The Best Use of Automation in the Beauty Industry
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August 9, 2023

The Best Use of Automation in the Beauty Industry

Beauty businesses thrive with WhatsApp automation - WhatsApp shop, pay, team inbox, API, marketing & more. Discover customized marketing.

Automation used to be a term popular among manufacturing brands. Time and again we hear them hitting goals and making waves with newer and more advanced automation processes. However, automation is branching into other subtle and more human industries like the beauty industry. It’s no surprise seeing as, as of June 2023, the messaging app had approximately 2.78 billion unique active users. A large market every industry is currently eyeing.

How is automation, more precisely WhatsApp automation boosting business goals in the beauty industry and changing the way they operate? Let's find out.

A Chain of Automated events in your beauty business

A Chain of Automated events in your beauty business

The beauty industry is one that caters to the needs of very different people. Even among a specific audience each individual demands are unique. Hence, the need to provide tailor made beauty solutions, brought about by a huge demand for customised products. With this also comes the need to tailor interactions to the specific interest of each customer and waste no time while at it. This is where WhatsApp Automation plays a crucial role.

With this high demand for customised beauty solutions comes the need for beauty businesses to provide customized recommendations. So they would need to collect customer data on preference, skin type and beauty concerns. This is to enable them provide personalised beauty tips that align with each customers unique needs. On the back of recommendations comes appointments. This means that spa and beauty salons must be ready to schedule and offer convenient and personalised appointments. Selecting preferred dates and personalised treatment.

When each customer has been groomed, the opportunity to send personalised offers and promotions based on individual purchase behavior of the customers grows, one that comes with it's perks to encourage repeat purchases. Let's not forget the advantage beauty businesses have to perform virtual consultation and give out recommendations by simply analyzing customers pictures or even through videos. With every single step comes the opportunity for beauty brands to create a lasting impression and an engaging experience with each customer. But this is sadly not the case with most brands because of one single mistake - Manual processing.

The manual processing mistake

The manual processing mistake

While some beauty brands may choose to handle interactions manually, this comes with its limitations and challenges, especially when you're managing a large customer base.

For example, managing a large customer base manually requires significant time and effort. Responding to numerous inquiries, scheduling appointments, and providing personalized recommendations to each customer can be extremely time-consuming. This will only lead to an increased risk of human error from the fatigue of repetitive tasks.

How will manual processing affect customer experience and brand reputation?

How will manual processing affect customer experience and brand reputation?

The impact would be negative. Customers love a consistent pleasant experience, and if this becomes a challenge, that is, if they begin to receive incorrect product recommendations or missed follow-ups, you begin to lose customer loyalty. Here are other challenges brought about by manual processing practices:

Data Mismanagement : Manual processes make it challenging to track and analyze customer data efficiently, limiting your ability to gain insights into customer preferences and behaviors. Without it, it would be impossible to give personalized beauty insights in the future.

Lack of Automation Benefits : Manual processes cannot leverage the benefits that automation offers, such as instant responses, personalized messaging, and streamlined workflows.

Improving personalised experience through WhatsApp Automation in the beauty business

WhatsApp automation is cementing relationships between brands and their customers and driving serious growth for beauty businesses through it's WhatsApp broadcasting functionality. It's bulk WhatsApp messaging feature enables brands with large customer base to send bulk WhatsApp messaging so there's no need to type one message a thousand times over.

And the best part? You can personalise each message by sending customised messaging. Here's how a chain beauty spa, Urban Retreat seamlessly streamline their communication with WhatsApp automation despite operating several locations in Malaysia.

They noticed that more than 80% of their clients prefer communication via WhatsApp so WhatsApp become the primary channel for them to reach their clients. After using ChatDaddy, Urban retreat began using WhatsApp broadcast messages to send updates on new services, promotions and special offers to their customers. The spa also made sure to send messages at appropriate times and not overload their customers with too many messages. They added a tag on different broadcast message responses to segment their customer base and target specific segments with tailored messages.


Loyalty Program

The spa used WhatsApp broadcast messages to run a loyalty program, where customers who booked a certain number of services received a complimentary service. This program was successful in encouraging repeat business from customers.

Reminder Message

The spa also used WhatsApp broadcast messages to send out reminders for upcoming appointments, which reduced the number of no-shows.

Ask for Feedback

They also used it to send out surveys to their customers, asking for feedback on their services and products. The spa received a good response rate and were able to implement suggestions made by the customers to improve their business.

They achieved a 96% open rate and 79% response rate. Overall, using WhatsApp broadcast messages helped Urban Retreat Spa increase bookings, improve customer engagement and gather valuable feedback.

With WhatsApp automation, beauty businesses can streamline communication, engage customers better, and gather valuable feedback. It's a powerful tool that allows beauty brands to create unforgettable experiences, fostering growth and success. With ChatDaddy, Save more time. Do more business


What is WhatsApp automation in the beauty business, and how does it benefit beauty brands?

WhatsApp automation in the beauty business refers to using automated tools and features in WhatsApp to streamline communication, engage with customers, and provide personalized experiences. It benefits beauty brands by saving time and effort in handling customer interactions, allowing for instant responses, personalized messaging, and targeted promotions, which ultimately enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Is WhatsApp automation suitable for small beauty businesses?

WhatsApp automation is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small beauty businesses. It can be particularly beneficial for smaller enterprises as it helps manage customer interactions efficiently, enhance customer relationships, and reach a broader audience without requiring extensive resources.

Does WhatsApp automation replace human interaction in the beauty industry?

WhatsApp automation does not replace human interaction but complements it. While automation handles repetitive tasks and provides instant responses, human interaction remains essential for addressing specific customer needs, providing personalized advice, and creating meaningful connections.

Is WhatsApp automation secure for handling customer data?

Yes, WhatsApp automation is secure when used in compliance with data protection regulations and best practices. Beauty businesses should choose reliable automation platforms with strong security measures to ensure the safety of customer data.

How easy is it to set up and use WhatsApp automation for beauty brands?

Setting up WhatsApp automation is relatively straightforward with the right automation platform like Chat Daddy. They offer user-friendly interfaces and step-by-step guides with an expert, making it accessible for beauty brands to implement and use automation effectively.

What are the advantages of Bulk WhatsApp Messaging for beauty businesses?

Bulk WhatsApp Messaging allows beauty brands to send messages to multiple recipients simultaneously, saving time and effort. It helps businesses reach a broader audience with targeted promotions and updates, increasing brand awareness and engagement.

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