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WhatsApp Inbox, inbox for whatsapp automation

Why ChatDaddy?

Sync products on Shopify, WooCommerce or Shopee to WhatsApp with just a single click.
Fully remote

Live anywhere, work anywhere and meet up for gatherings.

Passive Income
Send an automated order confirmation when customers send you their cart.

Build recurring income when your client resubscribes.

Fast Track Career Development

Excellent career prospects in a rapidly expanding company with your own team.

Competitive salary

Talent is our biggest and greatest asset and investment.

- No 1 WhatsApp Marketing -

A Single Platform to Level Up Businesses' WhatsApp Game

ChatDaddy equips businesses with the right tool to build and leverage WhatsApp at its best

WhatsApp shop

Sell directly on Whatsapp and get paid same day

Instantly import products and details from your shop platforms and start selling on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp team inbox

Collaborate seamlessly with your teammates

Collaborate with your teammates and respond quickly for a wonderful customer experience.

WhatsApp message flow

Automated chatbot that send  instant responses

Deliver a personalized shopping experience with an automated 24/7 virtual sales assistant.

WhatsApp marketing

Analytics dashboards to guide your decisions 24/7

Send personalised promotional messages with one click to strengthen your customer engagement.

WhatsApp notification

Send automated notifications to your customers

Send automated notifications for your customers throughout their shopping journey - payment, deliver, after-sale.


Comprehensive API integrations in one place

Track your performance across channels, campaigns and customer profiles with all of your tools.

whatsapp Shop

Build your e-commerce on WhatsApp

Integrate your business seamlessly across apps and payment systems

whatsapp pay

Get paid directly in WhatsApp

Selling on WhatsApp already? Collect payment as well!

team inbox

Collaborate on shared inbox

Use the same platform across teams for better customer support workflow

whatsapp bot

Build WhatsApp chatbot with buttons

Set up a chatbot as your 24/7 customer service

whatsapp MARKETING

Broadcast personalized promotional messages

Send personalized promotional messages with one click to strengthen your customer engagement

whatsapp notification

Send orders and booking reminders on WhatsApp

Send automated notifications for your customers throughout their shopping journey

whatsapp api

Integrate your workflow with WhatsApp

Start WhatsApp automation with ease

Be a part of something meaningful

Reinvent Commerce Marketing With Us

Work with a team that lives on the internet 24/7,and wants to make an impact on commerce marketing

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"We have a very strong and special team at ChatDaddy and we really love our products! Seeing our software to be used by business owners is a huge motivation at ChatDaddy and it keeps us moving forward! "

Benjamin Yeoh, Business Development Manager

"At ChatDaddy, we enjoy taking on challenging problems and breaking them into solvable pieces. Being authentic about our shortcomings is how we keep improving. We invest in building for the long term and we learn from experimenting in the short term."

David Ooi, Growth Manager

"Seeing ChatDaddy & its APIs being used in a plethora of industries is a huge motivation for our tech team to constantly strive for & build better software. We're always on the lookout for user feedback & keep incorporating it in our tech to ensure a better experience for our customers each day."

Adhiraj Singh, Chief Technology Officer

"It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop. At ChatDaddy, I have the opportunity to be creative, to lead and drive different projects, in the mean time, I learn constantly."

Candy Hoo, Customer Success Manager


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