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WhatsApp Marketing Messages Examples: WhatsApp Promotional Messages
June 28, 2022

WhatsApp Marketing Messages Examples: WhatsApp Promotional Messages

Before September 2021, WhatsApp only permitted transactional messages, which you might use to inform recipients of updates on delivery, tickets they've submitted, payment issues, reservations, or welcome messages.

Before September 2021, WhatsApp only permitted transactional messages, which you might use to inform recipients of updates on delivery, tickets they've submitted, payment issues, reservations, or welcome messages.

WhatsApp is still a private messaging service, and its power comes from scale. 

They are present in 180 countries and have 2 billion active users. 

They didn't want companies to annoy customers with sales pitches (as it does now on emails!) and drive them to another messaging service.

However, starting in September 2021, WhatsApp will allow companies from all nations to send promotional messages by combining the WhatsApp Business App & WhatsApp Business API. 

Businesses can use this tool to send product recommendations, notifications for the debut of new products, cart abandonment reminders, and more. 

The way that businesses connect with their clients will be completely transformed by WhatsApp's new marketing tools.

Businesses were limited to using transactional WhatsApp message templates for the past three years. 

Additionally, to deliver notifications, a company needs the user's WhatsApp opt-in (permission).

In this blog, I will tell you how to send promotional messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Promotional Message: What Is It?

WhatsApp promotional messages

A business can send a non-transactional WhatsApp promotional message to promote its goods and services. 

These updates/notifications include back-in-stock alerts, offers, discounts, coupons, app promotions, reminders about abandoned carts, product recommendations, and more.

Customers have been observed using WhatsApp to inquire about deals and discounts from their preferred brands. 

Because of this and in consideration of these factors, WhatsApp has lately begun to authorize non-transactional messages that can be used to engage users and create long-lasting relationships.

However, before sending out promotional messages on WhatsApp, a firm must be sure of the following three things:

  • Keep transactional and promotional messages at a 3:1 ratio.
  • Avoid sending users excessive amounts of advertising communications.
  • Emojis, photos, videos, PDFs, and easy-to-read text can be used to personalize the message.

How can WhatsApp marketing messages be of assistance?

WhatsApp marketing strategies for all brands must include promotional messages. 

To keep customers returning to your e-commerce or physical store, it is crucial to inform them of current sales, new products, and discounts. 

In support of brands:

  • Improve the experience for customers during their trips
  • Develop loyalty through time.
  • Start fresh discussions depending on the customer's interests or past purchases.
  • Encourage repeat business
  • To increase conversion rates
  • Expand your audience

The lack of experiential shopping may have left a customer unsatisfied, or they may have just felt they weren't getting a good enough bargain to finish their next purchase.

In these situations, brands can help customers buy more frequently by sending WhatsApp advertising messages with discount coupons or loyalty points. 

This helps firms improve their customer retention rate.

What characteristics define a successful WhatsApp marketing message?

Let's talk about how to create an effective WhatsApp advertising message now that you know how to send one.

It's critical to clarify that this shouldn't be seen as a typical "commercial message." 

The term "advertising" in the context of WhatsApp is deceptive.

You're not assembling a billboard. 

There won't be a magazine edition of the text. 

It's a message from WhatsApp. 

We have now reached our first best practice.

Keep the conversation casual.

We can now throw the dusty copywriting manual aside because we know you're writing a WhatsApp message.

Making your message sound conversational rather than promotional is crucial.

It's easy. Write a message in a casual, conversational style. On how that works, I could create a complete blog post, but it's not difficult. Say out loud anything you have written. 

Do you instantly come off as a salesperson from a Tell Sell ad? 

Press the backspace key right away.

Remember, 10,000 advertisements are seen by the typical person each day. 

We can immediately tell when a sentence has been prepared by a marketer. 

Avoid getting forgotten like the other 9,999 commercials.

Keep it brief.

When was the last time you received a WhatsApp message that required you to scroll down to fully read it?

 If you do receive them, you must feel intrusive. 

This is because it violates WhatsApp protocol.

Conversations on WhatsApp are designed to be brief and rapid-fire.

To tell a story, users frequently send many messages in a row after pressing the send button. 

Therefore, to blend in as a company, you'll need to keep your messaging equally succinct.

Don't try to use outdated copywriting methods on modern mediums of communication. 

I'll say it again: You are not writing an email.

Justify your response.

Being able to hold a conversation is the strength of conversational marketing. 

It's not a good idea to make a one-way street.

Here, what frequently goes wrong is that marketers offer messages to recipients without making them feel as though they must respond. 

People will treat copy that appears to be in a pop-up as if it were one.

And we don't want that. We want the message's reader to take an active role in the discourse. 

So carefully examine your letter; after reading it, would you respond to it? 

Let's look at an illustration:

Hello there! We are offering a 20% discount on all of our products this week. 

Avoid missing out!

The aforementioned message need not be negative. Just a missed chance. 

The message might be well received if the recipient is a die-hard supporter of your company. They won't respond to this message even then. 

And that eliminates the chance to develop a relationship beyond the initial transaction.

Key Advantages of WhatsApp Promotional Messages

  • Reach a global audience of over 2 billion consumers for as little as Rs 4,200 (three times more effective than Wati & Interakt's cost)
  • Increase ROI by up to 33x by broadcasting WhatsApp marketing messages.
  • Compared to emails and text messages, WhatsApp messages are opened 98% of the time.
  • The finest conversion rates the market has to offer are between 45 and 60%.

Guidelines for sending promotional WhatsApp messages


  • Your message copies should be succinct and direct.
  • Make your statement as specific as you can. 
  • The focus of WhatsApp marketing is on providing a customized customer experience.

Only opt-in users should get promotional WhatsApp template messages.


  • Reach out to them when they are most active and likely to respond rather than at any moment of the day. For instance, if you send a promotional message at midnight, you run the risk of getting blocked, reported, or the target of sly customer communications. 
  • Grammar Mistakes: WhatsApp rejects template messages that contain grammar mistakes. Use programs like Pro Writing Aid or Grammarly to check the grammar of your advertising message copy.
  • Avoid using language that can offend your audience by refraining from being abusive. It'll have a negative net impact.
  • Avoid using technical jargon in your copy by saying "no" to it. Without any technical difficulties, send a message that is conversational and simple to read. 
  • Never just send out promotional emails because you can! Send only to people who have chosen to receive

Promoting Your Business With WhatsApp Messages & Templates

Holiday and Seasonal Offers

People look to send better gifts, refresh their wardrobes, or purchase new items for themselves around popular days or holidays and at the changing of seasons. 

They are searching for sales, deals, and coupons at that time. 

Even a promotion for free shipping may encourage them to buy anything.


Our prices are decreasing in preparation for autumn. 

Get up to 50% off popular brands and looks that look great and give you confidence. 

Order within the next 12 hours and receive delivery for free. 

Show off your style before winter sets in.

Hello {{1}}, Want to impress someone special with a gift?

For the next 24 hours, our Valentine collection is discounted by two. 

When checking out, choose gift wrapping to receive your gift elegantly wrapped for FREE.

Games & Obstacles


Offering prizes or discounts to the winners or players, games, and enjoyable challenges is an effective approach to promote sales, increase engagement, and stay on your audience's mind.


We are giving away $100 in coupons to the winners of the Awesome-Trivia challenge during Awesome Inc.'s gaming week. 

Pop sockets will be given to one lucky winner for life.

To take part, go to link #1, enter your phone number, and accurately respond to 3 questions.

Happy New Year! I wish you luck. Applying T&C.

Recovery of the abandoned cart

If you sell anything on your website, you are aware that many customers add goods to their shopping carts but never check out. 

But by sending them an abandoned cart message, you can still make up for this missed sale.

They occasionally need an extra push, or they need to be reminded in case they forgot their cart due to a distraction.


Hey {{1}}. Something was left in your cart. 

Grab those right away, and we'll ship them free of charge.

Unable to make a choice? Do you have any inquiries? Send us a message here or give us a call at (21). 

Happy to assist.

To further encourage them to complete the purchase, you may include a discount or free shipping.

Availability Notification

People assume that if something sells out once, it will probably sell out again. 

This demonstrates how good, valuable, and well-liked the product is. 

This could enhance our messaging by adding scarcity and social evidence and boost sales of re-stoked goods.


Hello {{1}}. The "2" variety of our most popular almond butter continues to fly off the shelves! Perhaps because it's so inexpensive, delicious, and healthful.

It is currently back in stock. 

Order right away to avoid another supply shortage. 

The link is here: 3 with a special bonus.

Loyalty Bonuses

Most likely five times as much goes into obtaining a new customer as it does into keeping an existing one. 

Customer retention is crucial to maintain a minimal marketing budget and cultivating a devoted following. 

Offering consumers rewards for placing more orders is a terrific strategy to keep them coming back.


Hello 1, thank you for using our services. 

We are now making yours; 100 points have been added to your wallet, which you may spend the next time you purchase from our website. 

The points will lose their value after a year. 

Here you may see your overall score: {{2}}

Requesting comments

Maybe you own a cleaning business and want to gather client comments. 

Create a two-part WhatsApp message that does this and rewards them with a discount. 

Use interactive WhatsApp Business features like the Quick Reply or Call to Action buttons to make responses simpler.

Check out these instances of WhatsApp feedback requests:

  • Part 1:

"Hello [customer name], thanks for choosing [company name] " How would you rate our service today?

Part 2:

"I appreciate your comments. Enjoy 5% off your next cleaning service as our way of saying thanks. 

The discount code 5REWARD should be used when making your next reservation at [URL]. Have a wonderful day.

  • Part 1:

Dear [customer name], we hope you had a great time utilizing [business name] today. What do you think of our service?"

Part 2:

 "We appreciate you taking the time to give us a service rating. We appreciate your input and work to continuously do better.

Use the promo code 10FEEDBACK to save 10% off your next reservation when using our app as our sincere way of saying thanks.

Concluding Remarks | WhatsApp Promotional Messages

Today's consumers want top-notch experiences from your brand at every turn. 

In light of this, a bulk WhatsApp sender using an official API can assist you in simultaneously connecting with a sizable client base and engaging them through interactive messages on their preferred communication platform.

The WhatsApp Automation platform from ChatDaddy is brimming with tools to fuel your communication plan.

Utilize a shared WhatsApp inbox to manage your customer service tickets.

Using the official API, send WhatsApp promotional messages.

Verification of your brand on WhatsApp

via Shopify connection, automated abandoned cart recovery, COD order verification, and more.

If you're looking for a platform with all the features you need to help your business grow every day, sign up right away and book a customized demo with us.

FAQs | WhatsApp Promotional Messages

Q: Can we use WhatsApp to send promotional messages?

A: Yes, starting in September 2021, businesses can send promotional messages over WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp Business API, businesses can use WhatsApp to give unlimited users discount discounts, promotional offers, coupons, product launch notifications, alerts, and more.

Q: Do WhatsApp marketing messages work?

A: Marketing messages delivered on WhatsApp are very effective and can help produce 3x or more sales & conversions at a cost-effective solution, with message open rates of over 98% & click-through rates of 45-60%.

Q: How do I create a WhatsApp marketing message?

A: Step 1: Select the "Broadcasts" tab on the WATI Dashboard. Step 2: On the top-right side, select the "New Broadcast" button. Step 3: Include the broadcast name, select the WhatsApp message template, and pick the time you want the message to be sent. Select "Next."

Q: WhatsApp template message: what is it?

A: Businesses can send structured messages to clients who have chosen to receive notifications using WhatsApp message templates, which are pre-made and pre-approved. Messages may contain updates on payments, delivery information, issue resolution, or appointment reminders.

Q: What characteristics characterize a successful promotion?

A: An effective sales pitch appeals to the needs, values, and emotions of your target audience using imagery, persuasive writing, and logic before presenting them with an incentive to buy your goods or services.

Q: What is an illustration of a marketing campaign?

A: Coupons, price cuts, buy one get one free deals, competitions, loyalty plans, and point-of-purchase displays are all examples of promotional campaigns. Customers are rewarded through loyalty programs based on how much they spend.

Q: What do you say when you use WhatsApp to advertise a product?

A: Thank devoted clients with the following example of a WhatsApp marketing message: "Hi [customer name], our new product drop goes live at [time] tomorrow and we wanted you to have first access The [product] is a limited release so let us know if you would like us to put one aside for you. Reserve yours right away! ”

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