A One-Stop Guide To Maximize Reach with WhatsApp Advertising Messages
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March 18, 2024

A One-Stop Guide To Maximize Reach with WhatsApp Advertising Messages

Boost your business with WhatsApp advertising messages. Get expert tips and strategies for creating effective ad campaigns and reaching more customers.

Are you planning a fresh launch, flash sale, or members-only promotion? To get the word out and persuade clients, use WhatsApp. With a WhatsApp advertising messages example from below, give them a slight shove or an invitation they can’t reject.

But first, let’s go through why you should send WhatsApp advertising messages and how to do so. We’ll next go through several ready-to-use message examples for different scenarios, as well as a list of best practices for writing your own.

Introduction to WhatsApp Advertising Messages

Despite Facebook’s decision to abandon ambitions to run advertisements on WhatsApp, shrewd advertisers continue to establish a presence there.

Understanding how to advertise on WhatsApp without breaking any regulations is the key to success. What is the solution? Of course, advertising messages are sent via WhatsApp.

We’ve put together a handy guide on the effectiveness of these messages here. It also outlines how WhatsApp’s Business and Commerce rules are developing to accommodate the quickly changing business environment, as well as where they fit into your marketing plan.

What Are the Benefits of Sending WhatsApp Advertising Messages?

As instant messaging becomes the primary communication channel for people throughout the world, businesses are increasingly doing sales and customer service using WhatsApp. It’s an obvious extension of this to include marketing or advertising in the mix.

The following are some of the advantages of WhatsApp advertising messages:

  • allowing companies to start interactions with their customers
  • Maximizing marketing budgets by re-engaging clients who have already expressed interest in a brand or company.
  • With their friendly tone and engaging features, they persuade customers to take action.
  • The ability to adapt them to a variety of scenarios
  • As you can see, WhatsApp advertising messages demand very little work in exchange for a lot of money. Let’s have a look at how to send one.

How to Send Advertising Messages on WhatsApp

Automated Chatbot with CRM
Automated Chatbot with CRM

The WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp API have different techniques for sending advertising messages. Users of the WhatsApp Business App may utilise WhatsApp Broadcast to send promotional messages to their contacts.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp API users may send promotional messages via WhatsApp Broadcast using a WhatsApp CRM connection like or utilize Workflow to generate automated messages with triggers or WhatsApp drip campaigns.

Let’s take a look at when and how you may employ these methods, as well as some samples of WhatsApp promotional messages for various business occasions.

8 Sample WhatsApp Advertising Messages with Ready-to-Use Use Cases

You may use WhatsApp advertising messages to communicate with clients in a variety of ways. Here are eight frequent business occasions, along with some samples of WhatsApp marketing messages for each. The cart that has been abandoned

Assume you operate a thriving jewelry business with an online store, but you’ve noticed a high number of abandoned carts. With a well-timed WhatsApp cart recovery message, up to 60% of these may be retrieved.

Here are some examples of WhatsApp cart recovery messages:

  • “Hello [customer name], you’ve been admiring some of our finest things in your cart, which is a fantastic pick!” “Would you want to have them right away?”
  • “Wow, [customer name], you have a terrific sense of style.” We noticed you’ve added a few of our best-sellers to your shopping basket. Now is the time to get them while they’re still available!”

Launch of a New Product

Perhaps you’re a sportswear brand that has teased shoppers with social media posts about your upcoming spring collection. It’s time to get started. One of your marketing platforms should be WhatsApp.

Copy the following WhatsApp new launch marketing messages:

  • “Hey [client name], your wait is over!” We know you wanted to be the first to hear about our spring collection, so click here to see it! [URL]”
  • “What’s trendy, hot, and guaranteed to sell out quickly?” That’s correct, [customer name], the spring collection from [company name] is now available. You wanted to be the first to know about it, so go to [URL] right now and upgrade your fitness wardrobe!”

Restocked Items

You own a well-known technology store, and best-selling products like customized keyboards and headphones sell out rapidly. When clients inquire about these, offer to notify them through WhatsApp when restocks become available. They’ll get priority service from a retailer they know and trust, and you’ll keep their business.

Use these WhatsApp replenishment alert messages to notify clients about restocks:

  • “Hello [customer name], due to great demand, the [item] you requested is now available.” We’re giving you free shipping on orders above [amount] as a thank you for your patience. Get it right now at [URL]!
  • “As promised, [customer name], you’ll be the first to hear when [item] returns to stock. Get it right away at [URL] or at any of our retail locations. We may be found at [a list of locations]. Please let us know if we can hold one for you at the shop!”

Alerts for Sales or Promotions


Consider the case of a national home appliance shop that offers monthly discounts or promotions. Create a sales or promotion alert template that you may distribute as needed to keep consumers informed.

Here are some examples of WhatsApp marketing alerts to get you started:

  • “A new promotion has been announced.” The special deal for this month is [offer]. On orders above [amount], we’re additionally giving loyal customers like you, [customer name], a 5% discount. Use the DISCOUNT5 coupon code. [URL] is now accepting orders.
  • “Greetings, [client name]!” We have a hot suggestion for you: take advantage of [offer unique ]’s deal this month. This offer is only available to the first [number of] clients, so act fast! [URL] is now open for business.

Loyalty Bonuses

Maybe you own a high-end leather goods company with highly sought-after limited-edition releases. Reward high-value consumers with unique discounts or early access to new items in exchange for their loyalty. To make them feel unique, use a friendly or intimate tone.

Thank your loyal clients with one of the following WhatsApp advertising messages:

  • “Hello [customer name], our new product launch is [time] tomorrow, and we wanted you to be the first to know.” Because the [product] is a limited edition, please let us know whether you’d want us to hold one for you. Make a reservation as soon as possible!”
  • “Dear [customer name], thank you for being a devoted [brand name] client.” With the coupon code 10TQ, you may get a 10% discount on our new collection. As a mark of our gratitude, purchases above [amount] will receive a free gift. [URL] is now open for business.

Request for Feedback

Perhaps you own a cleaning business and want to gather feedback from your clients. Create a two-part WhatsApp message that performs each of these things while also offering them a discount. Use interactive features like Quick Reply or Call to Action buttons in WhatsApp Business to make it easier to respond.

Consider the following instances of WhatsApp feedback requests:

  • Part 1: “Hello [customer name], thank you for choosing [company name] today. How was our service?” Part 2: “Thank you for your input!” says. Enjoy a 5% discount on your next cleaning appointment as a token of our gratitude. When making your next reservation at [URL], use the discount code 5REWARD. “Have a wonderful day.”
  • Part 1: “Dear [customer name], we hope you have had a pleasant experience with [company name] today.” “How would you assess the quality of our service?” Part 2: “Thank you for taking the time to rate our service,”. We value your input and are constantly striving to improve. Use the code 10FEEDBACK for a 10% discount on your next reservation on our app as a heartfelt thank you.”


Perhaps you’re a wellness company that focuses on products and services that promote holistic health. The frequency with which consumers interact with you is determined by their specific demands and preferences.

Use any of these messages to entice inactive consumers to re-engage with your brand:

  • “It’s been a while, [customer name],” says the narrator. We’ve added new goods and services since your previous visit to provide you the finest wellness experience possible. Why not join us for a yoga session or a match a tasting session? Make a reservation for the workshop of your choosing at [URL]. We look forward to seeing you!”
  • “Greetings, [client name]!” We miss you at [company name], therefore we’d like to extend to you an exceptional 8% storewide discount. Visit [URL] to see our most recent goods and use the coupon YAY8OFF at checkout.

Future Events

Assume you run a chain of cafés known for interesting partnerships and star guest shifts. WhatsApp is a fantastic method to keep consumers informed about what’s happening on and when, as well as to provide them with special experiences.

Here are some examples of WhatsApp promotional messages for new events:

  • “Something big is happening in town on [date], and we’d like you to be there.” Come join us for a couple hours of pleasant vibes and wonderful coffee at [location] between [time]. Now is the time to reserve your position at [URL]. “I hope to see you there!”
  • “Hello there, [client name]!” We’re introducing a limited-edition line of handmade coffee drinks. To begin, star barista [name] will be causing a stir at [venue] on [day], from [time] till late.

Best Practices for WhatsApp Advertising Messages

Here are some recommended practices to keep in mind whether you want to tweak a WhatsApp advertising messages sample from above or develop your own from start.

To begin, divide clients into groups based on their interests. Customers may ban or report you for unwanted information or spam if you don’t use interest tags to target the proper audience in your broadcast lists.

Additionally, you should make your message brief and engaging. Customers enjoy WhatsApp’s laid-back vibes, so take use of them to transform a promotional message into a relationship-building opportunity.

Engage with consumers on that note. Give them a cause to respond or action cues. The interactive and mixed media capabilities provided on WhatsApp Business, such as Call-to-Action and Quick Reply buttons, are a terrific way to achieve this.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of WhatsApp marketing message samples as well as advice on how to make the most of them. Why don’t you try playing like a pro? Sign up for a WhatsApp API account and a account if you wish to utilize sophisticated automation to send WhatsApp advertising messages and have multi-user access to a WhatsApp Inbox.

FAQs | WhatsApp Advertising Messages

Q: How can I increase my WhatsApp traffic? Can I include a call to action for an opt-in offer somewhere?

A: Definitely. Here is where you make use of your subscribers' ability to get gorgeous links. Consider a WhatsApp message to be similar to a Facebook post. You are free to create a statement that is as lengthy or as short as you choose, and then submit a link to the page you want to drive visitors to.

Q: Which form of material has the greatest impact when sent to WhatsApp users?

A: There isn't agreement as of now. Successful media organisations like the BBC have updated its members with regular text and link updates. WhatsApp combines features from Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and Voxer. WhatsApp can handle any message you want to send.

Q: If I'm not a marketer, what happens? Is WhatsApp compatible with my other businesses?

A: 1. WhatsApp has no boundaries. This app's primary function is to connect and engage, just like any other. Claim to be...

2. A chef. You can share links to fresh recipes or pictures of mouthwatering food.
a private exerciser. For impromptu fitness gatherings, you can publish your location or videos.

Q: Can we use WhatsApp to send promotional messages?

A: Yes, starting in September 2021, businesses are able to send promotional messages over WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp Business API, businesses can use WhatsApp to give unlimited users discount discounts, promotional offers, coupons, product launch notifications, alerts, and more.

Are WhatsApp marketing messages successful?

Marketing messages delivered on WhatsApp are very effective and can help produce 3x or more sales & conversions at a cost-effective solution, with message open rates of over 98% & click-through rates of 45-60%.

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