Guide on How to Sell Using WhatsApp | Boost Your Sales Now
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May 16, 2023

Guide on How to Sell Using WhatsApp | Boost Your Sales Now

Discover the ultimate guide on how to sell using WhatsApp and take your sales to the next level. Our step-by-step guide is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Start boosting your sales now!

WhatsApp is a potent marketing tool that far too many companies overlook. 

WhatsApp is used by over 2 billion people, but many marketers and consumers are unaware of its purpose or how to use it. 

So, what exactly is WhatsApp?

You may integrate WhatsApp, a potent messaging platform, into your current (or future) customer service strategy for significant rewards. 

Your phone number is connected to a WhatsApp account, personal or professional. 

With the appropriate settings, you can read your text messages, Facebook messages, and WhatsApp communications all in one location because Meta (formerly Facebook) owns and manages the app.

Small business owners were given top priority when developing WhatsApp businesses. 

It can assist you in building relationships with your clients and providing them with quick, individualized support.

We'll discuss why it could be a smart idea to include a WhatsApp Business account in your brand's social media strategy if you haven't already.

Here are a few key facts about WhatsApp to help you understand why you should use this potent network.

  • The United States accounts for just 26 million monthly users, yet this software is ideal for a global audience.
  • More than half of the 68 million active American users of WhatsApp do so daily.
  • Every day, 100 billion messages are sent through the WhatsApp network.
  • Another choice for voice and video calling is WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp users range in age from 18 to 25, with the majority being between the ages of 18 and 22.
  • There are currently 5 million businesses using WhatsApp.

Despite not being designed from the start as a marketing tool, businesses can use WhatsApp to promote their goods and/or services. 

There are several marketing opportunities provided by this platform, including the opportunity for writers to sell electronic books and the capacity for photographers to sell prints of their work. 

So let's explore how and what WhatsApp marketing can be used for.

In this blog post, we provide you with advice on how to use WhatsApp to develop successful marketing and sales campaigns and, ultimately, increase your sales by utilizing this channel's potential.

Why companies should start using WhatsApp for sales

Let's discuss figures. 

Businesses who utilize WhatsApp for sales can:

  • 20% of consumer conversations on WhatsApp should result in purchases.
  • 10% more customers should be added.
  • 15% more sales overall are desired.
  • contact with new clients by 40% more

One of the most significant communication channels in the world today is WhatsApp. 

It currently has a user base of over 2 billion active users.

In recent years, customers have gotten used to conversing with businesses via the app as well. And with excellent outcomes. 

WhatsApp conversations are quick, practical, and casual. allowing you the chance to develop a personal relationship with your client.

And in sales, having a solid rapport with your clients is crucial.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business: What is it?

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

Similar to WeChat or Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp is a messaging program.

You can communicate with other WhatsApp users via the mobile app, which leverages the phone's Internet connection, giving it a more economical option than international calling or texting.

When WhatsApp first debuted in 2009 as a standalone messaging service, Facebook purchased it in 2014. In 2021, Facebook is still the owner.

For either personal or professional purposes, people use WhatsApp because

  • It's unpaid. The only fees you might incur are for data roaming.
  • It is dependable. You can use WhatsApp to talk to anyone all over the world as long as you have mobile data or wi-fi access.
  • It is extensively offered. There are 180 nations with active WhatsApp users.
  • Not just texting, either. You can share photographs, videos, documents, and your location with WhatsApp in addition to sending voice messages, making calls, and making video calls.

If you want to use WhatsApp to expand your business, you'll need the WhatsApp Business app and account. 

The business app can be downloaded and set up similarly to the personal version by following the on-screen instructions. 

just keeps in mind that you won't need to use the same phone number you use for your account.

What WhatsApp Business allows and prohibits

WhatsApp Business offers more than just a method for disseminating broadcast messages to specified customer groups. 

It may be a potent message tool that combines broadcast messaging, online messaging, and Facebook messaging into one dynamic bundle. 

To speed up customer service, several of these elements can even be automated.

The following are some of the most well-liked WhatsApp for business features:

  • One-touch prompt responses
  • Messages are sent automatically based on the type of communication received
  • and the capacity to categorize or segment your contacts and clients according to any criterion you specify.
  • creating catalog contact may use to place orders 

It's vital to remember that WhatsApp interactions should be handled just like any other business communications. 

Sending messages to your consumers or potential customers should be authorized. 

If they are on a no-call or no-text list, you shouldn't contact them unless they agree to receive text or message notifications from you. 

Make sure you only send them messages they have selected to receive after they subscribe.

How to create a WhatsApp Business account and use the app

Create A WhatsApp Business Account
Create A WhatsApp Business Account

The same as you did for your account, you will download and set up your WhatsApp business account. However, compared to your personal WhatsApp profile, your business profile will be far more thorough. 

Additionally, there are several other features that you can configure. 

WhatsApp makes this simple, however, ChatDaddy is pleased to help if you require any more support or need help connecting your e-commerce site.

What to put on your company profile

It's crucial to fill out every field in the business profile, even if some of the questions don't apply to you, your company, or your range of goods and services.

Your contacts will be able to recognize you and your brand more easily the more information you provide in your business profile. 

If you want to increase conversions, this is essential.

You will be able to fill up some of the following fields:

  • Call-in number (must be different from personal account)
  • Services and goods (catalog features available)
  • Address, website, and contact details for the business
  • hours of operation or hours during which messages can be sent
  • A detailed description of your company (no more than 225 characters, including 


How to create multiple user WhatsApp Business accounts

Make sure to set up the account with a general phone number for the company rather than your work number if you want to create a WhatsApp Business account that several people in your organization may use. 

Others can send and receive messages using the same apps installed on other devices by doing and utilizing security measures to communicate with people who need to know the information.

How to set up a WhatsApp on-site conversation

A wonderful approach to adding live chat to your website is through WhatsApp.

Different team members can be assigned to various shifts so that someone is always logged into the synchronized WhatsApp Business app to handle messages as they come in. 

A visitor to your website can use automatic answers to subscribe, arrange an appointment, or seek more information without speaking to a live person.

How to utilize WhatsApp for business profitably

Several factors need to be taken into account if you want to start selling on WhatsApp. 

You'll discover four success factors listed below.

Install the WhatsApp Business application.

WhatsApp Business was created to assist businesses in setting up a business profile on the app and is available for free download from the Play Store. 

Its features and interface are extremely similar to those of the standard app version.

Establish a business page.

WhatsApp For Business Profitably
WhatsApp For Business Profitably

It is necessary to remember that you cannot use the same phone number you already use for WhatsApp API and must instead purchase a new one that will be reserved especially for your business once you have downloaded and installed the app on your smartphone.

Once the app is launched, you will be prompted to provide your phone number for verification and select the name of your company.

You must: modify your WhatsApp business profile.

1) Launch WhatsApp Business and select Settings > Company Settings > Profile from the menu.

2) In the upper right corner, select "Edit."

3) Make changes to the fields and save them.

Build connections

There are several such stores in my neighborhood besides the one I just mentioned to you. They are all selling the same thing and there are at least four of them. 

I still go to the Nightshop regularly.

That's because I value friendly, attentive service, and many other customers feel the same way. 

According to research, personal customer service increases the likelihood that 65% of today's consumers will make a purchase.

The key is speed.

The world is at our feet as consumers. 

We have access to anything we desire with the push of a mouse. 

Click now and get tomorrow's delivery of a new dishwasher, a goldfish, or a lawnmower.

We have it good. And when it comes to consumer communication, we demand the same rapid response time. 

We anticipate responses from businesses to be as quick as those from our friends on WhatsApp. 

Even if those businesses are closed, severely understaffed, or just occupied.

All the fun of using WhatsApp as a consumer contact channel is lost the moment the chat begins to feel like an email exchange. 

The trick is to make it short and conversational.

Utilize a mobile device for work

You need to consider the practical aspects of selling on WhatsApp even before you develop your content strategies.

Having a mobile device and a phone number used just for business is the first need for using this app in your place of business.

It may sound apparent, but it's crucial to keep business and personal affairs distinct, and utilizing WhatsApp doesn't change this.

Consider a scenario in which you lack a corporate or company number.

After hours, your clients will likely phone or message you, which could interfere with your personal life.

Additionally, if this distinction is not evident, you risk sending a customer a private message or a family member or friend a business message by accident.

Having a mobile device with a dedicated business number has many benefits, one of which is the ability to delegate the WhatsApp sales role to other employees.

You probably don't want your coworkers to be able to listen in on your discussions on this app if you're using a private number.

Utilize WhatsApp Web.

You can access your app account from your PC using WhatsApp Web, an extension to the mobile app, in addition to the mobile device.

Simply browse the WhatsApp Web page on your mobile device when it is online and place it close to the computer you are using to scan the QR Code that will show.

We advise you to stay connected to a Wi-Fi network so that you can consume less data and benefit from more stable apps.

The best part of using WhatsApp Web is that you or a designated person may send messages and make purchases on the program using a computer, which makes the selling on WhatsApp mission much simpler.

In addition to making it simpler to access additional business channels while sending messages to your consumers, you can avoid typical typing errors as a result.


You need the appropriate automation if you want to work quickly and efficiently. 

You may save time by using the correct automation to provide your consumers with the individualized care they desire. 

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Quick responses: To rapidly address frequently asked questions, use templated messages. For ideas, look at these quick reply templates.
  • Set up an auto-reply to ensure that your customers receive a prompt response even if you are unavailable or just unable to respond quickly. Use some of our templates and learn how to build them here.
  • Chatbots: Setting up a WhatsApp chatbot is the ultimate scam.

Broadcast campaigns should be made and sent.

Campaigns and broadcasts directed at your current or prospective customers can help increase brand recognition and increase sales. 

You can design one-time or recurrent campaigns with certain audiences in mind depending on the circumstances and client attributes.

Send messages to customers informing them of sales and promotions, alerts for new or back-in-stock items, new products, etc.

With interactive message components like CTAs and Quick Reply buttons, videos, photos, and similar elements, you may increase the effectiveness of your campaign. Even better, you may send catalog messages that let the recipient choose from up to 30 items in your company's inventory.

Making your clients aware of your existence on WhatsApp is easy with campaigns and broadcasts.

Publicize your WhatsApp account.

People need to know your WhatsApp number, as we discussed in the last topic, to read your messages.

As a result, you must promote this new sales technique through all of your audience's means of contact.

Your contact information should be included on your website, blog, and social media accounts, and, if necessary, an email marketing campaign should be created to promote it. Here, it's crucial to communicate with as many individuals as you can.

You provide your users the choice of adding your number when you advertise your contact details.

However, you must make it obvious upfront which kind of content you will be providing through the communication channel for people to make this choice.

The only issue with this tactic is that if someone doesn't send you a message, you won't be able to see who added you on WhatsApp.

Therefore, be sure to ask users to send a message confirming their registration on the communication channel when you advertise your number. 

This will enable you to communicate with these fresh contacts and add them to a broadcast list.

This is why having a company number is crucial. 

Just try to picture doing this with your phone number.

Make broadcasting lists

Do you recall how we instructed you to add the name of the product users are interested in (if you have more than one product) to their names?

When you build a broadcast list to sell on WhatsApp, this will be quite helpful.

Lists are fantastic because they allow you to save time, especially when more than one person needs to get the same content.

The disadvantage of this approach is that it prevents you from reaching those who haven't saved your contact information on their mobile device. 

For interested consumers to save their contact information, it is crucial to publicize your phone number in advance.

By separating your contacts into those who have already made a purchase and those who haven't, you can make lists much more quickly. 

However, you can go beyond this to make your information more pertinent.

Make a messaging calendar.

Selling on WhatsApp involves planning, just like any advertising approach does, especially if you have multiple broadcast lists.

Make a timetable so that you won't be perplexed when messaging. 

By doing this, you may arrange yourself and determine in advance which content and when to deliver it to each list.

Additionally, by preparing ahead, you'll avoid sending the same message more than once.

You may think about the type of content to send based on where individuals are in the sales funnel by creating a schedule.

WhatsApp should be used to promote your company's presence both online and offline.

You must now ensure that customers can locate you. 

You can't be found on WhatsApp by name or location; instead, your consumers will need to know your phone number to get in touch with you.

You can do it offline at your physical location by printing the number on your sign and receipts, or online using a click-to-chat widget on your website, Facebook page, or Google My Business page.

Utilize CRM software along with WhatsApp

The customer relationship management (CRM) software will assist you to handle discussions and leads once you've developed your WhatsApp sales strategy.

You might link WhatsApp to a CRM like Hubspot or Salesforce, for instance (or whichever one you currently use). 

From there, you can build detailed profiles of your customers and learn more about their interactions with your company.

Did they use WhatsApp to enter your sales funnel? 

After subscribing to your email newsletter, did they convert? 

How long had they been a paid client? By connecting WhatsApp (and other communication channels) to your CRM, you'll be able to respond to these inquiries and more.

Additionally, by combining WhatsApp with a CRM, you may

  • To increase sales, simplify the sales process.
  • Offer simple post-purchase assistance.
  • Use marketing automation to draw in and keep customers.

Although there are many CRM software choices, choose one that makes WhatsApp more usable. 

For instance, using WhatsApp across teams is made simpler by CRM software that is cloud-friendly. 

Without a CRM, you must log in using the desktop WhatsApp client, which could be challenging if numerous staff members are attempting to log in to the same account.

Other recommendations for WhatsApp for Business

  • The consensus among the 500 million WhatsApp users is that you should change your status frequently so that your customers know when to expect a response.
  • To automate much of the process, look at the free WhatsApp plugins and widgets for your Ecwid online store.
  • Segregate your contacts into various groups so you can more effectively target your potential clients.
  • To simply track outcomes, use distinct landing pages on your website for various promotions or message kinds.
  • Communication that is frequent but inconspicuous maintains your brand in front of their minds.
  • As a record of your interactions with clients or customers, save your WhatsApp discussions. This document can be crucial if there is a disagreement.

Concluding Remarks | How to sell by WhatsApp 

This tool makes it simple to manage the WhatsApp contact list for your company. 

Use it to connect with someone on WhatsApp without adding them as formal contracts, consolidate duplicate contacts, and import WhatsApp contacts into your iPhone.

There you have it, then! You now understand why WhatsApp may be an excellent tool for your company. 

Remember that messaging services like WhatsApp Business are excellent tools for enhancing customer service and enhancing team communications.

With ChatDaddy, you can quickly create a productive social media customer service system. From a single dashboard, answer inquiries and grievances, generate tickets from social media interactions, and interact with chatbots. 

Today, try it for free.

FAQs | How to sell by WhatsApp 

Q: How can I make it so that my customers can find me on WhatsApp Business?

A: Since it is impossible to search for someone on WhatsApp by name or location, you must make sure to give your consumers your WhatsApp Business number so they may contact you, for instance using a website widget.

Q: How should a sales message be written for WhatsApp?

A: Thank devoted clients with the following sample of a WhatsApp marketing message: "Hello [customer name], we wanted to give you first access to our new product drop, which launches at [time] tomorrow. Please let us know whether you'd want us to reserve one for you since the [product] is only available in a limited quantity. Reserve yours right away.

Q: How can I begin selling on WhatsApp?

A: Download the WhatsApp Business app and set up your company profile to start selling on WhatsApp. Set your opening hours, a salutation, and a summary of your company following that.

Q: How can I request a WhatsApp order from a customer?

A: Avail of WhatsApp Open the chat window or the company profile of the merchant you want to buy from. To access their catalog, tap the shopping icon next to the company name. Peruse the available goods

Q: Who is the target market for WhatsApp?

A: According to Statista, 66% of the US WhatsApp audience is between the ages of 15 and 45. In terms of shopping, this enables you to build relationships with a young and engaged audience. High user involvement is provided. About 58% of users worldwide, according to Statista, check WhatsApp a few times every day.

Q: WhatsApp e-commerce: What is it?

A: 2019 saw the introduction of a new purchasing button on WhatsApp Business, the messaging service owned by Facebook that lets users peruse a company's catalog. People can observe a storefront symbol next to the company name with this function.

Q: Why is WhatsApp Business crucial?

A: WhatsApp Business offers capabilities to automate, sort, and swiftly respond to messages, which makes communicating with customers simple. Additionally, it's designed to function and feel exactly like WhatsApp Messenger. Everything you're used to doing, like messaging and sharing images, can be done with it.

Q: Why is WhatsApp so well-liked?

A: WhatsApp's inexpensive cost of use was primarily responsible for its rise to ubiquity in many areas. When text messaging first gained popularity, several nations' phone companies charged per message or had message-sending limits.

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