Ultimate Guide to Using QR Codes for WhatsApp Business
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May 24, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Using QR Codes for WhatsApp Business

Learn how to effectively use QR codes for your WhatsApp business with our comprehensive guide. Increase your customer engagement and improve your marketing strategy today.

How can we create a WhatsApp QR code for Android given that 1.6 billion people use the app on Android and iOS each month? 

How helpful and pertinent is it?

You may find WhatsApp QR codes everywhere. 

They initially appeared as a retail component, but are now by practically all sectors of the economy, including offline and online trade.

The social media era has taken over the 21st century. 

We simply cannot imagine a day without checking our social media platforms.

This is why corporate marketers never pass up the possibility to use social media platforms to reach new clients. 

On WhatsApp, starting a conversation with a new contact is a difficult process. 

The contact must first be saved on your phone, opened via WhatsApp API, and only then can communication begin. 

By making QR codes for your WhatsApp profile, you can skip all those procedures.

We'll show you how to make a QR code for WhatsApp in this article.

A WhatsApp QR code: What is it?

A QR code is a unique type of code that includes text. 

Depending on the information it holds, it is a square made up of tiny white and black squares that are arranged in various ways.

The QR code was created to have more information than a standard barcode and to be easily read and processed by a smartphone or tablet's camera.

Using a WhatsApp QR code, users may enter contact information without having to type it out or store the phone number in their address book.

This technology is not only useful and practical for individual usage, but it is also highly intriguing for business use.

For all the companies who use WhatsApp to handle customer care, order fulfilment, or technical help, it is particularly intriguing.

This is a simple alternative that enables your clients to contact your operators without delay or need to waste time manually updating their contact information on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp must recognize the account accessing the device whether used as a desktop or web application. 

A QR code login technique is utilized for authentication as WhatsApp accounts don't typically have a username and password.

Additionally, WhatsApp QR codes make inviting others to group chats and sharing contacts as simple as pointing and scanning. 

As a result, it is the quickest method of contacting businesses.

WhatsApp QR Codes: Benefits for Your Business

Benefits of WhatsApp QR Codes for your Business
Benefits of WhatsApp QR Codes for your Business

As one of the most widely used messaging platforms worldwide, WhatsApp, you're already halfway to connecting with customers. 

It's simple to spread information about your company because QR codes may be shared on virtually any platform. Greater visibility increases the likelihood of involvement.

Customers will be more responsive when they initiate contact with you, so don't forget to respond to them.

1. Send clients to a landing page or website

Any landing page or website can be reached by scanning a QR code, including a signup page. 

By doing this, the inconvenience of accessing the website and navigating the page is eliminated.

To measure your QR code precisely, be sure to utilize a special URL paired with it.

2. Call your company's number.

You'll undoubtedly engage and interact with a crowd during business conferences. If you utilize QR codes for your booth or station, interested business partners can simply scan the code to get information about your company, including your phone number. 

In some cases, you can modify the QR code such that it directly dials the recipient's phone number.

3. Install apps

The QR code will lead you to the app's download page and begin the download after you have scanned it. 

Businesses have been creative with their QR codes to make them stand out. 

QR codes have been employed by well-known apps like Angry Birds in their marketing campaigns.

Additionally, apps themselves have been known to use QR codes to encourage community involvement. 

Snapchat and other social networking apps have produced distinctive QR codes so that users may add individuals quickly.

In keeping with that, Spotify just made the QR codes for their music available. 

Now, users may share or suggest their music to others by just scanning a QR code, and it will instantly show up on their device.

4. Examine the company location

Visitors to your website can just whip out their phones and scan the QR code on your website to visit your office. 

The QR code can provide precise directions to your company's location rather than requiring you to manually look up the address on web maps.

5. Point clients to social media profiles

For instance, if a consumer enjoyed your product or service, they can subscribe to your social media accounts to receive future information. 

If they followed your social media accounts with the same QR code, they can occasionally even receive a discount or promotion.

6. Compose an email

Similar to sending messages, QR codes for emails will enable you to view and track information about newsletters, email marketing, and the success rates of your emails (e.g. open and bounce rates).

In addition, the user has the option of viewing the email in question on his smartphone by scanning the QR code. 

Your email will be available on any platform in this way.

How to Create QR Codes for WhatsApp

WhatsApp can produce two different shareable QR codes: one for contact information and the other for group chat invitations. 

This is how the WhatsApp Business App generates the various codes.

Personalized WhatsApp Link Generator

The simplest way to link a personal number is to type the following URL into the search field of your browser:

The country calling code and phone number can be found at

Your country calling code is 1 if, for instance, your contact number is 23456789 and your phone is registered in the US. 

If you did this, the link would have the following structure.

Be careful not to include any additional brackets, zeros, spaces, or symbols besides those in the example above. 

Additionally, you can easily change the URL to send a pre-written message if you wish to avoid this step.

URL-encoded text can be found at calling code+phone number.

This link's appearance in the message would be as follows: country calling code + phone number?text=hi

This link will take you to the WhatsApp chat when you click it. 

Additionally, it functions with both the online and mobile versions of WhatsApp.

Create a business WhatsApp link.

The process of generating a link is made simpler if you have the WhatsApp business app. A link-sharing feature is integrated into the WhatsApp Business app. 

Get the quick link to your company's WhatsApp app here.

To copy it, navigate to Settings > Business Settings and click on Short Link.

Create a link for a WhatsApp group

Do you desire members of your WhatsApp group? Well, WhatsApp's Invite by Link function is useful. You should be aware that anyone who has the WhatsApp group link can join the group. It is advised to restrict sharing to approved users or audiences.

Simply go to the group chat, click on the group name, scroll down, and you will see the Invite Via Link option. 

This will give you the link.

You can copy the link and distribute it to those who have permission.

Using your company's profile's WhatsApp QR code

Using your company's profile's WhatsApp QR code
Using your company's profile's WhatsApp QR code

One of the innovations of 2020 is the QR Codes that are instantly accessible on WhatsApp. You can use the app to get a QR Code for your profile, which you can then share with other people directly.

This is located in the Settings section of your profile page. 

When you click on it, a new screen will open with your special QR Code ready for sharing, enabling the receiver to connect you to WhatsApp with just a single "tap."


  • Tap More options > Settings after opening WhatsApp.
  • The QR code symbol is next to your name. Tap it.


  • Go to Settings in WhatsApp.
  • The QR code symbol is next to your name. Tap it.

Is WhatsApp a vital avenue of communication for your business?

We advise you to look into CHatDaddy, a professional platform devoted to direct messaging apps if your business often utilises WhatsApp (or wants to start using it) to communicate with clients (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram).

All you need to do to test it out is to sign up for a ChatDaddy account, integrate your business WhatsApp number, and invite your colleagues to share access.

You can utilize this platform once WhatsApp Business has been integrated; here are some examples:

1) Multi-channel communication: in addition to WhatsApp, you may incorporate the most well-known messaging services, such as Messenger and Telegram, to be present on the platforms that your clients prefer.

2) Automatic chat allocation: To effectively handle sales and customer support, you can invite your team to participate, and the chats that are generated will be distributed among the group members in a completely automatic manner;

3) Analytics: keep track of your interactions with clients with our analytics module, which compiles all information about the chats that are generated with your sales and support staff;

4) Conversation backup: You can download all chat records at any moment to have a full account of all communications between your business and customers.

Closing Thoughts | How to create a QR code for my WhatsApp number?

Make use of the placement flexibility of WhatsApp QR codes. 

Put them out in front of your business so that people may reach you whenever they want. 

To encourage customers to leave feedback, print the codes on packaging and receipts.

The use of QR codes is not just restricted to tangible items like posters; it is also possible to use them in your email signature, on digital billboards, and even on your website landing pages. 

Business cards with QR codes also make networking simple.

Overall, WhatsApp QR codes are a strong feature with lots of advantages. 

Customer engagement with enterprises is increased when communication is made easier. Now that you know how to make your WhatsApp QR codes, go ahead and distribute them!

For further guidance contact ChatDaddy.

FAQs | How to create a QR code for my WhatsApp number?

Q: A WhatsApp QR code: What is it?

A: A unique code with text is called a QR code. Depending on the data it holds, it resembles a square made up of smaller black and white squares that have been randomly arranged.

The QR code was created to store more data than a barcode and to be read and understood fast using the camera of a smartphone or tablet.

Users can add contact information to WhatsApp via QR codes, which eliminates the need to manually enter and add phone numbers to contacts.

Q: How should I utilize the QR code for WhatsApp on my corporate profile?

A: The code can be found on your profile page, specifically in Settings. By clicking on it, a new screen with the specific QR Code will appear and be ready to be shared, enabling the receiver to add WhatsApp with only one click.


Open WhatsApp and select Settings from the More options menu.

The QR code symbol is next to your name. Tap it.


Go to Settings in WhatsApp.

The QR code symbol is next to your name. Tap it.

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