Step-by-Step Guide : How to Verify Your Facebook Business Manager Account?
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March 18, 2024

Step-by-Step Guide : How to Verify Your Facebook Business Manager Account?

Unlock the full potential of Facebook Business Manager by verifying your account with this step-by-step guide. Enhance your business's online presence and engagement today!

To assist businesses in organizing and managing their Facebook pages and advertising accounts, Facebook created Business Manager. 

We will comprehend the Facebook Business Manager account verification procedure.

In this blog post (a mandatory process to get access to WhatsApp Business APIs).

Facebook Business Manager: What is it?

With the help of Facebook Business Manager, you can manage all of your Facebook ads, advertising accounts, and pages from a single interface. 

If you use Facebook for business, Business Manager is a program designed specifically for controlling and keeping track of your enterprise's activity on the most widely used social network in the world.

Here are the top 5 advantages of hiring a business manager for your organization.

1) Control numerous pages and ad accounts simultaneously.

2) Manage and share access to your Facebook advertising accounts, pages, and other assets securely.

3) Control ads

4) Establish and maintain your Facebook pixel data.

5) Compile a thorough report on the Facebook activities of your business.

6) Control billing information and ad campaign spending caps.

7) To request access to the WhatsApp Business API, it is required.

Verification for Facebook Business Manager: What is it?

Verification for Facebook Busines Manager
Verification for Facebook Busines Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that enables companies to monitor and manage their company assets across all of Meta's platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, such as their business pages, product catalogs, etc., from one location.

Facebook has a system in place to screen out fraudulent or bogus business concerns, called the Facebook Business Manager verification, to make sure that only genuine, legitimate firms can profit from Facebook's marketing capabilities.

By confirming your company in Facebook Business Manager, you are confirming to Facebook that you genuinely run a legitimate, legally-registered business that you either own and/or represent. 

In essence, the verification establishes two facts:

  1. Your firm is legally registered with the government, has official means of contact, such as a mailing address, an official phone number, and a business email address, and is authorized to conduct business.
  2. You are legally able to represent your company, as demonstrated by your receipt of an OTP, which serves as proof of your ownership of the phone number and/or email address registered in your company's name. 

To avoid this, go through the domain verification.

In essence, the Facebook Business Manager authentication procedure verifies your company's authenticity.

Which forms of identification are required for Facebook Business Manager verification?

The documentation required for completing the Facebook Business Manager verification may change depending on where your company is headquartered.

  • Declaration of Incorporation (AKA Certificate of Registration)
  • Corporate Bylaws Goods and Services Tax (GST) Registration Permanent Account Number for the Certificate (PAN) Card Electricity/Utility Bill (sent to the registered address of your business)
  • ID Udyog Aadhar (in case your business belongs to the MSME category)
  • Certificate of Shop Establishment Business Bank Statement (should be sent to the registered business address)

The following documents should be noted as being ineligible:

  • Invoices
  • Procurement Orders
  • a tax return (filed by you or your company)
  • Self-Completed Applications
  • Promotional Material (like brochures, flyers, letterheads, etc.)

A Facebook Business Manager account's verification process

Facebook Business Manager account's verification process
Facebook Business Manager account's verification process

By using Business Manager to verify your company, you are giving Facebook the data it needs to confirm your organization's validity and existence. 

Log into your account first to start the Facebook Business Manager approval (or verification) procedure (or create a new one).

You can skip Step 1 and move straight to Step 2 if the "Verify your firm" button in the "Security Center" section is clickable.

Continue reading step 1 if you are unable to launch this procedure because the process verification button is grey.

Phase 1

You must follow the instructions below before submitting Facebook the paperwork it needs to approve your request:

1) Link the business' Facebook page (s)

Pages under Business Settings (see image below). 

By selecting the "Add" button, you can add your business's Facebook page. 

Keep in mind that adding a page requires administrator access.

2) Integrate your ad account

Then add your advertising account ID on the "Ads Accounts" tab, which is found directly beneath the "Pages" tab in the "Account" section.

3) Produce a universal app

Go to the "App" section under the "Account" section of your Facebook Business Manager account to build a generic app. 

To add or create an App ID, click "Add."

Select "other uses," then input an "app name" and a contact email address in the pop-up fields.

You'll be taken to the application dashboard once the app has been created. 

You may find the options on the left; under it, choose "Basic."

We advise that you enter an icon at this point together with the domain of the business website in the App Domains area. 

Next, select "Save changes."

You'll be able to start the process of validating your Facebook Business Manager account once you've finished these steps and unlocked the verification button in the Security Center.

Phase 2

You can click on the "Company Verification" button by going to the "Security Center" and observing that it is enabled.

You must now complete 4 sections with information about your company. For the verification of your company, you must submit one of the acceptable documents (a list of which is available here). The following 4 sections must be finished:

  • Name and location of the business.
  • Determine your industry of business.
  • Confirm your business name (by uploading one of the accepted documents).
  • Check your company's phone number or address.


1) If you use an email address connected to the domain of your website, you might get validated more quickly.

2) For company name and address verification, we advise you to include a business license and a bank statement.

After everything is finished and sent, you must wait for Facebook to approve. 

The approval process can take days or weeks to complete. 

You could be validated in a matter of minutes (Facebook tries to guarantee a response within 5 working days).

Your business manager will require this once your application has been approved by Facebook, so make sure to send all the necessary papers as clearly as you can to increase the likelihood of speedy acceptance.

WhatsApp Business API and Facebook Business Manager

Given that WhatsApp employs this method to confirm your company's identification, the verification stage of your Facebook Business Manager becomes crucial. 

It is necessary to have a confirmed Facebook Business Manager account to gain access to the WhatsApp Business API with your business.

In August 2018, WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) made the first version of its API available to allow businesses to set up a support channel over the service (Application Programming Interface).

Once your Facebook Business Manager account has been validated, you will need to have a number accessible that is not connected to an active WhatsApp account to access WhatsApp's APIs (you can use a new number or delete the WhatsApp account from your phone). 

You will want the phone number to set up your virtual line once the process of obtaining access to WhatsApp's APIs has begun.

The final step is to select the Business Solution Provider that best fits your use case to gain access to the WhatsApp Business API: 

It will be practical to use platforms like Dialog 360 if your goal is to use WhatsApp for sending notifications;

On the other hand, if your objective is to use WhatsApp to offer customer support, we advise that you first decide which platform you'll employ before completing the procedure through the selected business.

What are the advantages of Facebook business verification?

Facebook will gain from you verifying your Facebook Business Manager account.

Declare that your business is a valid corporation. For this, make sure your business is registered with the local government. 

You'll also need a valid phone number or mailing address.

Declare that you have the right to represent the company. 

Before finishing this step, you should have a verification code sent to the phone number or email address connected to your firm.

Can you apply for Facebook Business Manager verification more than once?

Apply for Facebook Business Manager verification
Apply for Facebook Business Manager verification

You have three chances to apply for the Facebook Business Manager verification procedure through Facebook. 

Facebook may stop allowing your company to apply for verification if your verification procedure fails three times in a row.

We at ChatDaddy can assist you with the onboarding process, which includes both the Facebook Business Manager account verification and the acquisition of the WhatsApp Business API, if you have already attempted (and failed) three times but still need to finish the Facebook Business Manager verification process to obtain the WhatsApp Business API.

How can you increase the likelihood that you will pass the Facebook Business Manager verification?

The following measures will increase your chances of passing the verification on your first attempt:

1. Ensure that the provided paperwork and the information on your website are pertinent and accurately reflect the type and state of your company at present. 

In other words, don't include any out-of-date information. 

You might need to change your MCA registration information first if it is out of date.

2. Facebook will ask you to specify the language in which you may be contacted in step #4 of the Facebook Business Manager verification process. 

Make sure you select the same language as the one in which your submission was made.

Does Business Verification have to be completed by every company?

Not every business needs to go through business verification. To use a specific product or feature, such as, you simply need to confirm your business if you want to.

  • Developer Features: To qualify for business verification, a company's apps must have app reviews that have started or concluded for a certain API.
  • If you are a business developer and your app has been approved for these APIs, you will receive a notification in your app dashboard inbox asking you to complete Facebook business verification.
  • Instant Games: All developers of Instant Games must complete the business verification process and submit their review applications. 

As a result, only recognized developers are permitted to distribute their games.

  • Meta Business Partners: All participants must have a verified business to take part in the program as a badged partner. 

They must have a verified business when applying, even if they currently meet all of the program requirements. 

A participant may be expelled from the program if, after acceptance, it loses its status as a verified business unless it quickly fixes the issue.

  • WhatsApp Business API: Businesses can use interactive messages, chatbots for WhatsApp, and automated replies to streamline communication. 
  • You need a confirmed Facebook business account as well as a WhatsApp business account to use the WhatsApp business API.

What distinguishes the Facebook verified badge from Facebook Business Manager verification?

The Facebook verified badge from Facebook Business Manager verification
The Facebook verified badge from Facebook Business Manager verification

Concerning the Facebook Business Manager account verification and the Facebook verified badge, there can be misunderstandings or confusion (blue tick on the Facebook page next to the name). 

For clarification, the following significant distinctions are listed:

1. Getting a "verified" emblem on your Facebook page is distinct from being confirmed by

Facebook Business Manager. 

Your Facebook Business Manager verified status is visible in the account settings for Facebook Business Manager. 

Only the business owner has access to this, though.

2. The procedure for requesting your Facebook Company Manager's verification is distinct from the procedure for requesting a verified blue checkmark on your Facebook business page. 

The latter is a necessity for many firms, whilst the former is only given to the most well-known and prosperous ones on the market. 

The specific requirements for obtaining a blue tick or "verified" badge are unknown, however, Facebook evaluates applications and assigns them ratings based on four criteria, including:

  • Genuineness: Does the applicant's profile or company page perform what it claims to do?
  • Uniqueness: Is the applicant's business or do they exclusively operate on Facebook?
  • Completeness: Does the applicant's profile or company page have all the information that is stated in their provided documents? Is something lacking?
  • Does the applicant and/or their organization have enough notoriety for Facebook to take into account confirming their account? Would the public gain from your Facebook page receiving a verified badge, in other words?

This is significantly less specific than the verification procedure for Facebook Business Manager accounts, which simply needs a few specified papers that are sufficiently detailed to be submitted to complete the verification. 

The final say on whether to award a "verified" badge belongs to Facebook alone. 

However, the following advice will help you increase your chances of getting the "Verified" symbol for your Facebook page:

  • Keep up-to-date: When awarding the Facebook verified badge, Facebook looks for accuracy and relevance. 

Therefore, you must at the very least make sure that your Facebook business page's (1) business website, (2) business e-mail address, (3) business description, and (4) business bio is updated. 

No matter how legitimate your company may be, your application for the Facebook verified badge is likely to be rejected if any of the information is out of date.

  • Develop a community since Facebook will only consider granting a "verified" badge if your company is noteworthy and/or remarkable enough to do so. Interact with your followers to achieve this. 

To engage more people, you can host a variety of activities like Q&A sessions, surveys, conversations, etc. 

This raises the likelihood that your company will receive a blue tick.

  • Be professional by ensuring that your Facebook page has a distinctive, dependable, and professional appearance. 

Facebook will be able to identify your company as a genuine and legitimate business concern as a result. 

Avoid publishing or disseminating any posts, photographs, videos, or other types of media that are either unrelated to your business or could jeopardize the credibility of your brand. 

Additionally, be careful to look for smaller issues like grammatical mistakes, poor-quality images, poor social media marketing content, etc.

  • Increasing openness will increase your chances of becoming verified; the more information you can provide about your company on Facebook, the better. 

Review your page and, to the best of your knowledge and abilities, complete the information areas. 

A few things to concentrate on are the following: (1) an overview of the firm; (2) contact information; (3) the registered business address, or addresses, if you have more than one; (4) the mission statement of the company; and (5) links to other social media accounts of the company. 

To further increase clarity, you can include additional information like company hours or working hours.

3. The verification of your Facebook Organization Manager account serves to demonstrate to Facebook that your company is a real, lawful business. 

To help the public recognize that your Facebook company page is authentic or original, you can apply for a "verified" emblem (blue tick). 

The former aids Facebook in recognizing your company, while the latter aids consumers of social media in verifying your originality.

4. Having a "verified" badge on your Facebook page does not necessarily give your company any further advantages beyond making it easier for Facebook users to recognize your business. 

However, doing so gives you access to more Facebook goods.

5. WhatsApp Business API (or WhatsApp API) verification differs from Facebook Business Manager verification. 

You must go through and successfully finish the Facebook Business Manager verification procedure to acquire the WhatsApp Business API. 

You cannot access the WhatsApp Business API without a validated Facebook Business Manager account.

Conclusion | How to verify Facebook Business Manager Account?

Don't panic if you've attempted to authenticate your Facebook Business Manager account but failed.

Alternatively, it's conceivable that the "Start Verification" button is disabled for your company. The button may not even appear in other instances.

You can seek assistance from ChatDaddy with both the Facebook Business Manager verification process and obtaining your WhatsApp Business API.

The "Start Verification" button will mysteriously appear in your FB business manager dashboard the minute after we take you to live on the WhatsApp API (in about 15 minutes).

Additionally, our team makes recommendations for the papers you should upload, increasing your chances of obtaining the FBM approved in a single go.

FAQS | How to verify Facebook Business Manager Account?

Q: Facebook Business Manager: What is it?

A: With the help of Facebook Business Manager, you can control all of your Facebook posts, advertisement pages, and accounts from a single dashboard. The tool for managing and controlling your company activity on the most widely used social network in the world is called Business Manager if you use Facebook for business.

Q: How is it possible to validate a Facebook Business Manager account?

A: By using Business Manager, you can provide Facebook with the details it needs to verify your company's existence and authenticity. You must first log into your account to begin the Facebook Business Manager approval (or check) procedure (or create a new one).

Q: Why is Facebook unable to confirm business managers?

A: Additional records needed for verification include: Please be sure that the types of paperwork you have provided are suitable. Make sure your company name is consistently present on the documents. A utility bill containing a phone number but no business name, for instance, is insufficient to verify a phone number.

Q: How can I make Facebook business verification available?

A: By heading to Security Center in Business Settings, you may begin the business verification procedure. You may view the status of your business verification in Security Center. If your app needs to go through App Review, you might also need to start business verification on the app dashboard.

Q: How long does it take for a Facebook business account to get verified?

A: Within two to three business days after you've finished the verification process, Facebook and email will inform you of your verification status. Additionally, you can check the status in your Facebook Business Manager's Business Info area or Security Center.

Q: How do you meet the criteria to have your business verified?

A: Business verification aims to confirm: Your company is a legitimate entity. You'll need to register your business with the local government, and you'll also need a business mailing or phone address. You are a duly appointed agent for your company.

Q: Are you paid for having your Facebook account verified?

A: With sponsored posts, Facebook now allows verified users to monetize. rawpixel/123RF Facebook is expanding its policy on branded content to permit users with verified profiles to profit from sponsored posts that contain advertisements.

Q: How many Facebook followers are required to be verified?

A: Aim for 500 followers or more before submitting a Facebook request for verification. Some individuals have had success creating a brand profile on Facebook using their page and soliciting support from friends.

Q: How can I get in touch with the Facebook support team?

A: Click here to access Facebook's assistance page for businesses.

Locate the "Contact our support team" area under "Still Need Help?" and click either the Chat or Email button. See below for the chat button.

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