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Save time and sell more by translating your TikTok Shop sales into automated marketing and customer service with our WhatsApp API platform.

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Shopify with Whatsapp Integration
Shopee integration with whatsapp
Tokopedia with Whatsapp Integration
Mc Donald's with Whatsapp Integration
10k+ reviews
Over 10,000 businesses  achieve an average response time of under 30 seconds!

Why WhatsApp?

Seamless integration with TikTok Shop, connect with your clients on WhatsApp as soon as they make a purchase
WhatsApp's open rate is significantly higher than that of email, so it is much easier to engage with customers
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Google Sheets

Integrated with
your favorite tools to help  expand your business.

ChatDaddy is integrated with a myriad of e-commerce and CRM apps that are available to you with the click of a button.

Why ChatDaddy?

ChatDaddy uplifts your sales and customer service to a whole new level
Improved Response Times

Respond faster to customer inquiries with ChatDaddy GPT

Increased Productivity

Simplify customer service and free up time for other important tasks

Better Customer Engagement

Keep customers happy and engaged by providing faster and more efficient customer service

Enhanced Insights

Gain valuable insights into customer profiles to better understand their needs and preferences

Customizable Features

Tailor ChatDaddy GPT to your specific business needs by modifying output messages and inputting your own FAQ.


Trusted By 15,000+ Happy Customers

Many brands have already made the switch and are growing faster than ever before.

We saved 6K+ calls

With ChatDaddy, and already saved 6K+ calls with our customers! Now we can dedicate more resources to valuable activities!

Blueflame Fashion
3x Conversion Rate

ChatDaddy is a crucial platform for our business operation. It helps us to handle bookings and keep cutomer satisfaction high!

CEO, Skincare Brand
Easy installation

Integrating ChatDaddy was super easy! The deployment of the product within our internal tools and systems went super smooth!

CEO, JTravel

Frequently Asked Questions

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