Explore WhatsApp Business Broadcast Lists: Examples and Use Cases
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May 23, 2023

Explore WhatsApp Business Broadcast Lists: Examples and Use Cases

Discover the power of WhatsApp Business Broadcast Lists with our practical examples and use cases. Learn how to use them to enhance your marketing strategy and reach your customers effectively.

Service announcements Notifications of orders. Updates on shipping.

The majority of firms are used to sending these automated emails. 

They've always done things this way. 

Never alter a successful team, right?

However, over the past few years, a sizable portion of client contact has moved away from email and into messaging apps like WhatsApp Business. 

It's a quicker and more practical approach for customers to interact with brands. 

Businesses had to continue using email because WhatsApp Business did not, until recently, support outbound messaging.

But with WhatsApp Business broadcast messages, everything is changing.

You can contact several consumers at once by sending a WhatsApp Broadcast message. Whether you want to send out a service update, advertise a new product, or let clients know about a discount. 

By doing this, you may communicate with your clients using the method they prefer.

I'll go into great detail about WhatsApp Broadcast Messages in this blog post.

What does a business WhatsApp broadcast message entail?

A Business WhatsApp Broadcast Message
A Business WhatsApp Broadcast Message

A WhatsApp broadcast message is sent simultaneously from one WhatsApp user to many other phone numbers. 

The message gets transmitted, but the recipient is unaware of it because it appears that you are speaking in a group to them. 

The communication will be delivered to them privately. 

Initially solely available to consumers, WhatsApp broadcast is now also accessible to businesses.

Businesses that use the WhatsApp Business API now have a unique opportunity. 

Previously, those companies could only reply to incoming communications. 

They can now send outbound messages as well thanks to broadcasting messaging

Why a WhatsApp group is different from a broadcast list

In case it's still unclear, a broadcast list is a communication that you send to several receivers at once separately, and their responses come to you in the same way: one at a time.

As a result, in a list, the other recipients of the same message are unaware of the presence or responses of the others.

  • Now let's discuss WhatsApp broadcast groups, which have two interpretations:
  • It can be compared to a typical WhatsApp group where many people can participate and communicate like in a forum.
  • Or, similar to the broadcast list we just looked at, "group" is only misused by people because it refers to broadcasting messages to numerous WhatsApp users.

But be careful—while this does not occur in broadcast lists, where privacy concerns must be carefully tied, everyone in groups can view each other's messages and contact information.

The quantity of contacts you can address at once is another crucial piece of knowledge if you're going to start using broadcast lists to send mass messages on WhatsApp Business.

A maximum of 256 contacts may be included in the same list or group when using the free version of the app. 

However, if you use the WhatsApp Business API, you can raise this cap to a maximum of 100,000.

If this piques your curiosity, keep in mind that a BSP (Business Solution Provider) like ChatDaddy is required to make use of all the opportunities provided by the WhatsApp Business API.

An instruction manual for utilizing WhatsApp Business by small enterprises

As I previously said, using the WhatsApp Business app has some restrictions. 

The first restriction is that you can only send a broadcast message to contacts who have saved you on their phone when using the WhatsApp Business app. 

Additionally, you can only choose up to 256 contacts for your broadcast list. 

The program also only allows up to four users at a time and has few possibilities for automation. 

Again, if you operate a small business with just one or two people, this should be OK.

Immediately above your most recent conversation, in the conversations section of the WhatsApp Business application, you can see "Broadcast lists." 

A fresh broadcast list can be made here.

You can give the list a name and send your first message once you've added phone numbers to it. 

Following this, the list will be preserved so that you can keep broadcasting messages to the same recipients.

An instruction manual for SMEs and larger companies utilizing the WhatsApp Business API

Instruction Manual for SMEs and Larger Companies Utilizing The WhatsApp Business API
Instruction Manual for SMEs and Larger Companies Utilizing The WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API is the ideal solution for SMBs and enterprise enterprises. 

You must utilize a smart messaging platform like ChatDaddy to use the WhatsApp Business API. 

From there, it only takes you around 10 minutes to get the API up and running.

You can get around the restrictions that come with the default app by using the WhatsApp Business API. 

The following are the key advantages of utilizing the API:

  1. Send daily broadcasts via WhatsApp to an audience of 800 individuals.
  2. With numerous users, manage incoming WhatsApp messages.
  3. Chatbots, auto-replies, and quick-replies can be used to automate responding to incoming messages.

You must utilize template messages if you want to send a broadcast message using the API. Before you may send out template messages, WhatsApp must first authorize them. 

They will determine whether the messages comply with their commerce policy. 

With placeholders for [name], [company name], [order number], and other information, the templates can be customised.

Why WhatsApp Broadcast List Is Important For Business

The fact that WhatsApp Broadcast allows for one-on-one conversations with clients when they reply to your broadcast is just one of many reasons why it's a terrific channel for your business. 

It also has greater deliverability and read rates than other channels like email.

The following are the main justifications for using WhatsApp Broadcasts List:

Cause 1

You can avoid breaking your wrist by using 

WhatsApp Broadcast instead of repeatedly typing the same message in several chats. 

You can send a single message to everyone. 

It's the ideal technique to let your customers know about a sale or to inform them of newly restocked items.

Cause 2

But I can't send messages to everyone at once in groups, can I? enquired Sam, our intern. Broadcasts, however, are superior. 

A bcc on an email is similar to a broadcast message. 

You don't need to be concerned that contacts on the list may see another person's contact details or responses. 

They remain secret.

Cause 3

Because broadcast has a high open rate, is simple to use, and is well-liked by all generations, your one-time communication can naturally grow into a conversation. 

Their presence in more than 100 countries and two billion users (source) demonstrate this.

Cause 4

Unlike emails, there is no spam folder! Isn't that pleasant to hear music?

No algorithm in WhatsApp Broadcast will route your message to the spam bin. 

Even if you are not a Nigerian prince giving his treasure chest, 100% email deliverability is unheard of.

Cause. 5

The use of it is free. No recurring charges or invoicing are determined by the number of subscribers on your list. 

Before spending money on emails or advertising, it can be a good idea to test out your communication approach and offerings.

Cause. 6

Depending on the interests, preferences, or previous purchasing patterns of your clients, you can use labels to construct several broadcast lists. 

This will assist you in developing an interested audience and sending targeted messaging.

WhatsApp broadcast message examples for various circumstances

WhatsApp Broadcast Message for various circumstances
WhatsApp Broadcast Message for various circumstances

It's time for some creative ideas now that you are fully informed on what a broadcast message is and how to apply it.

Here are some examples of WhatsApp broadcast messages that you may duplicate and use in your company. 

Keep in mind that every variable in brackets can be customized by the sender. 

Use those settings carefully since WhatsApp must authorize these templates before you can use them.

  • reservation confirmation

Hello [name], the news is true! We'll talk to you then. 

We appreciate your reservation with Hotel Mosaic. 

The following link contains information about your reservation: [link].

  • order verification

Good day, [name] Your order #[order number] just arrived. 

We appreciate your business at Mindy's Market. 

Here, you may check the status of your order: [link].

  • Update on flights

Your [flight number] flight will take off from [gate] for [city]. Enjoy the trip!

Why (and how) businesses use the Broadcast message list

The training corporation 21K School, which provides controlled education of the Indian, American, and British curricula online to pupils between the ages of 3 and 18, is our first example of the usage of broadcast messaging.

He also has students from other countries in addition to India, as if that weren't enough.

What would happen to them without WhatsApp Business's distribution options, do you think?

They may quickly and effectively connect with parents and students via the messaging platform, and by creating qualities to filter contacts based on their courses and subjects, they can provide tailored information.

This categorization makes it incredibly efficient to send each student a personalized message with their exam schedule, study guide, or report card.

In this instance, WhatsApp broadcasts are more frequently used to recruit new employees than to engage with current users.

What specifically do they do? 

Before launching loan offers that are appropriate for candidates who match the requirements, they first analyze potential consumers based on two criteria: creditworthiness and location.

They can plan campaigns that are tailored to the many consumer profiles they have in their database because of this segmentation.

They claim that since employing broadcast lists to launch customized WhatsApp campaigns, they have seen an increase in inquiries, thus it appears that they have done fairly well.

Use cases for WhatsApp Business broadcast listings

If there is a benefit to employing Broadcast lists in your organization, it is that they serve as a sales, customer loyalty, and marketing activity accelerator.

Why does it act as a booster?

Consider launching a new promotion for a certain category of your products. Your current customers should be the first people you inform, right? 

If WhatsApp Business exists, it would not make much sense for you to transmit it to each person individually.

The same is true for any business-related communications: you can simultaneously reach all of your contacts' mobile phones with a single click.

  • Share the newest content you've written.

When developing a content strategy, your objective should be to distribute your materials as far as you can to reach your target audiences.

Of course, this also applies to the leads you have been gathering. 

Use WhatsApp Business's lists as a distribution method to increase the exposure of your blog posts or lead magnets, which can serve as the launch pad for new sales funnels.

  • broadcasts on a large scale featuring your company

The WhatsApp API's wide scope is particularly useful for tasks like notifying contacts of upcoming meetings, chatting privately on social media, or sending surveys and questionnaires to contacts, for instance.

Another feature of WhatsApp Business that comes in handy in these circumstances is interactive messages, which enable quick feedback from receivers without requiring too much of them.

Let's move on to some actual instances of businesses that use broadcast messages regularly and collaborate with ChatDaddy

  • launch of customized marketing initiatives

We go one step further than simply distributing information about your campaigns, deals, or promotions by tailoring the message's content, even if it is sent to a mailing list.

And it is because of this that you can send different multimedia messages, like, for instance, a QR code to access a coupon or other content you wish to provide them, to the receivers of a mass communication thanks to the WhatsApp API.

Conclusion | WhatsApp Business broadcast lists

Everything you need to know to broadcast on WhatsApp is explained in this post. 

Does your business currently use WhatsApp API? 360dialog WhatsApp API is available at a very affordable price.

Have you already registered for the WhatsApp API? Connect it to ChatDaddy after that, and try it out. 

To make contact with your consumers simple and efficient, we are constantly adding new features to our platform.

FAQs | WhatsApp Business broadcast lists

Q: Can I broadcast promotional messages using WhatsApp?

A: Yes. Sending promotional messages is now enabled thanks to WhatsApp's most recent policy modifications. Always start by making a fresh WhatsApp message template. Promotional templates used to be rejected in the past, but they are now frequently accepted.

Q: To how many contacts may WhatsApp Broadcast be added?

A: Simple answer is infinite. However, you can only send messages to a total of 1000 recipients per day at first. The message restriction just affects how many users you are trying to mail, not the total number of messages your company can send.

A WhatsApp account must be in a higher Messaging Tier to broadcast to additional users. You must send twice as many messages as are authorized in the current tier during the following seven days to get there. You can communicate with an unlimited number of users after completing Tier 3.

Q: What do the various WhatsApp Broadcast phone number statuses mean?

A: You can have a Connected, Restricted, or Flagged status for a phone number. A phone number in a connected state can transmit transmissions without limitations.

A phone number loses quality and enters Restricted status when it sends too many messages of poor quality and users report them as spam.

A phone number cannot send broadcasts to any new contacts while it is Restricted.

Q: 100 000 WhatsApp notifications can I broadcast?

A: WhatsApp only allows 256 contacts per broadcast. available only on two different devices (one smartphone and one PC) No intelligent grouping and analysis of sent messages. There is no capability for WhatsApp chatbot integration, quick replies, or conversation automation.

Q: What distinguishes a WhatsApp group from a broadcast list?

A: Only you can send a message in a WhatsApp Broadcast list. A one-on-one chat will be used if a customer responds. Any group member in a WhatsApp group can send messages, 

and those messages are visible to the other group members.

Q: Is there a chance my WhatsApp account may be blocked?

A: If too many outbound messages are sent from a regular WhatsApp number used with the Business app, the number will be blocked.

However, blocking WhatsApp API numbers is not a simple process. The quality rating of your number could decline as a result of your frequent broadcasts. However, this offers you the chance to make the necessary corrections and raise the rating to a higher level.

Q: Can WhatsApp Business support bulk messages sent?

A: Up to 800 people can receive a mass message from WhatsApp Business accounts each day. As a result, you can divide an audience of 400 users into two groups for bulk messaging.

Q:  How can I use WhatsApp to message several people without broadcasting?

A: Open the WhatsApp app on your phone, tap the three dots in the top-right corner, and select New group to carry out this action. After choosing the people you want to include in your group and entering the necessary information, your group should be prepared.

Q: Why doesn't the broadcast list display?

A: Only if the user has not saved the number of the person sending them a broadcast message will they experience issues like "WhatsApp broadcast message not delivered," "WhatsApp broadcast list not displayed," and more. The user is immediately subscribed to receive broadcast messages from the sender after saving the number.

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