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Boost your business's client communication with
ChatDaddy's easy-to-use automation tools.
Get more sales and save more time with WhatsApp automation

Automate conversations with the power of AI

Reduce support volumes and increase customer satisfaction in minutes with ChatDaddy’s AI-powered chatbots and automation tools.
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Unlock the best AI-powered customer service tools in minutes
Lower your costs with more efficient support teams
Scale support without sacrificing customer experience
ChatDaddy AI
Our GPT-4-powered bot automatically and accurately answers support questions based on the training documents or url provided.
ChatDaddy GPT AI
Easily build powerful no-code automations with bots, triggers, conditions, and rules—all in one place.
AI-powered Inbox
Use GPT-powered tools to instantly generate replies, recap conversations for other agents, and create new help articles.
Reply suggestions
Immediately recommend helpful replies with conversation learning.
AI-Tone Changes
Improve writing and change tones to better match customers' needs.
"Within six days, ChatDaddy GPT is successfully resolving 42% of conversations. It’s truly surpassed my expectations."
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Maximize team productivity with the world's fastest shared Inbox

Boost your team's efficiency with the world's quickest shared inbox, maximizing productivity like never before.
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Faster customer resolutions
Prevent team burnout
Lower your costs
Easily collaborate with colleagues to quickly solve complex problems, as well as increase customer satisfaction.
Multi-Agent Access
Collaborate efficiently with teammates in a single platform, avoid miscommunication among teammates.
Internal Note
Agents can leave notes for colleagues regarding specific customer inquiries, issues, or background information, ensuring a seamless flow of information among team members.
Efficiently assign tasks to teammates with ease.
See all your conversations in single platform
Team management
Optimize team collaboration for peak productivity with ChatDaddy.
“Our bot deflection rate with our previous customer service solution was 5–10%. With ChatDaddy, we achieved 65% bot deflection within just one week of going live.”
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Effortless Chatbot Building
No Code Message Flow

Easily create and deploy powerful chatbots without any coding skills needed using our No Code ChatBot Builder.
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Effortless Chatbot Creation
Time and Cost Savings
No Engineering Resources Needed
Customisable Flow
Tailor chatbots to your specific needs without technical hurdles.
Keyword Reply
Simplifies customer interactions, ensuring swift and relevant responses.
Template Market
Offers a wide array of pre-designed templates to fit your business needs.
Product Tours
Drive adoption of new features and deepen customer engagement with guided experiences.
Boost Customer Engagement
Enhance interactions and customer satisfaction with responsive chatbots.
Step by step guide to onboard you and your teammate easily
"Self-service and proactive support have helped us reduce inbound conversation volume by 20% over the past two years, even as our user base has continued to grow."
Christian Parker
Contact Lens Easy

Craft Tailored Broadcasts for Every Audience

Reach your audience with messages tailored to their preferences and needs, increasing interaction.
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Reach large amount of audience
Increase conversion rates
Connects with your customers time to time
Targeted Outreach
Deliver relevant content to specific segments of your audience for more effective communication.
Boosted Loyalty
Personalised messages foster stronger connections, leading to increased customer loyalty.
Analytical Reports
Track real-time message status and analyze success rates with WhatsApp broadcast software.
Effective Promotions
Send personalised promotional messages directly to multiple contacts at once using a WhatsApp broadcast application
Brand Awareness
Connect with multiple customers simultaneously, increasing brand familiarity through personalized messages.
Boost Engagement
Reach thousands of contacts simultaneously with WhatsApp broadcast software, encouraging customer interaction.
"ChatDaddy powers our customer communications, delivering conversions, customer engagement, and personalized support. The WhatsApp chatbot is the heart of this strategy."
Geronimo Chala
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Connects With Your customers

Send real-time shop notifications directly to your customers on WhatsApp, keeping them informed about new arrivals, promotions, and more.
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Centralized CRM in 1 single platform
Stop switching between tools and speed up workflows
See all your data in one place
Customer Profile
Build your customer profile so that you have a record of their details and keep the conversations.
Instant Customer Connection
Send real-time shop notifications directly to your customers on WhatsApp, keeping them informed about new arrivals, promotions, and more.
Understand and improve the performance of your bots and team with flexible and customizable reports.
Custom Actions
Power WhatsApp bots and workflows with live customer data stored in other tools—no engineering resources required.
Apps and integrations
Get all your tools working as one—and add more to existing workflows—with 300+ apps.
APIs and webhooks
Work best for you with our easy-to-use APIs and webhooks.
" We have almost all of our support channels integrated into one system, making it easy for us to manage our support, as well as take a data-driven approach to continuously improving our service. "
Ada May
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