How to Start a WhatsApp Broadcast List: Step-by-Step Guide
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May 18, 2023

How to Start a WhatsApp Broadcast List: Step-by-Step Guide

Create a WhatsApp broadcast list and reach your audience with ease. Our step-by-step guide simplifies the process, making it easy to get started. Increase your reach today!

If you are a business looking to target clients or an audience with WhatsApp Broadcast Messages, you are undoubtedly on this page.

There is a ton of free and paid programs available that promise to enable you to build a WhatsApp broadcast list and send messages to clients with a single click, but most of them are scams.

You may learn how to use WhatsApp broadcast for your business by reading this post, which will go through all of WhatsApp Broadcast's features.

A WhatsApp broadcast can be started in a few different ways. 

Let's get into more information about WhatsApp broadcasts.

WhatsApp Broadcast: What is it?

You can send routine (broadcast) messages to lists of recipients using WhatsApp broadcasts. 

While this could appear to be similar to a WhatsApp group, the main distinction is that members of the same Broadcast List cannot see each other (making it far more private and secure).

There is a sizable demographic that can be targeted for marketing with 1 billion people using the messenger app daily and 55 billion messages being sent globally. 

Utilizing the platform now is a great idea for any school marketing team, especially with WhatsApp Business on the way (we'll report more on this when it lands).

You can send a message, image, video, or other media to multiple contacts at once using WhatsApp's broadcast feature.

A broadcast message will display as a private message from you in your chat with them, unlike WhatsApp groups. 

Any responses will also arrive in these private chats and won't be visible to anybody else on the list.

Using broadcast lists

Using Broadcast Lists
Using Broadcast Lists

You can communicate with numerous of your contacts at once using the broadcast list tool. You can send broadcast messages to previously saved lists of recipients without having to pick them each time using broadcast lists.

  • Assemble a broadcast list
  1. Avail of WhatsApp
  2. On the Chats interface, tap Broadcast Lists at the very top.
  3. At the bottom of the Broadcast Lists screen, tap New List.
  4. You can either look for or pick the contacts you want to add.
  5. Click Create.

A fresh broadcast list will be made as a result. When you send a message to the broadcast list, all of the receivers on the list who have saved your phone number in their address books will receive it.

 Message recipients will receive it just like any other message.

When they respond, it will show up on your Chats screen as a normal message. 

Other recipients on the broadcast list will not receive their responses.

Notifications will only be sent to people who have added you to their phone's address book. Check to see whether your contact has added you to their address book if they are not seeing your broadcast messages.

 An example of one-to-many communication is broadcast lists.

  • Change a broadcast list
  1. Open the Broadcast Lists window.
  2. Next to the list, you wish to edit, tap the I icon.
  3. You can: in the List Info screen

You should rename your broadcast list or, 

Tap Edit list to add or delete recipients from the list.

  • Remove broadcast list 
  1. At the top of the Chats screen, tap the Broadcast Lists icon.
  2. On the broadcast list, you want to eliminate, swipe left.
  3. Press Delete.

You can also select Edit, click the "-" icon next to the list you wish to remove, and then select Delete.

How to Send a WhatsApp Broadcast?

The WhatsApp Broadcast tool is easy to use and understand.

  1. Making a list of the people you wish to send the message to is the first step.
  2. Next, choose "New Broadcast" from the three dots in WhatsApp's upper right corner.
  3. Your broadcast list will then be ready when you have chosen the contacts you wish to include.

Go to the list's chat box and type your message there to send it to everyone on the list.

It will show up as a private message in the individual chats you have with the recipients, as you can see below.

Limitations of Sending Broadcast Using WhatsApp Business App

There are several limitations with WhatsApp Broadcast, especially when using the Business app. You should be aware of the following 4 primary limitations while using the WhatsApp Business app for broadcasts:

Limitations of Sending Broadcast Using WhatsApp Business App
Limitations of Sending Broadcast
  • You can only send messages to people who have saved your phone number, so ask them to do so. Including someone's phone number in your broadcast list is insufficient. Even worse, you won't even be aware if your phone number has been saved. 
  • There can only be 256 people on one list. You'll need to make a new broadcast list once it reaches 256 distinct contacts. You will require 4 lists if you have 1000 contacts. Think about how difficult it would be to manage all of these lists if you have 50,000 connections.
  • There is no capability to export contacts. You will need to manually add each number to WhatsApp if your contacts are stored in an excel spreadsheet or have been gathered from your Shopify store. Do you have an endless supply of patience?
  • Reports and analytics are absent. The number of messages sent, read, opened, or replied to is not provided to you. It prevents you from determining with objectivity if WhatsApp is a useful communication tool for your company or not.

For These  Reasons Use WhatsApp Broadcast For Your Business

The fact that WhatsApp Broadcast allows for one-on-one conversations with clients when they reply to your broadcast is just one of many reasons why it's a terrific channel for your business. 

It also has greater deliverability and read rates than other channels like email.

Here are the top 6 reasons in favor of using WhatsApp Broadcasts:

  • You can avoid breaking your wrist by using WhatsApp Broadcast instead of repeatedly typing the same message in several chats. 

You can send a single message to everyone. It's the ideal technique to let your customers know about a sale or to inform them of newly restocked items.

  • But I can't send messages to everyone at once in groups, can I? enquired Sam, our intern. Broadcasts, however, are superior. 

A bcc on an email is similar to a broadcast message. 

You don't need to be concerned that contacts on the list may see another person's contact details or responses. They remain secret.

  • Because broadcast list on WhatsApp has a high open rate, is simple to use, and is well-liked by all generations, your one-time communication can naturally grow into a conversation.
  • Unlike emails, there is no spam folder! Isn't that pleasant to hear music? No algorithm in the Broadcast list on WhatsApp will route your message to the spam bin. 

Even if you are not a Nigerian prince giving his treasure chest, 100% email deliverability is unheard of.

  • The use of it is free. No recurring charges or invoicing are determined by the number of subscribers on your list. 

Before spending money on emails or advertising, it can be a good idea to test out your communication approach and offerings.

  • Depending on the interests, preferences, or previous purchasing patterns of your customers, you can use labels to create various broadcast lists on WhatsApp. 

This will assist you in developing an interested audience and sending targeted messaging.

Benefits of Using the Official API to Send WhatsApp Broadcast

Using the Official WhatsApp API to send broadcasts, has several benefits.

Benefits of Sending Broadcast Using WhaatsApp Business App
Benefits Of Sending Broadcast
  1. Your phone number wasn't saved in contacts? Still possible to send a broadcast

All you need to broadcast your message utilizing WhatsApp API is your audience's contact information and their valid consent (also known as opt-in) that they want to hear from you and your brand.

  1. You can message any number of people

You can send messages to up to 1000 people per day while utilizing the official WhatsApp Business API.

The message restriction just affects how many users you are trying to mail, not the total number of messages your company can send.

To broadcast to more people, a WhatsApp account must be in a higher messaging tier. 

You must send twice as many messages as are authorized in the current tier during the following seven days to get there.

Send messages to 2K people, for instance, within 7 days of the initial 1K users.

 You will go to the next tier and be able to send messages to 10K users if you are not flagged as spam, and so on.

  1. Make many logins active at once

Using software like DelightChat's WhatsApp Shared Inbox makes it possible for an unlimited number of users to login and control the same WhatsApp number thanks to the WhatsApp API.

 The distribution of tickets, marketing, and broadcasts among the team members is aided by this.

  1. Make your messages more specific at scale.

Instead of manually entering the recipients' personal information, you can personalize messages by using variables.

 A text field in a WhatsApp template that receives the relevant information automatically is known as a variable.

 For instance, if you use the greeting Hi First name and send it to 100 clients, each one will receive it along with their name.

  1. Plan messages so you don't forget to launch any campaigns.

You don't want to learn on Saturday that you completely overlooked sending out that crucial communication regarding the weekend sale.

Due to this, scheduling messages are more dependable than "remembering" to send them later after saving them as draughts.

With simply the WhatsApp business app or personal account, that is not possible.

Conclusion | Create WhatsApp Broadcast List

Data, revenue figures, and existing customer behaviors all lead to the success of the Broadcast list on WhatsApp. 

Time to take a bite out of the cake.

However, given that the technology is still very new and developing, you might be reluctant to begin.

Or you are having trouble using WhatsApp widely. It's also possible that you dislike the WhatsApp management tools you currently employ.

Connect with ChatDaddy if any of the aforementioned circumstances apply to you. 

We'll show you step-by-step how to immediately begin sending WhatsApp Broadcasts.

FAQs | Create WhatsApp Broadcast List

Q: How can the WhatsApp broadcast list be exported?

A: Your WhatsApp Broadcast list can be exported as an a.csv file when you begin a new broadcast on the WATI dashboard.

Q: Can I broadcast promotional messages using WhatsApp?

A: Yes. Sending promotional messages is now enabled thanks to WhatsApp's most recent policy modifications. Always start by making a fresh WhatsApp message template. Promotional templates used to be rejected in the past, but they are now frequently accepted.

Q: Can I add more than one contact to the WhatsApp broadcast?

A: You can add up to 256 people to your list when creating a WhatsApp Broadcast list using the normal WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business apps.

You can make a list of 1000 persons per day for your WhatsApp broadcast when you utilize WATI for broadcast.

Q: What do the various WhatsApp Broadcast phone number statuses mean?

A: You can have a Connected, Restricted, or Flagged status for a phone number.

 A phone number in a connected state can transmit transmissions without limitations.

A phone number loses quality and enters Restricted status when it sends too many messages of poor quality and users report them as spam.

Q: What is the WhatsApp broadcast process?

A: With one click, WhatsApp broadcast can send messages to numerous contacts. To begin a WhatsApp broadcast, the sender must first build a list of receivers and enter the message.

Q: To how many contacts may WhatsApp Broadcast be added?

A: Simple answer is infinite. However, you can only send messages to a total of 1000 recipients per day at first. 

The message restriction just affects how many users you are trying to mail, not the total number of messages your company can send.

A WhatsApp account must be in a higher Messaging Tier to broadcast to additional users. 

You must send twice as many messages as are authorized in the current tier during the following seven days to get there.

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