Latest Upgrades from ChatDaddy: Empowering Your WhatsApp Automation Experience
Updated On :
March 19, 2024

Latest Upgrades from ChatDaddy: Empowering Your WhatsApp Automation Experience

At ChatDaddy we're dedicated to improving your experience, which is why we're always enhancing our features. Our goal? To make sure our community of over 15,000 users gets an even better experience every day. Let's take a look at the recent additions that are here to elevate your journey.

Improved Message Flow Notes

Remember those handy message flow notes that let you add comments within your team's conversations? These notes help you share insights, highlight important points, and keep everyone on the same page.

And now, for the exciting news.

We've gone a step further. You can now attach images, descriptions, and organize your notes into categories within message flows. This visual enhancement not only boosts efficiency but also ensures quick access to the information you need, without any confusion or clutter. Go HERE for a visual guide on how to use the improved message flow notes.

Improved Message Flow Notes

Enhanced Flow Picker : Smoother Navigation

Navigating through your flows has never been easier. With improved filtering and sorting, along with a sleek new interface, finding the right flow is a breeze. This means less time searching and more time engaging with your customers. Go HERE for a visual guide on how to use the enhanced flow picker.

Enhanced Flow Picker : Smoother Navigation

Refreshed User Interface

The Broadcasting, Keyword Reply, and Notifications features have received a makeover. Now, you can enjoy a polished and intuitive user interface for these functions. The revamped layout ensures smoother communication, making customer engagement effortless.

Inbox Filter

We have enhanced our inbox filter and search functionality for you find and sort your messages faster and more effectively. Go HERE for a visual guide on how to use the updated Inox Filter.

AI ChatBot

Your AI Chatbot just got more sophisticated. You can now train it using company-specific data like websites and PDFs. Watch as it automatically handles queries, saving you time and delivering instant responses. Go HERE for a visual guide on how to use the updated AI chatbot.

What's the significance? You're stepping into the future of customer interactions with the AI ChatBot. By training it with specific company data, you enhance the credibility, relevance, and timeliness of the information it provides to your contacts.

ChatDaddy AI ChatBot

Think of it as coaching a teammate. Pretty awesome, right?

New Home Page

A Better Onboarding ExperienceIntroducing our fresh home page, designed to provide a smoother onboarding process. It's a dedicated space for new users to explore the onboarding menu, get familiar with the app, and access the dashboard and analytics seamlessly.

Closing Thoughts from ChatDaddy

As we introduce these enhancements, we're setting out to redefine how you connect with our platform. With these advanced features, we empower you to communicate more effectively with your team and customers. Embrace these upgrades and witness firsthand the evolution of customer-centric communication. Your experience matters most, and we're excited to continue delivering excellence in every interaction.

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