Oceanthree’s Success Case: Hong Kong's No. 1 Oyster Express, Drive Crazy Sales After Sending Whatsapp Broadcast
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November 7, 2023

Oceanthree’s Success Case: Hong Kong's No. 1 Oyster Express, Drive Crazy Sales After Sending Whatsapp Broadcast

Discover How OceanThree Boosted Sales with WhatsApp Automation! Learn How WhatsApp Broadcast Helped Them Drive Crazy Sales. Explore Our Success Case!

OceanThree is a household food supermarket based in Hong Kong that specializes in delivering high-end seafood ingredients from all over the world. With 9 branches and a strong online presence, OceanThree has established itself as the largest online oyster delivery shop in Hong Kong.

What Challenges Does Oceanthree Faced as Demand Grew?

Customer Inquiry Management

As demand grew, OceanThree struggled to efficiently handle a rising number of customer inquiries. This challenge required a solution to ensure timely and accurate responses, maintaining customer satisfaction.

Sales Process Efficiency

With the surge in demand, OceanThree needed to optimize their sales process to cater to a larger customer base without overburdening their resources. An effective solution was required to streamline sales operations and save time and costs. That's why they turned to ChatDaddy.

Whatsapp Automation Boosts and Improve Customer Engagement

OceanThree leveraged the power of WhatsApp automation with ChatDaddy to streamline their sales process and improve their customer engagement. They integrated the following features provided by ChatDaddy:

Automate WhatsApp Broadcasts

1. Automate WhatsApp Broadcasts

OceanThree found a valuable solution to boost customer engagement and drive sales through WhatsApp broadcasts. This feature allowed them to send targeted and personalized messages to their customers, keeping them informed about promotions and new products.

Personalized Oyster Promotion

OceanThree harnessed the power of personalized broadcasting to create a unique customer experience. For customers who had recently purchased oysters, they sent a message promoting a new type of oyster that had just become available. The message included a captivating image of the oyster and an exclusive discount offer, enticing customers to place an order.

Winning Back Dormant Customers

OceanThree effectively re-engaged with dormant customers who hadn't made a purchase in the last 6 months. Using personalized broadcasting, they offered these customers a special discount as an incentive to place an order. The message included a warm personalized greeting and a direct link to their online shop, making the re-engagement process seamless.

Showcasing Customized Recipes

For customers who had recently shown interest in a specific type of seafood, OceanThree took a creative approach by promoting a new recipe that incorporated the chosen ingredient. Through personalized broadcasting, they shared a mouthwatering image of the dish and a convenient link to the recipe, enriching the customer experience and driving further engagement.

Enhancing Customer Service with Keyword Reply Buttons

2. Enhancing Customer Service with Keyword Reply Buttons

OceanThree's success story showcases the effectiveness of using keyword reply buttons to automate their sales process and improve the overall customer experience.

Streamlining Delivery Information

OceanThree streamlined their response to a commonly asked question: "What are your delivery options?" By setting up a keyword reply, they provided customers with instant access to information. The reply included buttons for "Same-day delivery" and "Next-day delivery," allowing customers to conveniently select the delivery option that best suited their needs.

Clarity on Return Policy

OceanThree addressed another common query by setting up a keyword reply for the question "What is your return policy?" In the response, they offered a detailed explanation of the return policy and included a button for "Contact customer service." This approach ensured that customers could easily access the information they needed and reach out to customer service if they had any further questions, promoting transparency and a seamless experience.

Swift Gift Wrapping Information

To enhance customer convenience, OceanThree introduced a keyword reply for the question "Do you offer gift wrapping?" The reply featured buttons for "Yes" and "No." This simplified process allowed customers to quickly determine whether gift wrapping was available without the need to wait for a response from customer service, contributing to a more efficient and satisfying shopping experience.

Streamlined Customer Service with WhatsApp Team Inbox

3. Streamlined Customer Service with WhatsApp Team Inbox

OceanThree revolutionized their customer service operations by implementing the WhatsApp team inbox. This innovative solution enabled them to centralize all customer inquiries and orders within a single, collaborative platform, significantly enhancing their ability to respond promptly and efficiently.

Efficient Product Inquiry Management

A customer reached out to OceanThree inquiring about the availability of a particular type of seafood. With the WhatsApp team inbox, the customer service representative swiftly checked the availability and informed the customer that it was in stock. Subsequently, the representative seamlessly forwarded the inquiry to the sales team, who efficiently completed the sale and coordinated the delivery.

Streamlined Order Coordination

When a customer placed an order for seafood delivery, the WhatsApp team inbox allowed the customer service representative to quickly access the order details. This feature facilitated coordination with the delivery team to ensure the on-time delivery of the order, resulting in a seamless customer experience.

Swift Product Information Access

Another instance involved a customer's query regarding the ingredients used in one of OceanThree's products. The customer service representative leveraged the WhatsApp team inbox to rapidly access the necessary information and provide the customer with a detailed response. Furthermore, the representative initiated a follow-up by forwarding the inquiry to the relevant department, ensuring comprehensive and efficient customer support.

OceanThree's integration of ChatDaddy has greatly improved their sales process and customer engagement. With the use of the WhatsApp team inbox, personalized broadcasting, and keyword reply with buttons, OceanThree has been able to save time, improve efficiency, and do more business. The integration has allowed them to effectively manage their customer inquiries and orders, and provide their customers with a better experience.

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