguishes WhatsApp Business from WhatsApp API?

A: Small businesses that require one-on-one consumer communication can use the WhatsApp Business app. The WhatsApp Business API, on the other hand, is designed for larger organizations that want scaled client communication for purposes like marketing, customer service, and support.

Q: How can I market on WhatsApp?

A: You must register for a WhatsApp Business account to use the app for marketing. After that, you must download the WhatsApp Business app to start corresponding with your clients. If you want to use WhatsApp for other purposes, you must install a solution provider or ask for access to the WhatsApp Business API.

Q: How does WhatsApp Business assist businesses?

A: WhatsApp Business offers capabilities to automate, sort, and swiftly respond to messages, which makes communicating with customers simple. Additionally, it's designed to function and feel exactly like WhatsApp Messenger. Everything you're used to doing, like messaging and sharing images, can be done with it.

Q: What distinguishes a group from a broadcast group?

A: A WhatsApp group is a collection of users who have been added to a single chat channel where everyone can see every message sent and received. WhatsApp broadcasts, on the other hand, allow you to send private messages to a group of people at once. The privacy of additional receivers is safeguarded in the latter.

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