How to setup WhatsApp Shopping for your Commerce Business
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May 24, 2023

How to setup WhatsApp Shopping for your Commerce Business

WhatsApp is beginning to work. The messaging platform is emerging as a potent medium to serve consumer businesses globally with sales, marketing, and customer service.

WhatsApp is beginning to work. The messaging platform is emerging as a potent medium to serve consumer businesses globally with sales, marketing, and customer service.

The stores are Instagram and Facebook, according to WhatsApp Chief Operating Officer Matt Idema. 

WhatsApp is the cashier in the store.

For many firms, WhatsApp Business is a crucial tool. Unfortunately, sending a customer several messages can be time-consuming and ineffective on both ends. 

WhatsApp Catalog enables companies to professionally and efficiently share their product inventory with customers.

The messaging platform has been progressively introducing exciting features that will ultimately place it at the center of all interactions between a brand and its clients, such as verified business accounts, catalogs, shopping buttons, and business API.

This tutorial will teach you how to set up WhatsApp Shopping for your commerce business and how to use the WhatsApp Shopping Catalog on the WhatsApp Business App.

Well, let’s dive in.

Overview of Catalogs

Online buying using WhatsApp is a regular activity in several nations as a result of the app's popularity. 

In-app purchases are not yet accessible, though.

Businesses use WhatsApp primarily to respond to product-related questions and sporadically to take orders. 

With the introduction of the Catalog Feature in the WhatsApp Business App, this improves. How does it facilitate business operations?

A WhatsApp shopping catalog: What Is It?

Sharing product images with customers over WhatsApp was a laborious process before WhatsApp Product Catalog. 

Businesses were required to type up all the requested information and transmit images one at a time. 

As you can expect, this can take a lot of time.

After WhatsApp Catalog was released, things got simpler. 

Small companies can display their goods or services in the App using this function. 

Better user experience and a quicker, more efficient means of corporate communication are the results.

The function was only accessible in India, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, the UK, and the US at the time of launch in late 2019. 

For the past two years, the list has grown. 

Despite WhatsApp withholding the list of countries, we are aware that WhatsApp Catalog is now accessible in many of the nations where WhatsApp is well-liked.

Feature List for WhatsApp

Feature List for WhatsApp
Feature List for WhatsApp

A collection of the goods and services your WhatsApp Business provides is called the WhatsApp Business Catalog. 

You can enter all the necessary details about those goods or services in WhatsApp Catalog. You can add the information to 5 fields:

  1. Name: Within WhatsApp Catalog, you can give the product a name.
  2. Price: The country code on the SIM card will be used to determine the currency.
  3. You may enter a description of up to 5000 words.
  4. Link: Since you may direct customers to a website, this is especially intriguing. 

When they get there, they can either check out or just view more information.

  1. Product number Finally, if you like, you can code your products.

In an individual chat, group chat, or on other social platforms, businesses can share the entire Catalog or just specific products.

What is the limit for WhatsApp Business Catalog, though? Businesses can register up to 500 products on WhatsApp Catalog. 

And a maximum of 10 photos are allowed in each Catalog.

There is good news if you are the sort whose phone device frequently runs out of memory. The photographs will remain in the Catalog, saving you some storage space on WhatsApp. This implies that even if you delete them from your Gallery, they will still be there.

The WhatsApp Catalog Manager also provides the option to conceal specific items. 

When a good or service is no longer offered, this is helpful.

Viewing the WhatsApp Catalog

You only need to initiate communication with your desired company to browse a WhatsApp Shopping Catalog as a customer. 

Next, tap the button that resembles a storefront and says "Shopping." The Catalog is immediately after the company information.

In the chat thread, businesses may also share a WhatsApp catalog with clients. Consider that someone wishes to purchase a computer mouse. 

The customer uses WhatsApp to acquire information from the store.

The company responds with the Catalog or a specific product to make things simpler for everyone. 

In addition, the consumer has the option of accessing the Catalog and sharing the desired item in chat.

Users of WhatsApp for Business can use an iOS or Android device to access the Catalog feature. 

There's also this: Businesses may now manage their Catalogs via WhatsApp Web or Desktop thanks to a feature introduced by WhatsApp this year.

You need a WhatsApp Business App Account to create a WhatsApp Shopping Catalog. 

Here is information on how to make one.

Do you already possess one? Let's proceed to the subsequent section now.

WhatsApp's Complete List of Commerce Features

WhatsApp's Complete List of Commerce Features
WhatsApp's Complete List of Commerce Features

Some of the features to look at are as follows:

Verified WhatsApp Business Account

The days of using your personal WhatsApp number to talk with your customers are long gone. 

Your brand's identity exists in your WhatsApp business profile.

A verified profile instills confidence in the customer. 

You can include vital details about your company, such as a succinct description, your email address, your location, your business hours, and your website address.

What different kinds of business accounts are there?

Two basic types of WhatsApp Business Accounts exist:

Official Business Account: WhatsApp recognizes this kind of business account as a well-known and reliable brand. 

In its profile, an Official Business Account features a green checkmark badge. Even if the contact is not stored, the company name is still displayed.

When you download the WhatsApp Business App and add your phone number as a business contact, the default account that you receive is called "Business Account."

If you decide to utilize our WhatsApp buying platform, Vizury can help you secure a verified number because we collaborate closely with several WhatsApp BSPs.

Quick Replies

You may respond to customers right away with quick replies. 

Additionally, it enables time savings, message reuse, and effective customer service.

For medium-sized and large-sized enterprises, these responses can also be automated using the WhatsApp Firm API solution and conversational AI solution, enabling a business to be accessible 24/7 for any type of inquiry or support without needing human participation.

These are a few instances of auto-replies:

  • We appreciate you getting in touch with *Business Name*. 

Your message has been received, and we will contact you at *Time/Date*.

  • We appreciate you contacting us. 

As quickly as we can, we will respond to you. 

You might also be able to find some of your questions answered here *add link*.

  • We regret learning of your unpleasant experience. 

We'd appreciate the chance to put things right, says our team. 

Please be prepared for us to contact you within the next 24 hours. 

Please take advantage of this 20% off promo while it lasts.

You can also configure automatic away messages in WhatsApp Business. 

When a user starts a conversation with your company, this is produced. 

With the help of this automatic tool, you may instantly greet and introduce a possible consumer to your company.


Nobody enjoys getting buried in messages.

Labels are really helpful in this situation!

Your chats and messages can be conveniently sorted and located with the use of labels.

Labels can be used, for instance, to describe the status of a customer's order or the kind of client. 

Then, you can message a certain group of those who have been labeled.

Customers who have finished their purchases, for instance, can receive thank-you letters. This group of persons may be classified as "paid" in this situation.

To your WhatsApp Business Account, you can add up to 20 labels. 

Additionally, keep in mind that all of the contacts you want to tag must already be saved on your phone.


Adding products to the catalog is one of WhatsApp Business' most notable capabilities. Businesses can use the chat app to display every one of their items. 

With this cutting-edge WhatsApp shopping function, you can deliver customers the precise goods they need. 

You can include the cost, a brief description, and a product code for each item.

The following are some catalog features you ought to be aware of:

  • Up to 500 goods and services are permitted.
  • 5,000 words maximum for the product description
  • Add up to ten excellent pictures.
  • Embedding links into your online store

If the maximum number of products that can be displayed is 500, how can you display thousands of products from your eCommerce store? greater brands A technologically innovative addition to WhatsApp's portfolio is the Vizury Micro store.

Microsites are dynamic pages that automatically present a selection of goods based on the interests of a particular customer. 

As a result, if you instruct the chatbot to show you large brown handbags, the Vizury Micro store will select just those from your whole collection and present them in a highly interactive catalog for the consumer to peruse.

WhatsApp Shopping Button

Shouldn't there be a shopping cart if there is a product catalog?

According to Facebook, users may now browse products and start a conversation about an item they see with just one press when they see the purchasing button, which now resembles a storefront icon.

The customer can directly access the WhatsApp shopping button from chat. 

To use the button, you must meet the following two conditions:

  • a profile using the WhatsApp Business App
  • making the product catalog available

The button will appear on the customer's chat if you fulfill those prerequisites. 

Users can still view the catalog from the business profile even after the button is introduced. 

With conversational AI technologies, WhatsApp purchasing is significantly more sophisticated. 

Customers receive a more individualized experience when these solutions are adopted.

Customer Quick Reply Buttons

You can set up interactive reply buttons to make it easier for your clients to use WhatsApp to voice their complaints. 

You may also use conversational AI technologies to make the discussion flow easier and more interactive.

There are two different kinds of buttons:

Call to action button: This button takes the visitor to a phone number or website.

Quick Reply: Instead of manually typing alternatives, users can utilize this button to select predefined options.

By employing these interactive buttons, users may easily select the choice they want. 

To put up respond buttons, a developer's assistance is required.

List messages: Include up to 10 options so that customers can choose the required option rather than manually inputting it.

Answer buttons: Provide your customers with three options from which to choose. Its applications could include selecting a payment method or demanding a return, among others.

  • Several requirements that must be considered are as follows:
  • Interactive messages can be mixed in the same flow.
  • Multiple choices cannot be made from the "list messages" menu. However, users can open an older message again.
  • List or reply button messages cannot be used as notifications. They can only be sent within 24 hours of the user's most recent message.

Making a WhatsApp Catalog

WhatsApp has chosen to keep things straight as usual. From your WhatsApp Business App Account, you can quickly build a WhatsApp Business Catalog. 

You'll then discover how to add a catalog to WhatsApp.

Create Android catalogs

  • Tap on More Options (triple dot) in the action bar after launching the WhatsApp Business App. 

More Options is a physical button on various gadgets.

  • Select Catalog under Business Tools.
  • Select Create New Item.
  • After selecting Plus, tap Add Images.
  • Choose Gallery to upload already taken photos, or choose Camera to capture brand-new ones. 

A maximum of 10 photos are available for each product.

  • Enter the product information, then hit Save.

Create iPhone catalogs

  • Launch WhatsApp for Business.
  • Click on Settings > Business Tools > Catalog. Select Add New Item if you want to make a new catalog.
  • Tap Add New Item or the Plus icon, then tap Add Images.
  • Choose Photo to upload already taken photos, or choose Camera to shoot fresh ones. 

You can pick up to ten photos in total.

  • Enter the product information, then hit Save.

Make desktop and web catalogs

  • The More > Catalog button is located at the top of your Contact List.
  • Decide on Add New Item.
  • To upload pictures from your computer, click Add Pictures. Keep in mind that 10 is the limit.
  • type the product information.
  • By selecting Add To Catalog, you can add the item to the catalog.

A tiny green clock will appear on a new product entry when you create it. 

This indicates that your product won't launch immediately. 

To make sure it conforms with all the rules, WhatsApp must review it.

This procedure typically takes a few minutes. 

The clock will vanish after the product is approved, making it ultimately visible to your clients.

The next step is to share the products after they have all been added to a catalog. Fortunately, companies may actively find new clients by spreading Catalogs inside and beyond the app.

How to Use WhatsApp's Shopping Catalog to Checkout

WhatsApp's Shopping Catalog to Checkout
WhatsApp's Shopping Catalog to Checkout

Concerning developing digital payments, WhatsApp has already made tremendous strides. 

In reality, Brazil and India have been experimenting with in-app purchases.

WhatsApp still has significant restrictions on shopping. 

Even if WhatsApp payments are not yet widely accepted, the company has already launched a function that streamlines the purchasing process.

A WhatsApp Catalog addon called WhatsApp Shopping Cart enables users to choose the goods they desire and submit them to the Business for checkout.

Additionally, it is also possible to specify how many units of each product are available.

Customers merely need to tap on the product they want from the Catalog to place a purchase. 

They can then select between adding the item to their shopping cart or messaging the business to ask questions about it.

We'll undoubtedly observe in the future how companies leverage catalogs to offer their goods directly on the platform with WhatsApp Pay. 

However, both WhatsApp Catalog and WhatsApp Pay are now progressing slowly.

How might WhatsApp Shopping help you boost sales?

WhatsApp is mostly used to cultivate a devoted group and improve customer retention. 

You can use WhatsApp Shopping to boost your sales in several different ways. 

These are what they are:


There are several opportunities to attract new clients using WhatsApp marketing. 

Customers could be hard to reach, though, if they are unaware that your company is on WhatsApp. 

Running click-to WhatsApp advertisements on Facebook is one of the best strategies to attract clients. 

This advertisement aims to attract users to your WhatsApp Business Account and initiate a dialogue. 

You can communicate with customers over WhatsApp to finish their transactions by using conversational AI solutions.

Other methods of customer acquisition include:

  • adding a widget to a website
  • through CRM Channels
  • Discovering QR Codes

Once a customer starts speaking with your company, you can record their name and phone number to add to your database. 

In conversation, your company can assist clients in learning about your store's merchandise.

The NLP-powered chatbot can grasp what the customer is looking for and present them with appropriate products thanks to conversation AI technologies. 

While a customer is shopping, you may also send real-time product recommendations. Consider a consumer who wants to purchase a dress from your business. 

Following the purchase of the garment, the bot will automatically give suggestions for matching jewelry or shoes. 

Increasing your AOV as a result.

Virtual Clienteling

Clienteling is a technique used by brands to interact with customers and offer customized service. 

Businesses can employ virtual clienteling as a practical choice to increase sales and offer a customized service thanks to conversational AI systems like Vizury. 

For any questions they may have, customers can instantly communicate with store workers by text or video.

To better serve the consumer, the store manager will also have access to the customer's purchasing preferences and past purchases. 

In actuality, clienteling greatly affects customer retention and aids in the development of long-term client relationships. 

For instance, Mckinsey and Company reported that 80% of luxury sales were influenced by digital technology and that by 2025, high-end internet expenditure is predicted to increase thrice to $87 billion.

Conclusion | Setup WhatsApp Shopping for your Commerce Business

You can connect with your consumers on a platform that they use every day with WhatsApp Business. 

You can use the data you obtain to better serve your customers and personalize their experience. 

The ability to truly tailor your interactions with clients using WhatsApp Business has the potential to increase lead generation and revenue.

It wouldn't be weird to see a time in the future when users might complete their WhatsApp purchasing on the platform. 

Use WhatsApp Business Guide to locate a nearby company, select a product from the Catalog, then use WhatsApp Pay to complete the transaction. 

You are free to contact ChatDaddy if you require additional assistance.

FAQs | Setup WhatsApp Shopping for your Commerce Business

Q: How much WhatsApp be applied to the retail industry?

A: Engage your devoted consumers by giving them direct WhatsApp access to your loyalty program and encouraging them to sign up with their customer ID or other credentials.

Q: What exactly is WhatsApp's online store?

A: 2019 saw the introduction of a new purchasing button on WhatsApp Business, the messaging service owned by Facebook that lets users peruse a company's catalog. With this function, users can see a storefront symbol next to the company name.

Q: What is the software for WhatsApp marketing?

A: Any program that makes it simple for businesses to send promotional messages to clients and subscribers via WhatsApp is referred to as WhatsApp marketing software.

Q: How do I use WhatsApp Business to send a catalog?

A: Launch WhatsApp for Business. Select Business tools > Catalog under More options. Tap Share under More options. Then, you can share the link with your contacts or potential clients using the WhatsApp Business app, email, or other third-party messaging services.

Q: Can WhatsApp be utilized in a professional setting?

A: WhatsApp Business offers capabilities to automate, sort, and swiftly respond to messages, which makes communicating with customers simple. Additionally, it's designed to function and feel exactly like WhatsApp Messenger. Everything you're used to doing, like messaging and sharing images, can be done with it.

Q: How are e-commerce enterprises benefiting from WhatsApp marketing using the WhatsApp Business API?

A: When combined with e-commerce systems like Shopify, WhatsApp Business API will enable order tracking, offer customer assistance, answer questions, and collect immediate feedback from clients. With WhatsApp security, all these features are included (end-to-end encryption).

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