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1:1 Strategic Consultation

Not sure how to incorporate WhatsApp into your online businesses? This session will go through everything you need to know about WhatsApp marketing.

Chat Interactions
Spike in Transactions
Faster Handling Time
Customer Satification

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What You Can Achieve?

Automate your workflow

Automated notification to increase conversion

Personalized marketing strategy from engagement to conversion

Effectively retain customers for super high repurchase rate

Multi-person customer service ease customer relationship management


Whatsapp maximises your business opportunities

Mobile Marketing is here to stay for the next 10 years. Improve your business metrics today.

ChatDaddy 10X Program
Power Up Your WhatsApp

30 minute session

Learn about your company's operations and set WhatsApp Strategy

Within a week

Integrate and execute, Power up your Whatsapp

Within 3 weeks

Review results, optimized workflow and improve efficiency

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What To Expect?

By the end of the coaching session, you will able to implement the ultimate workflow into your business.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy Consulting
360-degree WhatsApp marketing strategy including lead generation, funnel setup, remarketing tactics and action plan. Learn how you can leverage WhatsApp to do more business.
WhatsApp Marketing
Automation & Technology Consulting
Explore WhatsApp Automation including WhatsApp BOT, remarketing, message drip, keywords reply, online shop integration and more!

- Solution-

Who is suitable for ChatDaddy 10X Program?

Too many inquiries but shorthanded.Wants to avoid missed messages, late replies, and no more unattended clients
Does not have a system to follow up.Wants to make the most out of your leads with a systematic follow-up method
Wants to increase customer Life Time Value but does not have a strategy or blueprint to do so
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