Guide to Creating a WhatsApp Survey and Boosting Your Sales
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March 18, 2024

Guide to Creating a WhatsApp Survey and Boosting Your Sales

Discover how to create a WhatsApp survey and increase your sales with our expert guide. Engage with your customers and gain valuable insights to grow your business.

An excellent idea is to conduct a customer satisfaction survey, and an even better idea is to conduct it over WhatsApp. Why?

Because it is the primary mode of communication for 2,000,000,000 people to connect with their loved ones. 

Making things simple for them is imperative because of this.

Because your clients are accustomed to utilizing WhatsApp Business with ease, it is the perfect way to get high response rates in your satisfaction surveys.

Surveys are a great method to rapidly learn what other people think. 

Use a poll if you frequently use WhatsApp API to get to know your friends, coworkers, and group members better. 

The good news is that a tonne of independent programmers has filled in the gaps and produced apps that let you quickly conduct a poll on WhatsApp. 

Your demands are met regardless of whether your device is powered by Android, iOS, or Windows.

In this article, you’ll find out how to maximize your sale using WhatsApp business API.

How do WhatsApp surveys work, then?

One of the most popular apps in the modern digital world that everyone uses daily is none other than WhatsApp. 

Everyone uses Facebook for constant communication with friends and family, and many brands have just begun using it to engage with their clients.

That is how pervasive WhatsApp is in people's lives.

So why don't you show up?

Why not solely accept consumer feedback on WhatsApp?

There are numerous other reasons to select the WhatsApp survey over others in addition to this.

Customer service on WhatsApp Business

Customer service on WhatsApp Business
Customer service on WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is created to make connecting with customers and businesses easy and convenient. 

Delivering alerts about upcoming goods and services to consumers and maintaining relationships are other important aspects of providing excellent customer service.

Increased visibility is the first method ChatDaddy's WhatsApp business solution may help your company provide better customer support. 

The ability to build a business profile on WhatsApp Business gives the business owner access to vital data about their operation, such as a description, contact information, website, and address. 

The customer can learn more about your company thanks to this.

The software is flexible and productive, allowing companies of various sizes to choose the option that best suits their needs. 

For instance, to make it easier for you to keep track of specific clients or types of queries, you can mark conversations with various coloured labels. 

Businesses can also build up automated messages that use a customized greetings to rapidly interact with clients. 

This enables you to develop a unique corporate voice and aesthetic, connecting with customers by showcasing what your company stands for.

Quick replies, which essentially reuse messages that have already been sent to prior users, are another fantastic feature of the program.

When it comes to time savings while still maintaining an active connection with clients, this offers a significant advantage.

These are just a few of the things this Platform is dedicated to assisting businesses with. The ChatDaddy WhatsApp feature, which enables companies to connect their WhatsApp account as a channel, is one of our proudest features. 

This implies that companies may easily manage calls and messages while interacting with clients via a smart inbox in real-time. 

The main goal of WhatsApp for Business is to make it possible for customers and businesses to send and receive messages, increasing engagement and bringing value to the company. 

This fundamental feature is what draws so many companies and clients to the platform, which explains why it is a key area of development for the solution.

What exactly are customer satisfaction surveys used for?

Why should you use WhatsApp to send surveys?

WhatsApp to send surveys
WhatsApp to send surveys

There are several advantages of sending a survey on WhatsApp in addition to the fact that it is utilized by everyone.

Let's discuss a few.

1. Increased response time

You may distribute your survey to tens of thousands of individuals with only a few clicks. Additionally, since many people use WhatsApp constantly, sharing your survey increases the likelihood that you'll receive prompt feedback. 

This increases the response rate.

2. Modular questionnaire

Any style of question can have a variety of question types.

For instance, the questionnaire may be a grid or listicle, or you could just converse with them and deliver the appropriate question type.

To make your quiz more interactive, you can also add images and emoticons. 

But make sure your inquiries are brief and uncomplicated.

3. Reasonable price

In comparison to CATI surveys, WhatsApp surveys are less expensive to send. For instance, CATI surveys in the auto industry cost $5–$10 for each interview. 

Conversely, WhatsApp surveys allow you to collect feedback from the same sample for 70% less money.

Advice on How to Make a Survey on WhatsApp

You can use the advice we've gathered to improve your WhatsApp survey. 

Utilize them to increase response rates and generate interest in your survey.

Utilising the WhatsApp Business API's interactive messages

To enhance communication between parties, WhatsApp Business recently created capabilities including interactive messages.

Companies could only send text or multimedia files to their list before the development of this sort of messaging. 

Alternatively, they can now send out templates to which the receiver can quickly respond by tapping.

See where we're heading, don't you?

If you have the WhatsApp Business API, running a customer satisfaction survey is made incredibly simple by these interactive messages.

Utilize the opportunity for feedback when you communicate your goal. 

For instance, when you write to confirm the delivery of your shipment, inquire about the level of service, timeliness, or comfort at the reception.

If you execute it correctly, you will enhance the customer experience and get insightful data to advance your service.

Check the guidelines for message templates on WhatsApp before conducting this kind of poll, as they must first receive company approval.

With a WhatsApp Business chatbot

A chatbot, which enables you to construct dialogues with your consumers, including surveys, is the ideal way to conduct a survey on WhatsApp that provides you precise hints about the course your actions should take.

Of course, as we previously stated, you'll need the WhatsApp Business API and the assistance of a BSP (Business Solution Provider) to accomplish this.

When setting up your chatbot, consider the various directions the conversation could go when configuring the satisfaction survey's questions. 

As we've already indicated, a competent WhatsApp Business chatbot can modify the survey to suit the person on the other end.

You now need to consider the guidelines for using WhatsApp for sales and marketing activities. 

It's possible that you already use WhatsApp Business and fully understand what we're talking about.

WhatsApp surveys' advantages for enhancing customer service and sales

The advantages of conducting a survey using WhatsApp are found in its core capabilities:

What use would it be to have customer input from weeks or months ago if it wasn't immediate? Well, not much, to make quick decisions. 

When a customer completes a survey on WhatsApp, it is immediately delivered to their phone, allowing them to respond in a flash.

The rate of reading and opening is "measurable with WhatsApp Business" because individuals today use WhatsApp as their primary means of communication, and as a result, we read practically all of the messages we get throughout the day.

the interaction that can be attained through a BSP like ChatDaddy and that is made possible by The chatbots provided by the WhatsApp Business API. 

An effective chatbot may survey in a conversational mode, which produces more accurate results than a one-way survey.

How to distribute questionnaires to get high response rates

Distribute questionnaires to get high response rates
Distribute questionnaires to get high response rates

You've now completed a fantastic survey and are prepared to distribute it to your target audience. 

But before you click Send, have a look at the list of available distribution options below. Some of these can help you obtain better results than others, and there are a few best practices to keep in mind.

Email surveys. Email is one of the best places to start with surveys if you already have a customer base in a CRM or email marketing provider. 

A 2022 survey found that 29.55% of emails are opened on average across all businesses.

SMS surveys. You can give your consumers an automated text-based survey after they make purchases or after interacting with customer service teams if you ask them for their phone numbers (this is typical in the e-commerce sector for order monitoring) (similar to the EDF example in the previous section).

Personal tablet surveys. If your company has a physical location, you can use a tablet or smartphone device to conduct consumer surveys there. 

The key advantage of this approach is that you can collect data in real-time while having it securely stored in the cloud.

Telephone surveys. Telephone surveys are not as common as other methods, but they can still be helpful if your target market is not as interested in using technology to conduct surveys. 

You can do them in person (which can be costly in terms of hiring workers) or over the phone using a computer (CATI). According to a 2021 study, this approach generated a 30% response rate.

Postal surveys. This approach, which is similar to telephone surveys, is excellent for learning more about more elusive population groups. 

Additionally, it is simple for online retailers to send a postal survey with product deliveries (as long as you include a prepaid response envelope).

Social media. polling If your company is successful on social media, you may use the social media platform of your choosing to disseminate a survey to your audience. 

If you want to try to reach as many people as you can, this is a fantastic alternative.

QR code surveys. You can use a QR code to link to a survey both online and offline, similar to web-based surveys where you can submit a link anywhere on the internet. 

This is a smart move for companies trying to appeal to a younger market (54% of consumers utilising marketing-related QR codes were between the ages of 18 and 29).

Personal tablet surveys. If your company has a physical location, you can use a tablet or smartphone device to conduct consumer surveys there. 

The key advantage of this approach is that you can collect data in real-time while having it securely stored in the cloud.

Surveys of digital workspaces. This one is quite specialised, but many of these technologies include built-in survey features you may utilise if your company uses a digital workspace for managing brand communities (e.g., Slack, Tribe Community Platform).

To Sum It Up | How to create a WhatsApp survey to improve your sales

Customer satisfaction surveys are essential for understanding your customers' levels of satisfaction as well as for identifying loyal and dissatisfied customers.

While certain third-party survey tools are readily available, you can quickly add a Shopify app to your store. 

You won't need to look further for information because you can view your answer insights right on your Shopify dashboard in this manner.

Get in touch with ChatDaddy if you require any additional guidance.

FAQs | How to create a WhatsApp survey to improve your sales

Q: What does a customer satisfaction survey aim to accomplish?

  • Gaining knowledge of consumer behaviour
  • Become more aware of your intended audience
  • Boost product calibre
  • to create more devoted clients

Q: What ought a customer satisfaction survey's objective be?

A: Understanding how a customer feels about various aspects of your organisation and its products is the aim of customer satisfaction surveys.

Q: What inquiries ought I include in a customer survey?

A: You should include the following inquiries in your customer surveys:

  • What can we do to serve you better?
  • Which products do you want us to offer?
  • What are your main obstacles?
  • How does this item aid you in achieving your objectives?
  • What about this product do you like best?

Q: How do I make a WhatsApp survey?

A: Send the word "Create" and start a new chat with "Free Polls." This should begin "Step 1," where you need to enter your query, automatically. Enter your unique query and click Send. The bot will now ask you to specify how many choices to include in your poll.

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