How to Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp | Step-by-Step Guide
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March 18, 2024

How to Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp | Step-by-Step Guide

Want to send bulk messages on WhatsApp? Our step-by-step guide will teach you how to do it easily and efficiently. Save time and effort by sending messages to multiple contacts at once.

Service announcements Notifications of orders. Updates on shipping. The majority of firms are used to sending these automated emails. They've always done things this way.

However, over the past few years, a sizable portion of client contact has moved away from email and into messaging apps like WhatsApp Business.

It's a quicker and more practical approach for customers to interact with brands.

Businesses had to continue using email because WhatsApp Business did not, until recently, support outbound messaging.

But thanks to WhatsApp Business broadcast messages, everything is changing.

You can contact several consumers at once by sending a WhatsApp Broadcast message. Whether you want to send out a service update, advertise a new product, or let clients know about a discount.

By doing this, you may communicate with your clients using the method they prefer.

This blog post will go into great detail regarding everything.

Micro and Small Businesses Guide to Sending Bulk Messages on WhatsApp

Micro and Small Businesses Guide to Sending Bulk Messages on WhatsApp

Both WhatsApp Business App and API support bulk messaging.

For micro and small businesses, the WhatsApp Business App usually works fine.

It is cost-free, simple to use, and doesn't require any additional software to transmit broadcasts.

How can I make WhatsApp Business App bulk messages?

  • Launch WhatsApp for Business.
  • Go to the Chat screen and select New List from the menu.
  • You can either press the Plus button to choose the recipients from your contact list or type the names of the people you want to send the message to.
  • Click OK.
  • Click "Create"

Due to the app's restriction of 256 contacts per bulk message, the WhatsApp Business app is not a practical choice for medium or significant businesses.

The WhatsApp API is the best option if you are an SME or business wishing to send a WhatsApp mass message.

As I previously said, using the WhatsApp Business app has some restrictions.

The first restriction is that you can only send a broadcast message to contacts who have saved you on their phone when using the WhatsApp Business app.

Additionally, you can only choose up to 256 contacts for your broadcast list.

The program also only allows up to four users at a time and has few possibilities for automation.

Again, if you operate a small business with just one or two people, this should be OK.

How SMEs and Businesses Can Send Multiple Messages at Once on WhatsApp

You can send a WhatsApp mass message to a much broader audience using the WhatsApp API without being constrained to 256 contacts.

Additionally, it has sophisticated capabilities like broadcast scheduling and multi-user functionality.

A WhatsApp API account and business messaging software are required in order to send a WhatsApp bulk message using the API.

You can purchase a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) account or a direct account through Meta.

Companies must utilize a Message Template using the WhatsApp API to send a WhatsApp bulk message, which may contain non-transactional material.

They must, however, adhere to WhatsApp's Business and Commerce standards.

Your ability to send messages may be impacted if you violate WhatsApp policies.

Use cases for WhatsApp Business Broadcasting

Use cases for WhatsApp Business Broadcast

I've provided a few helpful examples below to give you a better sense of how you can use WhatsApp Business broadcasting:

  • Send WhatsApp newsletters to your clients who have opted in to learn the newest information about your business or items.
  • Send notifications to ticket holders for competitions about schedule changes, cancellations, or other news regarding games or matches.
  • Provide clients with status updates when your website is down due to problems or scheduled maintenance.
  • Back-in-stock notices: Inform clients that the item they had earlier sought is once again available.
  • Send consumers information about gate changes, hotel check-in hours, or the color of their tour guide's attire when they arrive at the meeting location.

How to Broadcast a WhatsApp Message for Business

Through the WhatsApp API and WhatsApp Business app, you may send WhatsApp broadcast messages.

Small businesses with a few staff and few clients frequently use the standard WhatsApp Business app.

Larger businesses might be better off using the WhatsApp Business API instead of the app due to a few restrictions that make it unsuitable for them.

WhatsApp Broadcast Message Examples for Different Conditions

It's time for some creative ideas now that you are fully informed on what a broadcast message is and how to apply it.

Examples of WhatsApp broadcast messages that you can copy and use for your company are provided below.

Keep in mind that every variable in brackets can be customized by the sender.

Use those settings carefully since WhatsApp must authorize these templates before you can use them.

Booking confirmation

Customers value getting an instant confirmation of their order.

Therefore, if you put up an automated and scheduled confirmation message, you're sure to deal with many inquiries concerning successful payments, etc., beforehand.

  • Sample

Hello [name], delighted to inform you that it has been confirmed! On [day], we can't wait to meet you.

We appreciate your reservation at Hotel [name]. Visit [link] to view the complete details of your reservation.

Order verification

Order confirmations follow the same rules as those outlined above, of course.

Informing clients that their order was successful is a good idea.

And a fantastic opportunity to spark interest in their order.

  • Sample

Good day, [name] It's in. Your order #[order number] just arrived.

We value your stop by [name] and will send the [item] right away! Observe the price, then follow your order here: [link].

Update on flights

It can be stressful to travel.

Customers have a lot on their minds, including whether they have packed everything and whether they have taken their passports.

Sending a flight update is a fantastic approach to reassure clients and give them the impression that everything is in order.

They will leave gushing about the fantastic service.

  • Sample

Are you equipped for the journey? We are! Your [flight number] flight will take off from [gate] for [city]. Enjoy the trip!

Promotional message

At the conversion moment, you can convey one of the most significant signals.

There is a probability of upselling whenever buyers, for example, leave a shopping cart full of goods but have not yet made the purchase.

And not in a pushy way, but in a way that is beneficial.

Do they have a cocktail dress chosen?

Don't they also require shoes that match? Or do they have a record player already?

They must remember to use the proper cords to connect it, though!

  • Sample

Hello [name] We see that you spent time choosing some excellent items and adding them to your cart.

However, have you also looked at [item] and [item]? They may be useful. Before making your purchase, take a look at these things

Backorder notice

Another potential catalyst for conversion could be this. Have people browsed the newest selection or the best-selling items? Don't forget to inform them that it is once again available!

  • Sample

Greetings, [name]! Do you recall when you inquired about [product name]? happy news Back it is.

However, we haven't yet posted it on our website. Why? We felt it would only be fair to give you the opportunity to purchase it first since you informed us of your interest.

So if you're still interested, get in touch with us and let us know!

Announcement of sales

Broadcast messages are ideal for sale announcements.

You may inform a large number of clients about your impending deal in one move.

In this way, a lot of people will be paying attention to your squad!

  • Sample

Hello! In less than [time], we start our [name of promotion]! The biggest annual discounts will be applied to the purchase of all of our products. Have you prepared?

Message of reactivation

An effective prod can sometimes go a long way.

Do you thus have a group of customers who are prepared to purchase a seasonal good? Or clients who are overdue for a new manicure after having one a few weeks ago? Send them a message to reactivate.

  • Sample

Dear [name], You haven't changed your tires in [number of months] of time.

However, it is perceptible in the air.

Winter is on its way! So it's time to change to snow tires.

Please let me know if I can schedule an appointment for you this week; we still have availability!

Start Using WhatsApp broadcast Messages for Your Business

WhatsApp broadcast Messages for Business

When using WhatsApp Broadcast messages, it is simple to accomplish confirmations, updates, upsells, and reactivations, all of which have a significant impact.

You can reach a sizable portion of your audience with a message in only a few clicks.

And given that 90% of WhatsApp messages are opened, they almost certainly result in a conversion.

You want to begin as soon as possible.

For your business, request that BSP ChatDaddy set up WhatsApp Business to beat out the competition and send broadcast messages.

FAQ | How to Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp

Q: How do I use WhatsApp to send 1000 messages?

A: You must first download and install the "WhatsTool" tool from the Google Play store on your mobile device before you may send texts in bulk. The application is accessible to iOS and Android users.

Q: Does WhatsApp support group messaging?

A: Up to 800 people can receive a mass message from WhatsApp Business accounts each day. This means that audiences of 400 users, or however you wish to divide it, can get two bulk messages.

Q: How can I use WhatsApp to deliver a message to numerous people without using broadcast or groups?

A: Open the discussion you wish to forward a number of messages from in the WhatsApp app on your phone. Step 2. To select a chat message, tap and hold on it. The other messages you want to forward will then be selected when you tap them.

Q: In WhatsApp Broadcast, how can I export every contact?

A: You may easily submit a CSV file containing your customers' phone numbers to DelightChat. A minimum of two columns should be present in your CSV: country code and phone number. Here is a step-by-step procedure illustrated with screenshots in case the numbers are not formatted correctly.

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