An Essential Tool For E-Commerce

Send automated notifications for your customers throughout their shopping journey.


The future of Shopping Journey.

Send a reminder for your customers when they have outstanding items in their shopping carts, to increase the conversion rate.

After order confirmation, you can send the receipt and membership balance for your customers to build trust of your brand.

When the customer fails to make a payment, you can directly send them the payment details and links to simplify the process.

Customers often want to receive real-time tracking for their orders. You can reduce customers' anxiety by sending frequent tracking notifications.

Businesses can send appointment confirmation to remind your customers about the time and venue of the event.

Send the latest information and offers to your customers based on their previous purchases, and build a closer relationship with them.


Not convinced? Hear from our customers

Saved 6K+ calls with customers.
We moved from a traditional to digital approach three months ago with ChatDaddy, and already saved 6K+ calls with our customers! Now we can dedicate more resources to valuable activities!
Owner, Online Contact Lens Store
Maintain customer relationships.
ChatDaddy is a crucial platform for our business operation. It helps us to take bookings from customers, and maintain a good relationship with them!
Owner, Skincare Brand
3x conversions.
ChatDaddy helps us to inform our buyers the latest information of their delivery. It improves our trustworthiness and credibility compared to our competitors.
Owner, Wine Merchant
Easy installation and save time.
ChatDaddy's order notification function is easy to install. It only takes 5 minutes! What’s more surprising is that it really reduces the amount of work we have. Highly recommend!
Owner, JTravel




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