Create WhatsApp Business Broadcast List for Effective Promotion
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May 24, 2023

Create WhatsApp Business Broadcast List for Effective Promotion

Learn how to make a broadcast list on WhatsApp Business to promote your products and services to a wider audience and help you reach potential customers easily. Start now!

The idea of broadcast messaging is neither novel nor difficult to comprehend; it simply refers to the need to reach as many individuals as possible in the shortest amount of time. Marketers would undoubtedly consider using it for promotional messages, and customers will at away imagine getting a deluge of Christmas congratulations from friends and family. While this is true, there are other uses for the broadcast function as well, such as notifying the public of emergencies or transmitting severe weather alerts.

service announcements Notifications of orders. 

Updates on shipping. 

The majority of firms are used to sending these automated emails. 

They've always done things this way. Never alter a successful team, right?

However, over the past few years, a sizable portion of client contact has moved away from email and into messaging apps like WhatsApp Business API. 

It's a quicker and more practical approach for customers to interact with brands. Businesses had to continue using email because WhatsApp Business did not, until recently, support outbound messaging.

In this blog post, we'll talk about What a business WhatsApp broadcast message entails in detail.

What does a business WhatsApp broadcast message entail?

A WhatsApp broadcast message is sent simultaneously from one WhatsApp user to many other phone numbers. 

The message gets transmitted, but the recipient is unaware of it because it appears that you are speaking in a group to them. 

The communication will be delivered to them privately. Initially solely available to consumers, WhatsApp broadcast is now also accessible to businesses.

Businesses that use the WhatsApp Business API now have a unique opportunity. 

Previously, those companies could only reply to incoming communications. 

They can now send outbound messages as well thanks to broadcasting messaging.

Without a doubt, it's crucial to reach as many people as possible in the shortest period, but the real challenge is making sure that the recipients are exposed to the message via a trustworthy channel. 

Governments and public organizations typically use SMS to convey messages through the major network providers when they need to alert the public urgently. 

However, the emphasis and strategies are different when it comes to promotional marketing.

A broadcast message will display as a private message from you in your chat with them, unlike WhatsApp groups. 

Any responses will also arrive in these private chats and won't be visible to anybody else on the list.

How do I broadcast on WhatsApp?

Broadcast on WhatsApp
Broadcast on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp Broadcast tool is easy to use and understand.

  • Making a list of the people you wish to send the message to is the first step.
  • Next, choose "New Broadcast" from the three dots in WhatsApp's upper right corner.
  • Your broadcast list will then be ready when you have chosen the contacts you wish to include.
  • Go to the list's chat box and type your message there to send it to everyone on the list.
  • It will show up as a private message in the individual chats you have with the recipients, as you can see below.

How to use the WhatsApp Business App to deliver broadcast messages

You can start broadcasting messages using the WhatsApp Business App's restricted broadcast capability if you run a small business with one or two employees to respond to your customers' questions.

Make a broadcast list first

The benefit of generating a broadcast list is that you can construct an infinite number of broadcast lists and finely segment your consumer base.

However, keep in mind that only 256 persons can be added to each list at a time. 

You can send a message to up to 256 individuals at once by segmenting your customers into lists, and the recipients will receive a broadcast message that appears to be a personal message from you right in their chat.

However, sending numerous messages at once is strongly discouraged as it may lead to the blocking of your account.

  • "Broadcast List" can be tapped.
  • Click "New List"
  • Choose the clients you want to include on the list.

Making use of WhatsApp Labels

Adding labels is a fantastic way to divide up your clientele. 

The nicest feature of WhatsApp's labels is the ability to add them to specific message bubbles. 

For instance, you can label all good reviews and examine them simultaneously. This will enable you to post the reviews on social media by simply screenshotting them.

In addition, you may label client recommendations and evaluate them all at once to make changes.

Additionally, you can use labels to make broadcast lists for particular clients. 

For instance, you might categorize every client who has given your company a positive review and add them to a mailing list so you can send them a thank-you offer. 

Additionally, you can apply labels to clients who have not paid and remind them to do so!

  • Making broadcast lists from Labels step-by-step (Android)
  • Select "More Options"
  • Choose Labels
  • Select the Label for your Broadcast List from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on More Options, then choose "Send Broadcast".
  • Start drafting by clicking the green checkmark in the bottom right corner of the page.

Why WhatsApp Broadcast Is Important For Your Business

WhatsApp Broadcast Is Important For Your Business
WhatsApp Broadcast Is Important For Your Business

The fact that WhatsApp Broadcast allows for one-on-one conversations with clients when they reply to your broadcast is just one of many reasons why it's a terrific channel for your business. 

It also has greater deliverability and read rates than other channels like email.

The following are the main justifications for using WhatsApp Broadcasts:

Cause 1

You can avoid breaking your wrist by using WhatsApp Broadcast instead of repeatedly typing the same message in several chats. 

You can send a single message to everyone. 

It's the ideal technique to let your customers know about a sale or to inform them of newly restocked items.

Cause 2

But I can't send messages to everyone at once in groups, can I? enquired Sam, our intern. 

Broadcasts, however, are superior. 

A bcc on an email is similar to a broadcast message. 

You don't need to be concerned that contacts on the list may see another person's contact details or responses. 

They remain secret.

Cause 3

Because broadcast has a high open rate, is simple to use, and is well-liked by all generations, your one-time communication can naturally grow into a conversation. 

Their presence in more than 100 countries and two billion users (source) demonstrate this.

Cause 4

Unlike emails, there is no spam folder! Isn't that pleasant to hear music? No algorithm in WhatsApp Broadcast will route your message to the spam bin. 

Even if you are not a Nigerian prince giving his treasure chest, 100% email deliverability is unheard of.

Cause 5 

The use of it is free. The number of subscribers on your list determines no recurring charges or invoicing. 

Before spending money on emails or advertising, it can be a good idea to test out your communication approach and offerings.

Cause 6

Depending on the interests, preferences, or previous purchasing patterns of your clients, you can use labels to construct several broadcast lists. 

This will assist you in developing an interested audience and sending targeted messaging.

An instruction manual for SMEs and larger companies utilizing the WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API
WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API is the ideal solution for SMBs and Business enterprises. You must utilize a smart messaging platform like ChatDaddy to use the WhatsApp Business API. 

From there, it only takes you around 10 minutes to get the API up and running.

You can get around the restrictions that come with the default app by using the WhatsApp Business API. 

The following are the key advantages of utilizing the API:

  • Send daily broadcasts via WhatsApp to an audience of 800 individuals.
  • With numerous users, manage incoming WhatsApp messages.
  • Chatbots, auto-replies, and quick-replies can be used to automate responding to incoming messages.

You must utilize template messages if you want to send a broadcast message using the API. Before you may send out template messages, WhatsApp must first authorize them. 

They will determine whether the messages comply with their commerce policy. 

With placeholders for [name], [company name], [order number], and other information, the templates can be customised.

All you need for your business is the WhatsApp Business app

Everything depends on how you want to use it. Let me clarify.

You probably know 100–200 of your customers if your small or local business is successful using the WhatsApp Business app. 

Your WhatsApp Business number is probably certainly kept in their contact list.

The majority of them should be receptive to hearing the message you wish to deliver, therefore you can use the WhatsApp Business broadcast list in this situation.

If you run a consolidated, medium to a large firm with more than 200 clients, you must already have decided that utilising the WhatsApp Business app to send messages is not your thing.

The WhatsApp Business API has the following advantages: 

Your WhatsApp account will be displayed as a business account.

Even if your phone number is not saved, your business name and logo will be displayed at the beginning of every chat for the benefit of your clients.

Customers will be more satisfied when they receive individualised, pertinent communications because they must opt-in to receive broadcast messages.

To gain the verified "green tick" on WhatsApp and build confidence with both new and existing users, apply for authentication.

Customers may immediately view your company profile and other crucial details like branch addresses and service hours by clicking on your business account.

The WhatsApp Business API offers more options to engage in deeper dialogues with customers through WhatsApp conversations, which is fantastic for both marketers and customer support and service workers. 

This can be accomplished by delivering clients timely, personalised messages and offers, as well as having the ability to perform quick surveys and offer real-time customer support.

Concluding Remarks | How to Make Broadcast List on WhatsApp Business to promote your business

Whatsapp Broadcast is a fantastic function, especially for internet enterprises with a pressing need to communicate with many people at once. 

It can be used to deliver promotional messages to your clients, company news to your staff, and many other things. 

While Whatsapp Broadcast might be useful, there are drawbacks as well. 

For instance, if you utilise this functionality often, there is a good probability that you may be flagged as spam. learning the appropriate and efficient use of WhatsApp Broadcast. 

Book a demo with ChatDaddy, if you want to need further guidance.

FAQs | How to Make Broadcast List on WhatsApp Business to promote your business

Q: How can you add several contacts to your WhatsApp broadcast list?

A: You can compile a list of the contacts with whom you've recently messaged or upload your contact list to include them in the WhatsApp broadcast list.

Q: To how many contacts may a WhatsApp broadcast be added?

A: You can add a maximum of 256 people to your broadcast list if you use the regular WhatsApp app or WhatsApp Business.

Q: In WhatsApp Broadcast, how can I export every contact?

A: You may easily submit a CSV file containing your customers' phone numbers to ChatDaddyt. A minimum of two columns should be present in your CSV: country code and phone number.

Q: How can I make a broadcast list for WhatsApp?

A: Android

  • On your phone, launch WhatsApp.
  • Click More options in the top right corner after that.
  • Click on "New broadcast" now.
  • You can either look for or pick the contacts you want to add.
  • Lastly, click the checkbox.

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