WhatsApp Business Greeting Message Examples & Best Practices
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May 17, 2023

WhatsApp Business Greeting Message Examples & Best Practices

Craft a warm and professional greeting message for your WhatsApp business account. Follow our best practices and check out some examples to engage your customers effectively.

Envision two different situations: You pursue the WhatsApp bulletin or warnings from two comparative brands. One of them sends you a warm welcome message advising you to reach them on the off chance that you want assistance, welcomes you to follow them on Instagram, and even offers a welcome rebate. Furthermore, another brand doesn't connect in a flash however sends a special message yelling about their new send-off half a month after you joined.

Which brand will you interface with more or recall when now is the ideal time to make a buy? Furthermore, which one will you mark spam since you don't recollect pursuing any messages? We bet it will be brand #2. That is the force of a welcome message.

Furthermore, we are here to reveal more about the power called welcome messages. In this blog, we will let you know all that you want to realize about good greeting messages for WhatsApp Business and how to utilize them for your potential benefit

What is a WhatsApp Business greeting message?

At the point when someone sends you a message on WhatsApp Business interestingly, you can naturally send them a purported WhatsApp Business API welcoming message. 

It's a welcome directive for clients on WhatsApp Business. 

You can make various good tidings for various sorts of circumstances.

Likewise called WhatsApp Invite Message, it is an adaptable, robotized message that is shipped off your leads or clients when they first message you or at whatever point they message you following 14 days of idleness in their visit with you.

Found under the 'Business instruments' tab, this element can be switched off or altered whenever.

There are four choices to look over on who will get welcoming messages from your WhatsApp Business account:

  • Everybody: Hello messages are shipped off anyone who messages you.
  • Everybody not in the address book: Just numbers that are not in your contact rundown will accept your mechanized hello messages.
  • Everybody except…: Select a couple of special cases that you don't need your hello messages to be shipped off.
  • Just ship off…: Pick a restrictive rundown of contacts that you wish to naturally send welcoming messages to.

How could you utilize a greeting message for WhatsApp Business API?

Utilizing the perfect kind of hello message at the ideal time can assist you with accomplishing the accompanying:

  • Bring down your reaction time
  • Further, develop the client experience
  • Increment consumer loyalty by directing clients toward the right data
  • Try not to leave clients that message you beyond business hours hanging
  • Gather significant leads

Facebook, which possesses WhatsApp, viewed that 55% of individuals feel all the more and associated with the brand while informing a business.

The worth of customized correspondence makes WhatsApp a strong stage for organizations to use.

Utilizing welcome messages frames the beginning stage of that.

WhatsApp invite messages are a fantastic method for establishing a decent first connection. You are showing that you give it a second thought and are worth your new client, while likewise verifiably stretching out a challenge to interface more with your business. 

This further develops your client support and assembles trust in your item or administration.

Additionally, welcome messages sign to the shipper that you have accepted their message. This affirmation will give the shipper the consolation that their question or remark has been effectively gotten, and can anticipate a reaction from you.

Contingent upon the substance of your welcome message, you can likewise work on the lead or client's internet-based cooperation experience with your business.

For instance, sharing a URL that prompts your site's rundown of Much of the time Posed Inquiries can make the informing experience more enlightening. 

Or on the other hand, you can remember your business hours for the welcome message and let your leads and clients have a gauge of your reaction time.

What does a successful WhatsApp Business greeting seem to be?

Successful WhatsApp Business
Successful WhatsApp Business

Although there are innumerable varieties of good tidings, a successful hello using WhatsApp Business ought to follow the accompanying accepted procedures:

1. Set clear assumptions

Your essential objective ought to be to set a sensible assumption for when your client can anticipate a message. 

It just feels improved for a client to be aware for certain when they will be answered.

Be quite certain in setting these assumptions. To outline why how about we check two speedy models out?

1) "We'll hit you up quickly."

2) "We'll hit you up in 24 hours or less."

The principal model is somewhat of a dubious commitment and doesn't set a particular assumption.

'At the earliest opportunity could make a difference between one moment and 10 hours.

The subsequent model, then again, sets a reasonable assumption and offers your group the chance to exceed expectations.

2. Be essentially as straightforward as could be expected

The subsequent best practice is to just tell the truth and be straightforward.

No one loves faltering reasons for slow reaction times. 

On the off chance that your group incidentally turns out to be a little in a tight spot that day, there is no disgrace in just saying that you are occupied.

3. Give it a human touch

In a lot of good tidings, whether it is using email, live talk, or WhatsApp, I have seen how the tone is much of the time very formal.

However, because the message is mechanized, doesn't mean you need to put on a show of being a robot.

I would encourage you to constantly sound as human as could be expected.

Keep it proficient, sure, however, try not to seem like a legal counselor. Indeed, except if you are a legal counselor. 

You get the point.

Examples of Greeting messages for WhatsApp

  • General Greeting Message

At the point when you want to send an unpretentious message just to make proper acquaintance, sound cordial and construct an association, here's a layout you can utilize:


Welcome to <Brand Name>. We are happy you picked us to <What your image does>.

On the off chance that you want to arrange <what you sell>, here's our site: <website link>.

How about we interface on Instagram for some good times: <Instagram link>


Group <Brand Name>

  • 'Teach about your image' Greeting Message

WhatsApp messages have a high open-rate since endorsers hope to get a message when they interface with another business or are interested to know more. 

Here is a layout you can use to discuss your image in a welcome message.


I'm Greta from <Brand Name>. Welcome to <Brand Name> where we <what your image does>.

Here's the reason our clients love us:

 We advance economical style.

Our plans don't leave a pattern and can be worn for a long time

- Our well-disposed help will ensure you have an extraordinary purchasing experience.

We have 850 brands on our site to browse. I'm certain you'll track down something that suits you.

Prepared to arrange? Visit our site: <website link>

  • Client assistance Invite Messages

On the off chance that you have a WhatsApp account committed to client service, you can make a message custom fitted for individuals standing by to determine an inquiry.


We've accepted your inquiry. One of our colleagues will hit you up within the following 24 hours.

In the meantime, you can go through our FAQ segment here - <insert a connection to FAQs> to track down a fast goal.

Much thanks to you,

Support Group at <Brand Name>

  • 'Away' Welcome Messages


Welcome to <brand name>. We'd very much want to answer your question immediately, yet our group of shopping specialists is presently away.

Our functioning hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 7 pm IST. Have confidence, one of our colleagues will be in contact with you soon.

Did you realize we have an assist with separating that answers questions that we get asked frequently? Look at it here - <link>

In the meantime, here's an assortment of our successes to assist you with tracking down the ideal outfit for any event - <link>

Kind respects,

Group <brand name>

This layout was motivated by the genuine message we got from 91Springboard when we reached them throughout the end of the week. See it in real life:

  • 'Request Affirmation' Welcome Message

You can request that clients select in for your WhatsApp messages during the checkout cycle. On the off chance that they consent to get notices on WhatsApp, here's a message you can utilize:


We've accepted your request. Your Request ID is <insert request ID>

When your bundle ships, we will send you a message with the following number and a connection to follow it.

If you have any inquiries, drop us a note. We are here to help!

Returns: If you might want to return your product(s), kindly see the merchandise exchange here <link>

P.S. You might cherish these as well: <link to other products>

Group <Brand Name

  • 'Convey welcome rebate' Message

At the point when you guarantee a rebate for pursuing your WhatsApp messages, you ought to convey that in your welcome message and not hold back to send a different directive for that.


Gratitude for buying into our bulletin on WhatsApp.

As guaranteed, here's your 10% rebate code to shop anything on the site - -HAPPYFACE10. No base buy is required. 

This markdown code is legitimate for the following half-year

  • 'Gather more data' Welcome Message

Hello there!

Apologies, we are as of now not ready to answer your message.

 Kindly leave your name and email address, and we will hit you up in 24 hours or less.

~Group <Brand Name>

  • 'Connect with a lead' Welcome Message

If you've got a lead on your site and you need to check whether they are a possible client or not rapidly, offer a free example and request the affirmation in the welcome message itself.


Welcome to <brand name>.

Need a free example of <product name>? Tap on the yes button to affirm. 

Tap No on the off chance that you don't need it. Nothing personal.

Fast Answer Button 1: Most definitely!

Speedy Answer Button 2: No, much appreciated!

  • 'Following stages' Invite Message

As referenced previously, a welcome message is something beyond a 'hi.' 

It ought to add the discussion with the leads. 

That's what to do, you can incorporate different CTAs or a computerized chatbot with a welcome message as a component of that.

What might we do for you today?

Tap on the buttons beneath as per your inquiry. It will assist us with relegating the perfect individuals to take care of you.

<Fast Answer Button 1>

<Fast Answer Button 2>

<Fast Answer Button 3>

Instructions to Send a Welcome Message Utilizing WhatsApp Business App

Welcome Message Utilizing WhatsApp Business App
Welcome Message Utilizing WhatsApp Business App

The welcome message arrangement with the Business application is direct.

  1. Open the WhatsApp Business application and snap the three specks on the upper right of the application screen.
  2. Go to Business instruments > Hello message.
  3. Empower the 'Send a welcoming message.'
  4. Tap 'Hello message', alter your message tap 'alright' to save the message
  5. Tap 'Beneficiaries' and select from the choices accessible
  • Everybody (ship off every individual who messages you)
  • Everybody not in the location book (ship off clients who aren't in your location book)
  • Everybody aside from (ship off all clients except for those you select)
  • Just ship off (send just to choose clients)

Step-by-step instructions to Send a Hello Message with WhatsApp Business API

While utilizing the WhatsApp Programming interface rather than the WhatsApp Business application, you want viable programming that can communicate with the Programming interface and permit you to make robotizations, for example, a custom hello message.

Conclusion | WhatsApp Business Greeting Message

As I previously referenced before, WhatsApp Business invite messages are the messages that you can naturally send once an individual messages you on WhatsApp Business. 

If you might want to proactively reach out to your clients, you ought to investigate utilizing WhatsApp Business message layouts.

Remember that you can constantly blend the various kinds of welcome messages to make one that best suits your business needs.

On the off chance that you'd like a problem-free encounter to communicate WhatsApp messages, look at ChatDaddy to give your group that additional lift in their business-informing endeavors.

FAQs | WhatsApp Business Greeting Message

Q: What is a decent welcome message?

A: "A warm and energetic greeting to you, [name]. You're here since we trust in what your identity is and what you need to contribute." "Welcome to our remarkable, cooperative, dynamic, and fiery group! We picked you since those words concern you, so we realize you'll fit in impeccably with us."

Q: How would I compose a business invite post?

A: Compose a welcome post: You need to persuade your crowd to like and follow you. Make a welcome post that incorporates insights concerning your business and why individuals ought to like your Page. Give data about what you'll share, like unique offers, and refreshes about your business, from there, the sky is the limit.

Q: How would I compose an expert message on WhatsApp?

A: Address the individual you are informing, and momentarily sum up your justification behind informing in the main message. Nothing is more irritating or problematic than being cautioned by a "Howdy" message, trailed by a long respite while the source is composing.

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