10 Must-Have WhatsApp Features to Skyrocket Your Marketing Success
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March 19, 2024

10 Must-Have WhatsApp Features to Skyrocket Your Marketing Success

Discover the top 10 WhatsApp features to leverage for your marketing strategy. Kick-start your WhatsApp marketing journey and boost your conversion rates with these powerful tools. Read now!

WhatsApp Marketing enables businesses to advertise on the most widely used messaging platform in the world. 

It provides the potential to strengthen connections between a brand and its customers while reducing friction. 

With an excellent open rate compared to other platforms and more than half of WhatsApp users checking their app daily, the platform's enormous growth potential for businesses is demonstrated.

When traditional marketing was supplanted by digital marketing. 

Business development and value have undoubtedly increased tenfold. 

Social media has always been crucial in closing this gap.

Communication between businesses and customers is now lot simpler thanks to apps like WhatsApp and Instagram.

It is the most widely used real-time texting app. A new update to WhatsApp has been released. for example, WhatsApp business. 

Now, marketers can conduct business via WhatsApp. The "WhatsApp marketing" app has already demonstrated its effectiveness in advertising.

This article explains how WhatsApp marketing aids in the scaling and exponential growth of enterprises.

What is marketing on WhatsApp?

Simply put, WhatsApp marketing is a marketing strategy that allows any company to use WhatsApp to promote its brand. 

Through the channel, the brand can easily and affordably reach huge audiences, maximise sales, and foster customer relationships.

Additionally, WhatsApp gives companies a huge variety of customization options, giving them the advantage to jumpstart their marketing initiatives and make their brand as appealing to clients as possible!

Use WhatsApp Business API to interact with users

Use WhatsApp Business API to interact with users

Although Whatsapp Business allows advertisers to interact with users. 

They cannot trespass into their personal space. 

A person can get in touch with a company he likes if he so chooses. In case the business is pestering you with texts. 

A user may completely reject it. Ordinary WhatsApp is different from WhatsApp for business. Check out Whatsapp's business features now.

  • Landline numbers can be registered so that businesses can manage their business accounting. 

You can also mention the type of business. i.e. if it is a corporate entity or a family-owned one.

  • Automated responses provide the advantage of immediately resolving client inquiries. Additionally, if you are not available to chat, you may still communicate with your consumers.
Marketing Automation Workflows
  • The app verifies your account's legitimacy by giving it a green checkmark. 

It enables the user to avoid shady businesses and put their trust in only legitimate ones.

Your company can leverage the following WhatsApp Marketing features: 

WhatsApp Marketing features

1. Business profile

Businesses can build profiles on the WhatsApp Business app with details like their address, email, website, business description, etc. 

This is the initial phase of brand promotion. Additionally, this information aids in user trust-building for the company.

2. Contact labels

Businesses may tag and organise their contacts on WhatsApp for quick access. 

You can effortlessly manage and arrange the connections thanks to it. 

Labelling consumers and chats as "new customers" or "returning customers," for instance, enables you to keep tabs on their behaviour and tailor offer to suit it.

3. A business listing

A feature of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Business Directory is similar to the Yellow Pages. Users can look for registered WhatsApp businesses nearby by using this feature. 

The more details you provide about your company, the simpler it will be for users to find you.

Only Sao Paulo and Brazil currently have access to the feature, but other nations will soon be able to use it as well.

4. Using Facebook stores

Customers can browse, investigate, and buy things through the Facebook shop, an online retailer, on Facebook.

You can showcase the products and services on your WhatsApp store and share the link with potential customers using the Facebook Shops integration function.

5. Automated greeting, "away," and "fast reply" messages

The WhatsApp Business app has a rather unusual feature that lets you write a message that will welcome users when they start a new discussion with your business or log back in after 14 days.

Additionally, you can prepare quick responses for frequently asked questions or set up auto-replies for when you are away. 

You should include the information you want your customers to know in the greeting messages. 

This is a great chance to position yourself as the best provider of products or services and to show off your knowledge of the customer experience.

6. Multimedia Database

Businesses can show off their goods and services to customers with the aid of catalogues. 

You can include information like price, description, item number, and photos. 

The users' search for the product they want to buy is made simpler by this.

7. WhatsApp stories

Businesses can use the tales function to advertise new releases, provide photos from the set, update customers on products that are back in stock, and more.

8. WhatsApp groups

Companies might divide up their clientele into distinct categories based on parameters like region, age range, purchasing patterns, etc. 

Businesses can interact with users more personally and market their services to the right target market by using groups

9. Verified badge

You can put a verified badge next to your company name using the WhatsApp business API. 

It reassures customers that your business account is legitimate and authentic, just like the business profile function does.

10. Templates for messages

For marketers, messages are a priceless tool for connecting with consumers, cultivating brand loyalty, and more. 

Additionally, texts are opened 98% of the time and clicked on 29% of the time.

You'll want to use engaging and clear messaging to draw in more customers. 

In these circumstances, message templates (from the WhatsApp Business API) are useful. 

The ideal WhatsApp messaging template can be modified to reflect the voice and tone of your company for various occasions.

For instance, when a new product is being launched, you can send out promotional templates. 

Making your customer feel special by wishing them a happy birthday is a terrific strategy. 

Send a birthday greeting along with some deals and coupons. 

By providing useful links to your catalogue, you may remind your clients of impending deals.

Marketing message dos and don'ts


  • When offering products or services for sale, be sure your company complies with WhatsApp's commerce policy.

Before sending the consumer any messages, you must have opt-in permission verifying their approval. 

  • Customers who anticipate receiving pertinent, useful information will gladly offer you their approval.
  • Send communications that are simple and personalised. 

When customers get a message that is random, irrelevant, or otherwise acts as junk, the likelihood that they will block the message is great. 

To prevent being blacklisted, personalise your messages and make them clear. WhatsApp closely monitors security metrics and bans repeat violators.


  • Avoid sending communications that your clients will completely forget about or refrain from sending too many messages too frequently to irritate them.
  • Stop delivering marketing communications to clients who aren't as interested.
  • Never re-engage users who have unsubscribed with promotional emails.

WhatsApp marketing tactics and advice for beginners

WhatsApp marketing tactics and advice for beginners

After all, WhatsApp offers a new platform for advertising your goods and services. 

You can have an effective plan if you have a strategy in place. 

Here are a few actions you may do to develop a successful WhatsApp marketing strategy.

1. Specify your objectives and KPIs.

Your marketing goals and plan should be crystal clear before you start using WhatsApp for marketing. 

You'll spend less time figuring out what to do and less time taking extra actions.

Start by examining the marketing funnel and identifying its shortcomings. 

Create a company objective that your WhatsApp marketing plan can help you reach. 

Afterwards, you'll be able to gauge your performance using KPI.

2. Indicate who your target market is.

There are a variety of WhatsApp users and not all of them.

There is a perfect idle customer for every kind of business. To believe that your commodity or service is appropriate for everyone is incorrect. 

For instance, even though your audience is diverse in terms of ages and genders, your product is intended for pregnant women. 

Not only does the commercial undermine your marketing efforts, but it also irritates viewers. 

It draws users who do not convert and wastes your advertising budget needlessly.

Your target establishes the direction of your entire marketing plan. 

It consists of individuals who are almost certainly interested in your goods and services. 

They are ideal customers for your product or service because they fall into a particular demographic or exhibit certain behaviours.

3. With click-to-talk, you may attract users to your WhatsApp.

A cutting-edge method of communicating with your consumers on WhatsApp without requiring them to save their contact information on both ends is click-to-chat. To get people on WhatsApp, you can also use a lot of free entry points like QR Codes, short links, and action buttons on your Facebook page and Instagram profile. 

Once users have downloaded WhatsApp, you can interact with them and market your business using one of the 11 features.

Businesses have plenty of chances to interact with users on WhatsApp where they are already. Users are more likely to make purchases from your business on WhatsApp with less effort on their part. 

Utilizing the same platform to sell both your goods and services is only logical.

Worldwide, ChatDaddy is a top supplier of WhatsApp chatbots as compared to other platforms. 

You may have natural conversations while having automated WhatsApp Business API marketing campaigns thanks to our conversational AI. 

Additionally, you can communicate with your users in mass using our Outreach tool. 

See for yourself how simple it is to include this into your marketing plan by taking a demo.

FAQs | WhatsApp Features to Kick Start Your WhatsApp Marketing Journey

Q: Which WhatsApp features are helpful for marketing?

A: Here is where WhatsApp marketing might be useful. Your business may respond to consumer inquiries right away and offer them real-time help with WhatsApp. When 28% of clients expect assistance within an hour and 18% want a prompt response, this functionality becomes essential.

Q: When is the ideal time to market on WhatsApp?

A: The best time for WhatsApp marketing is when your customer is ready, even though most businesses connect with their customers 24 hours a day. Although it's easier said than done, it's important to carefully consider customer behaviour patterns before sending any messages because everyone logs on at a different time.

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