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An Essential Tool for E-Commerce

Send automated notifications for your customers throughout their shopping journey

Sync products on Shopify, WooCommerce or Shopee to WhatsApp with just a single click.
Re-engage with existing customers
98% Open Rate
Send an automated order confirmation when customers send you their cart.
Increase conversion rate
Just one minute and you can start selling right away.
Keep customer updated
Customers can browse your offerings and communicate with you right in the app.


Re-engage with existing customers

How to build a stronger connection with your customer?
Notify your customers through order notifications, confirm order or delivery details and so on to enhance customer experience. You can establish a relationship with your customers on WhatsApp to facilitate future promotions.

More direct touch points with your customers
Automate your sales funnel on Whatsapp


98% Open Rate

Low open rate on email?
Do it on WhatsApp! Compared to 25% email open rate, WhatsApp lets you communicate with customers in a more effective way. Customize your billing format or appointment confirmation by sending a message automatically to your customers.

Sync all products from your ecommerce site in 1 minute
Promote and organise your product catalogues from one place
No coding required


Increase conversion rate

Ever lost customer at the final step of payment?
When the customer fails to make a payment, you can send them the payment details and links to simplify the process.

Use automations to manage and fullfil orders
Streamline & centralise payments for your shop


Keep customer updated

Customers often want to receive real-time tracking for their orders?
You can reduce customers’ anxiety by sending frequent tracking notifications.

Connect ChatDaddy to all Facebook apps
Leverage third parties tools in a few clicks


Trusted by 15,000+ happy customers

Many brands have already made the switch and are growing faster than ever before.

We saved 6K+ calls

With ChatDaddy, and already saved 6K+ calls with our customers! Now we can dedicate more resources to valuable activities!


CEO, E-commerce

3x conversion rate

ChatDaddy is a crucial platform for our business operation. It helps us to handle bookings and keep cutomer satisfaction high!


CEO, Skincare Brand

Easy installation

Integrating ChatDaddy was super easy! The deployment of the product within our internal tools and systems went super smooth!


CEO, JTravel

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