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Send a message flow to a chat on ChatDaddy when a campaign has been sent out on MailerLite


Send a message on ChatDaddy when a subscriber is added to a group on MailerLite


Add a tag to contact on ChatDaddy when an email to a subscriber bounces on MailerLite


Create a contact on ChatDaddy when a subscriber has been removed from a group on MailerLite


Add subscriber to a specific group by email address on MailerLite when new contact created on ChatDaddy


Remove subscriber from a specific group by email address on MailerLite when contact tag is updated on ChatDaddy


Sets the contact's status to "Unsubscribed" on MailerLite when new tag created on ChatDaddy


Send a campaign to a subscriber group or segment on MailerLite when new team member is added on ChatDaddy

How It Benefits Your Business

Save More Time

Automate the mundance

Most businesses operate using a range of manual tasks, with staff rekeying information from one app into another, or retyping the same message, which is extremely inefficient. With ChatDaddy’s integration, you can help your business save time and remove human errors. You can trigger a message drip or notification to run in Chatdaddy from all sorts of events, from receiving an email, adding a row to a spreadsheet, updating a record in a CRM, receiving an appointment, or creating a financial transaction in an accounting app.

Scale your business

Growing a business can be challenging, especially if team members are spending more time on admin than the stuff you would rather they were doing. Reviewing your processes, streamlining them, and then using ChatDaddy to automate them will free up time for staff to concentrate on the core business.  They can get back to being creative, or looking at the big picture, rather than drowning in a mountain of paperwork. As you grow, you can already support the increased business as it will be handled by automation rather than needing to hire more people.

Do More Sales

Increase conversion rates

With an eCommerce WhatsApp Chatbot, your business can send payment reminders, offer incentives to create a sense of urgency, and answer questions that your customers might have. ChatDaddy is also ideal for sending handy reminders for calls, meetings, and any other appointments which you don’t want to forget. Connect with your calendar app and send notifications or send message drips, it’s like having a personal assistant!

Streamline your customer onboarding

Making a sale is great but it usually triggers a series of tasks to get the new customer set up on various systems and send them information about how you’ll work with them.  You may need them to sign a contract and set up some initial workshops.  All of this can be automated, from calendar management to creating Zoom meetings, sending emails, and updating your CRM.  You’ll never forget a step in the process, will save a load of time, and have peace of mind that the data is accurate.

Get more testimonials

Testimonials are key for winning new business and satisfied customers are usually more than happy to provide one, but many businesses don’t ask for them.  Using an automated workflow at the end of a project or after selling a product makes it really easy to get valuable testimonials. You can send a sequence of WhatsApp messages using ChatDaddy to make the request, follow up if needed to remind your customer, and the content can include links to your Google business page, an industry review site, your Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile.

Our Business


Send Payment Reminder
Send Payment Confirmation Notification
Send Order Cancellation Notification
Send Delivery Notification
Automated notifications
Send meeting confirmation
Send appointment (meeting dial-in or business location) details
Send reminders for calls, meetings, and any other appointments
Send personalized message drip
Client status update notification
Assign customers teammates
Tag customers
Increase CRM database
Client status update notification
Assign customers teammates
Tag customers
Increase CRM database

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