How Whatsapp Broadcast is Building Customer Relationships in E-commerce Businesses
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August 4, 2023

How Whatsapp Broadcast is Building Customer Relationships in E-commerce Businesses

Enhance customer bonds with WhatsApp Broadcast. Explore how E-commerce businesses utilize broadcasts for stronger relationships. Learn more.

While setting up your e-commerce store, whether brick and mortar or virtual, what was the first thing on your mind? To appeal to the customer, right?. That explains why you meticulously did customer research, provided the best product in the market and here you are, client in hand. But is that the end of your efforts?

The key to success in E-commerce is building strong and lasting customer relationships. And these relationships go beyond delivering quality products and services. Your business needs to connect with it's  customers on a personal level, making them feel valued and heard.

One powerful tool that has emerged to enhance this connection is WhatsApp Broadcast. In this blog, we'll explore how E-commerce brands are leveraging this feature to improve customer relationships, and foster customer loyalty, and a step by step guide on how you can do the same.

The Importance of Customer Relationship in E-commerce

The Importance of Customer Relationship in E-commerce

Competition in the e-commerce space is fierce, and customers have an abundance of options at their fingertips. Just think about the amount of ads flashed in your face in just the past hour. So to stand out from the crowd and retain a loyal customer base, businesses must prioritize building meaningful relationships. Because satisfied and engaged customers are more likely to return for repeat purchases, refer others, and become brand advocates.

One innovative way E-commerce brands are nurturing their customer relationships is through a "new month ritual." At the start of every new month, businesses send personalized messages to their existing customers, expressing well-wishes and gratitude. This simple gesture not only shows that the company cares but also reminds customers of the positive experiences they've had with the brand.

As an ecom business you can use the avenue to ask customers to share their thoughts on the products or services they received. This feedback is invaluable as it provides insights into what's working well and what areas need improvement. By actively seeking feedback, brands demonstrate a genuine interest in meeting customer needs and enhancing their experience.

However, most e-commerce brands struggle to reach each customer with personalised messages as their manual communication process stands as a barrier.

Let's see how this challenge can be overcome with ChatDaddy WhatsApp broadcast.

We'll refer to a popular e-commerce brand in Malaysia - Lekor bites. As a growing e-commerce snack business they faced several challenges in terms of communication and customer engagement. They struggled with the manual process of sending personalized messages to customers which was time-consuming and limited their ability to reach a large number of customers effectively.

To overcome these challenges, they implemented a ChatDaddys WhatsApp automation solution that  allowed them to :

  • Send personalised promotional messaging
  • Reminder messages to customers yet to complete purchase.
  • Holiday greeting messages.

Through this they were able to improve customer experience and enhance their business efficiency.

How To Create WhatsApp Broadcast On ChatDaddy

10 Steps To Create WhatsApp Broadcast On ChatDaddy

Step 1 : Open the Chatdaddy platform

Step 2 : Click on the zero in front of automation (it will open a drop down menu)

Step 3 :  Click on broadcast

Step 4 : Click on New Broadcast menu

Step 5 : Create your own broadcast.

While creating your broadcast you have several options to segment your audience/contacts.

  1. Select in the tag option.
  2. Input individually in the select content option.
  3. Upload a CSV file.

Step 6 : Click on continue.

Step 7 : Select a broadcast name.

Step 8 : Select a message flow to send to your target contacts.

Step 9 : Click on Settings button. This will show some broadcast settings you can activate as per your requirements.

Step 10 : Click on send now or schedule it for later.

Benefits of Sending Personalised Messages to Your Customers

Building Affection and Trust

When customers receive personalized messages and feel appreciated, it builds affection and trust towards the brand. They know their voices are heard, and their opinions matter. Consequently, they are more likely to become loyal patrons and develop a strong emotional connection with the brand.

Seizing Opportunities

Beyond nurturing relationships, the new month ritual and Whatsapp Broadcast unveil another benefit for E-commerce brands: seizing opportunities. By directly engaging with customers, brands may uncover potential opportunities for improvement or innovation. Customer suggestions and ideas could lead to product enhancements or new offerings, catering to evolving needs and desires.

E-commerce brands that embrace the new month ritual and leverage the power of Whatsapp Broadcast are making significant strides in fostering loyalty, gaining valuable insights, and staying ahead of the curve. By combining the efficiency of automation with the personal touch of direct communication, these brands are building affectionate, lasting connections with their customers, setting themselves apart from competitors, and positioning themselves for continued growth in the dynamic world of E-commerce.

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