WhatsApp Ads: How To Create Click To WhatsApp Ads?
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May 17, 2023

WhatsApp Ads: How To Create Click To WhatsApp Ads?

Learn how to create effective click-to-WhatsApp ads and increase your conversions. Our best tips and tricks will help you make the most of your WhatsApp ads. Check it out now!

WhatsApp is creating new channels for corporate and consumer communication. Ecommerce companies can be seen utilizing the various features of the WhatsApp Business API in many ways to enhance the shopping experience they provide to customers, including offering shopping assistance to customers, sending reminders about abandoned carts, running broadcast promotions, and much more.

However, in order for WhatsApp marketing to be effective, you must stand out and encourage customers to contact your company over the messaging app. 

While adding a WhatsApp button to your website usually works, its growth can be sluggish and it is very consumer-dependent.

Click-to-WhatsApp Ads fill that gap, and we're here to talk extensively about them!

WhatsApp Chat Marketing: What is it?

WhatsApp Chat Marketing
WhatsApp Chat Marketing

WhatsApp chat marketing makes use of the WhatsApp Business App or Business API to engage consumers in a real-time, two-way conversation on their preferred messaging app while promoting a good or service with interactive media and chat automation.

The creation of convincing landing pages with high conversion rates and the generation of traffic that translates into leads, prospects, and ultimately customers, are ongoing challenges for marketers.

By removing landing pages from the user journey and shortening the funnel, WhatsApp chat marketing makes it simpler by replacing it with a convincing conversational experience that is real-time, tailored, and at the same time on an app, they use every day.

From a variety of sources, both free and commercial channels, you can generate traffic and direct it to WhatsApp. 

However, it's crucial to remember that, in accordance with WhatsApp's privacy policy, as a business, you cannot approach an audience without their permission or without waiting for them to initiate contact. 

Therefore, for this specific WhatsApp marketing approach, we investigate WhatsApp click-to-ads to enable users to quickly opt in.

There are several ways to interact with others, including:

  • Use a website widget like the Chat Widget from Shop
  • On your Facebook page, include a WhatsApp button
  • Use the brand-new WhatsApp QR codes
  • Promote Click-to-WhatsApp advertising
  • Send a direct link to "" (can include pre-written messages)

You can use one of these easy techniques to make WhatsApp a new marketing channel for your company.

What makes WhatsApp Chat Marketing a good idea?

Businesses are increasingly using WhatsApp to market their goods and services for the following four reasons:

  • By improving brand recall and keeping you constantly in front of your customer's minds, WhatsApp helps you forge better ties with your customers. 

Not only that. With chat automation, your brand is available and visible around-the-clock.

  • It increases conversions and opt-ins: By offering a personalized, interactive two-way conversational experience on the most popular messaging app, WhatsApp enhances user experience and brand engagement.
  • It promotes sales: WhatsApp boosts first-time and repeats purchases by proposing products and proactively remarketing your clients on their mobile devices.
  • Lower marketing expenses: You may generate leads and provide support more quickly without a landing page or a mobile app, so you don't need marketing operations or engineers.

Some transactional messages can be sent and even automated. You must first have access to the WhatsApp Business API in order to achieve this. You can send Message Templates to WhatsApp for manual review if access is granted.

Shipping, account updates, and appointment reminders are a few examples of potential use cases. However, WhatsApp is not currently allowing any new businesses access to its API.

Does WhatsApp marketing work?

It is incredibly successful to immediately interact with leads on WhatsApp and sell to them. This conversational type of business builds on the following:

Every day, Facebook products see 100 billion messages sent by 87% of the world's smartphone users.

The conversation is ideally situated to respond to consumers' demand for improved experiences.

The only drawback of WhatsApp marketing is that it requires a lot of manual labor because automation is yet restricted. 

Getting individuals to join your WhatsApp channel and engage in conversation with you presents another difficulty.

But how can you best connect with your audience? What is the most effective WhatsApp marketing conversation starter?

Naturally, where your audience spends most of their time will determine this. However, click-to-WhatsApp advertising is an effective approach to widen your audience.

How Do Click-to-WhatsApp Ads Work Exactly?

You can utilize Facebook's ad platform to promote your WhatsApp account by using click-to-WhatsApp advertising. 

Although its feature set is somewhat constrained, it is simple to set up. By including a call to action to send a WhatsApp message in your click-to-WhatsApp ads, you can enable your audience to send a message straight from an advertisement they saw on websites like Facebook or Instagram. It enables an immediate connection with the brand and starts a conversation with high-intent users. With the help of the WhatsApp Business API solution, the conversation can either be entirely human-led or automated before being transferred to a human agent.

Here are some things you should know regarding click-to-WhatsApp ads for the time being:

  • This particular ad type features a Click to WhatsApp CTA that initiates a WhatsApp discussion. In order to set one up, you must link your Facebook page to your phone number.
  • The WhatsApp for Business app is used for this.

Placements consist of:

-Facebook Marketplace & News Feed

-Explore & Feed on Instagram

-Instagram and Facebook Stories

Why should you investigate click-to-WhatsApp advertisements?

Most business marketers and advertisers are still learning about click-to-WhatsApp advertisements.

However, the following are a few reasons why we believe it is a good channel to use:

  • No matter what business you are in or what you sell, the majority of your target audience (which includes 487 million WhatsApp users in India) is actively using the messaging app.
  • You may reach out to the 2 billion WhatsApp users around the world if you sell abroad.
  • Studies have shown that using messaging applications for communication makes more than 55% of individuals feel more connected to a brand.
  • Before making a purchase, customers want to communicate with businesses and engage with them.
  • 38% of customers claim they make a purchase following a positive conversation with a company.
  • Conversely, those that don't chat spend 60% less money per buy.
  • Keeping open lines of communication with clients increases retention, which is 5–25 times less expensive than acquisition.
  • The WhatsApp app is opened on average 23–25 times every day.

That's not all, though.

If statistics are to be believed, WhatsApp has demonstrated that it may also help businesses achieve positive outcomes. 

Here is a summary of some of the WhatsApp marketing data we provided in our previous post with the assistance of our partners:

  • The messaging software makes it simple for customers to communicate, which can help produce 200–300 leads per day.
  • Due to its widespread use, WhatsApp broadcasts and promotions typically have an open rate of 99%.
  • Due to its clear call-to-actions, WhatsApp marketing efforts also see 45–50% click-through rates on campaigns.
  • With the use of automated reminders and WhatsApp marketing campaigns, businesses may recover up to 60% of abandoned baskets.
  • The messaging software has the ability to boost service efficiency and expedite customer assistance by 200%.
  • Businesses may increase their engagement rate by over 83% with targeted WhatsApp marketing efforts.

When you take into account how frequently people use WhatsApp and how well campaigns perform throughout the buyer's journey, you'll understand why combining your social media ad strategy and WhatsApp marketing efforts is the trick to boosting conversions in a cutthroat industry.

How to make click-to-WhatsApp advertisements?

1. Specify your company's aims and goals.

Just as with other social media ads, when creating a click-to-WhatsApp ad, be sure you have a specific business aim and goal in mind. 

It might be to raise brand exposure, produce more leads, promote customer engagement, get feedback from customers, qualify leads, and other goals.

2. Get your visuals and ad copy ready.

The following step is for you to create the campaign's ad copy and graphics. 

We advise making at least two variations of your advertising campaigns in order to keep them new and avoid ad fatigue, which lowers conversion rates.

Keep in mind to adhere to the best practices of maintaining eye-catching ad graphics and clear, actionable ad copy. 

Here are some tools to aid in your better planning:

  • maximizing the conversions from your ad creatives
  • There are 12 ad copy techniques you should test out.

3. Recognize where ads are placed

Click-to-WhatsApp advertising is currently limited to just a few spots, as was previously noted. 

Through these advertisements across the Facebook and Instagram news feed, stories, Facebook marketplace, and Instagram explore, you may target your audience.

Examine each placement and the layout of your ad visuals and copy with great consideration. 

You may improve the visual experience you provide as a result, which will increase campaign engagement.

For instance, you would need longer images for stories than for feed placements, which can be handled with standard square graphics.

4. Create your advertisement in Ads Manager

The next step is to enter your Facebook Ads Manager and set them up after everything is prepared. 

The steps you must take to create your click-to-WhatsApp ads are as follows:

  • Go to Facebook Ads Manager and click Ad Creation.
  • Choose an advertising goal.
  • Decide on a campaign budget.
  • Select Click to Message by clicking Ad Type.
  • Pick WhatsApp from the Messaging Apps list.
  • Select your audience, locations, spending limit, and schedule.
  • Choose your ad format and finish the ad setup as instructed.
  • Once the setup is complete, publish your advertisement.

5. Live, measure, and improve

You are now prepared to launch your click-to-WhatsApp advertisements. 

It is now time for you to assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and how it contributes to your corporate objectives.

In addition to ad audience reach and cost per message, some metrics to consider are the number of conversations started, the typical length of a conversation, the conversion rate of those talks, and actual sales.

6. Configure WhatsApp automation

You'll soon have a lot of conversations to handle as you start to run click-to-WhatsApp advertising in addition to the ongoing broadcasts and promotions you're using the messaging platform for.

We advise making the most of automation by utilizing a WhatsApp Business API solution provider in order to stay on top of all interactions. 

Make the most of automation to keep things organized by developing unique processes that assist customers in exploring the items that are available, understanding your shipping policy, checking order status, and more.

We do advise automating a few processes as soon as you begin advertising click-to-WhatsApp ads, such as:

  • Welcome flow
  • FAQs 
  • abandoned cart recovery
  • Customer service

Apps that are official partners with the WhatsApp Business API make it simple to set up this automation if you run a Shopify store. 

They offer chatbots and pre-built workflows to help you handle click-to-WhatsApp ad discussions at scale.

How to increase the number of clicks on your WhatsApp ads

Increase The Number Of Clicks on Your WhatsApp Ads
Increase The Number Of Clicks on Your WhatsApp Ads

We are aware of how challenging it may be to get users to click on your advertising. 

After all, with all the advertising noise, we are all competing for the attention of our customers, whose attention spans are getting shorter.

In light of this, we have created a checklist to assist you in improving your ads and generating more leads.

1. Select a well-liked ad format

Among all the digital noise, your advertisement needs to stand out. But eye-catching content, dazzling graphics, and nonstop amusement are abundant on social media. 

So, how can you make a statement?

Choose a well-liked ad structure in addition to creating amazing content to make sure your ad stands out from the competition.

These consist of:

  • images with vivid hues or a stand-out component
  • brief videos
  • GIFs \sCarousels

Your images will dominate the advertisement and communicate your message to the viewers.

2. Create a compelling CTA.

The most crucial component that completes the image is a call-to-action (CTA). All of your efforts will be in vain if you don't get it correctly.

Therefore, pause before writing and publishing your CTA. We advise you to take these actions:

Make sure it is concise and understandable.

Use phrases that convey urgency and scarcity, such as "Get your lifetime deal today" or "Call immediately before it's gone."

Make sure it sounds nice rather than demanding.

Remind the public of the benefits.

Consider hiring an essay writer to create this main message if you're struggling to come up with a strong CTA.

3. Communicate clearly

Nobody who is unsure of the purpose of your advertisement will click the "Send WhatsApp Message" option. 

Your advertisement must convey a clear message and inspire viewers to take action that will be beneficial to them.

Consider your primary message and the value you can offer while creating your advertisement. For instance:

  • You've recently released a new product, and you're giving the first 200 applicants a free trial or sample.
  • You have a lifetime offer, but it will soon expire.
  • You are selling a limited-edition item.

Your target audience will pay attention to your advertisement if you deliver the message clearly and concentrate just on it.

Concluding Remarks | WhatsApp Ads

Downloading the WhatsApp Business app will help solopreneurs and small enterprises get going. 

Medium-sized companies or fast-growing small enterprises can use ChatDaddy's WhatsApp Business API to market their goods or services. 

The likelihood that your message will be received by the consumer will increase dramatically if you can reach out to them proactively utilizing WhatsApp templates on a mobile device.

Including WhatsApp chat automation in your marketing strategy can help you increase conversions, increase sales, foster long-lasting relationships with clients, and spend less money on marketing.

FAQs | WhatsApp Ads

Q: On WhatsApp, how can I make a link?

A: The steps for making a short link in WhatsApp. Go to Settings > Business Tools > Short Links after launching the app. To view the link, select "short link." To copy the link and add it to a message, a social media post, or another website, tap the link symbol.

Q: What are  Click to WhatsApp ads?

A: In order to persuade their target audience to message them on WhatsApp, businesses can use the Click to WhatsApp advertisements ad type, which is available on Facebook and Instagram. It makes use of the CTA interaction offered by social media ads and blends it with WhatsApp Business' features.

Q: How can I increase my WhatsApp customer base?

A: You must incorporate WhatsApp into the crucial phases of a customer's purchasing process if you want to increase your customer base on the messaging app. Implementing tactics like enabling users to accept order status notifications on the app, letting them subscribe to discount alerts via WhatsApp, or running click-to WhatsApp ads are a few examples. You must develop an opt-in strategy akin to email marketing to attract more users to WhatsApp.

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