How to Broadcast WhatsApp messages in bulk— Without Being Blocked
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March 18, 2024

How to Broadcast WhatsApp messages in bulk— Without Being Blocked

Businesses may send broadcast messages in WhatsApp, such as notifications, announcements, promotion messages, and more, from a single platform using the WhatsApp Business API.

Want to send your clients a WhatsApp message in bulk? You should use this blog. We'll go over the advantages of using WhatsApp API for bulk texting.

Additionally, we'll demonstrate how to use the WhatsApp API to send bulk messages and how to establish a WhatsApp bulk message list.

Additionally, you'll discover WhatsApp bulk messaging regulations.

WhatsApp Broadcast Message

WhatsApp broadcast message

Some people think that broadcasting via WhatsApp is a "dark art," but it doesn't have to be if the platform's strict guidelines are followed.

Here's how to properly use bulk messaging on WhatsApp.

The thought of delivering a single WhatsApp message to numerous engaged clients at once is tempting, but SMEs and businesses must proceed with caution.

Businesses that bombard people with content that can be interpreted as spam run the danger of having their accounts suspended or, worse yet, permanently banned from the messaging service.

After all, WhatsApp is dedicated to safeguarding both its reputation as a premium CX channel and consumers from shady marketing practices.

Broadcasting messages is still acceptable as long as brands adhere to WhatsApp's bulk messaging policies and procedures.

This way, brands can take advantage of all the advantages of broadcasting with no risk.

WhatsApp Broadcasting using WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp broadcasting

Businesses may send broadcast messages in WhatsApp, such as notifications, announcements, promotion messages, and more, from a single platform using the WhatsApp Business API.

Using systems like ChatDaddy that are based on the WhatsApp Business API has the following advantages for WhatsApp broadcasting:

  • Best in the industry 98% open rates
  • Send WhatsApp Broadcast to Any Number of People (to opted-in users).
  • The WhatsApp Broadcast will be seen by people who haven't added you to their contacts.
  • Detailed analytics for your WhatsApp broadcast are tracked.
  • Send a specific audience group WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns.
  • Use the same phone number to provide live chat help across several devices.
  • Installing a WhatsApp chatbot will automate routine client inquiries.

Additionally, it's superior to WhatsApp Broadcast in the WhatsApp Business app due to:

You can send mass messages to an unlimited number of different users (to opted-in users).

  • You can send messages to individuals who are not in your stored contacts.
  • Obtain authentic WhatsApp Green Tick Verification.

All of that follows.

You must first use WhatsApp Business API for your company. The Business API, however, lacks a distinctive user experience.

To take advantage of the features of WhatsApp Business API and more, you need a platform like ChatDaddy.

Here are a few additional WhatsApp Business API use cases.

  1. Sending Broadcasts via the official WhatsApp API has many benefits.

Your phone number wasn't saved in contacts? Still possible to send a broadcast

This benefit of using WhatsApp API is a significant one.

Your audience's contact information plus a verified opt-in from them indicating that they want to hear from you are all you need to broadcast your message.

  1. Concerned that the number might be blocked? Not to worry

Since it will be integrated with the business API, you do not need to be concerned about the number being blocked.

That adds a further layer of authenticity, and messages are not classified as spam unless they receive a lot of complaints from receivers.

We have assisted numerous brands in setting up WhatsApp marketing campaigns using APIs without encountering any blacklisted numbers.

  1. Scalable personalization of your communications

Instead of manually entering the recipients' personal information, you can personalize messages by using variables.

A text field in a WhatsApp template that receives the relevant information automatically is known as a variable.

For instance, if you use the greeting Hi First name and send it to 100 clients, each one will receive it along with their name.

Method 1-Through Contact Page

Step 1:  sort the customers based on a variety of criteria. Filtering options include organic, advertising, active, and closed

Step 2: Next, choose each of the users who have been filtered out and press the "Broadcast" button.

Step 3: To send the broadcast, select the WhatsApp message you wish to send and click "Send now."The WhatsApp Broadcasting message that we've selected is a payment reminder.

As we enter "$Firstname" in Parameter 1, the template message on the right side will update accordingly. Each user's personalization parameters are these dynamic values.

Every customer will receive the message with their first name if you type "$Firstname" next to 1, for example.

Set up every parameter by the WhatsApp Broadcast's use case and purpose.

Step 4: To send the broadcast to your users live, click the "Send now" button.

While smaller broadcasts of up to 1000 messages take about 5 to 10 minutes to deliver to clients, larger broadcasts of up to 10,000 messages can take up to 2 hours to correctly execute.

Method 2-WhatsApp Broadcasting through Campaign Page

From the campaigns page, click the "+launch" button in the upper right corner and select "Broadcast" to start a WhatsApp broadcast. Now take the actions listed below:

Step 1: pick a campaign name that best captures the broadcast or your ultimate objectives.

Step 2: Decide whether you want to broadcast users' ordinary messages or pre-approved template messages.

Before sending template messages to users, WhatsApp must approve them.

Any message you write and send to those who have contacted you during the last 24 hours is considered a regular massage.

Text, media, photos, videos, CTA buttons, rapid answers, and much more may all be included in messages.

Step 3: Select the contacts you want to send the WhatsApp Broadcast to after segmenting your audience.

Step 4: Select a template message that has already been approved or compose a standard message, then set the parameters as we did when sending broadcasts using the contacts method.

Step 5: Set up the message you've chosen, check it out and then click "Broadcast" to start the WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign.

What You Need to Know

Numerous tools—both free and paid—promise to enable you to develop WhatsApp broadcast campaigns that let you send messages to your clients with a single click, but the majority of them are scams.

There are certain limitations to using the WhatsApp API for broadcasting.

WhatsApp wants to make sure that businesses send only pertinent messages to their contacts and don't spam them.

And they employ two criteria—phone number Status and phone number Quality Rating—to ascertain whether that is the case.

Rating of Phone Number Quality

Your message's quality rating, which is weighted by recency, is determined by how recipients have responded to it over the previous seven days.

Combinations of quality signals from user and business conversations determine it.

Examples include user feedback indicators like blocks, reports, and the justifications users give for blocking a company.

Phone Number Status

Your phone number status may vary if your quality rating changes, and to send broadcasts without limitations, your phone number's status must be Connected.

  • Before the Commerce Policy check is finished, the state is Pending.
  • Offline: The state when a company's WhatsApp API account is cancelled or fails the Commerce policy check.
  • Connected is the pre-defined state.

Your capacity to send a bulk message on WhatsApp may depend on the status and quality rating of your phone number.

A phone number's status must be connected to send WhatsApp bulk messages without limitations.

Your phone number's rating will decrease to Low if it is reported or blocked. Its status will thereafter change to Flagged.

You are unable to raise your number's message tier while it is Flagged.

The status will return to Connected but with a lesser messaging capacity if the quality rating doesn't improve after seven days.

Messaging and Phone Number Tiers Limits

messaging and phone number tier

The messaging limit, or the number of distinct contacts you can communicate with, is determined by the phone number tier of your WhatsApp API account.

You can send more messages as your tier rises.

The message restriction only restricts how many contacts you are trying to reach, not the number of messages a company can send.

Additionally, it does not apply to messages delivered within 24 hours in response to a message sent by a contact.

Make sure your sending limit matches the number of people you intend to message before sending any broadcasts.

You must raise the calibre of your broadcast or Message Templates to raise your number quality rating and restore your Connected status.

Can WhatsApp accounts be blocked for sending commercial messages?

WhatsApp accounts

Without a doubt, internet retailers will send WhatsApp promotional messages to their customers.

However, WhatsApp will notice if the message is too promotional or has too many links and graphics and may block your account.

Online shops may wish to customize promotional messaging to make customers feel special.

Use ChatDaddy’s Bulk WhatsApp Sender-Step-by-Step Guide

Data, revenue figures, and existing customer behaviors all lead to WhatsApp Broadcasts' success.

Time to take a bite out of the cake.

However, given that the technology is still very new and developing, you might be reluctant to begin.

Or you are having trouble using WhatsApp widely. It's also possible that you dislike the WhatsApp management tools you currently employ.

Connect with ChatDaddy if any of the aforementioned circumstances apply to you.

Schedule a demo with our team by signing up today.

We'll show you step-by-step how to immediately begin sending WhatsApp Broadcasts.

FAQs | How to Broadcast WhatsApp messages in bulk— Without Being Banned

Q: Is there a chance my WhatsApp account may be blocked?

A: If too many outbound messages are sent from a regular WhatsApp number used with the Business app, the number will be blocked.

However, blocking WhatsApp API numbers is not a simple process. The quality rating of your number could decline as a result of your frequent broadcasts. However, this gives you the chance to make the necessary corrections and raise the rating to a higher level.

Q: In WhatsApp Broadcast, how can I export every contact?

A: You may easily submit a CSV file containing your customers' phone numbers to DelightChat. A minimum of two columns should be present in your CSV: country code and phone number. Here is a step-by-step procedure illustrated with screenshots in case the numbers are not formatted correctly.

Q: Can I broadcast promotional messages using WhatsApp?

A: Yes. Sending promotional messages is now enabled thanks to WhatsApp's most recent policy modifications. Always start by making a fresh WhatsApp message template. Promotional templates used to be rejected in the past, but they are now frequently accepted.

Q; What do the various WhatsApp Broadcast phone number statuses mean?

A: You can have a Connected, Restricted, or Flagged status for a phone number. A phone number in a connected state can transmit transmissions without limitations.

A phone number loses quality and enters Restricted status when it sends too many messages of poor quality and users report them as spam.

A phone number cannot send broadcasts to any new contacts while it is Restricted. The phone number will be flagged if the Quality Rating falls below a certain threshold. In this status, it won't be able to send any broadcasts.

Q: How do I accept users' consent to receive WhatsApp updates?

A: Send email and SMS campaigns.

Include a checkbox in the lead contact form on your landing page where users can consent and opt in.

Add a WhatsApp Pop-up that captures users' mobile numbers to the website.

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