WhatsApp QR Code Generator: Create WhatsApp QR Code to Chat
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March 21, 2024

WhatsApp QR Code Generator: Create WhatsApp QR Code to Chat

Generate a WhatsApp QR code and start chatting instantly. Make it easy for your customers to connect with you. Try our WhatsApp QR code generator now!

WhatsApp has cemented its significance for businesses as an essential messaging tool for more than 1.8 billion users. Compared to other instant messaging apps, this one has the most users. Also as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, WhatsApp usage increased by 40%. Now that's significant! The Internet has undoubtedly altered how we communicate with people—in a contactless way.

After all, contactless has emerged as the newest marketing gimmick for brick-and-mortar stores. The WhatsApp web QR code has a significant role to play in contactless services, whether it be for payments, reading a restaurant menu, or even contacting a business using WhatsApp. WhatsApp has altered how businesses and customers may engage with one another by introducing the QR code tool.

This article will cover everything you need to know about WhatsApp web QR codes, including how to make and use them. If you've been looking for a productive way to give your customers your contact information, keep reading.

What is a QR code for WhatsApp?

A scannable barcode known as the WhatsApp Quick Response Code (or WhatsApp web QR code) is used to contact a WhatsApp user. Every user's WhatsApp QR code is different. As a result, whenever you scan a WhatsApp QR code, you can only connect to the particular user whose QR code it is. Customer and commercial connections can now be made using WhatsApp using simply a QR code.

A customer only needs to scan the WhatsApp QR code to finish. They can start a conversation with you right away. Both personal and professional uses of this are successful. Many of you are aware that a QR Code on the app allows you to join WhatsApp Web, and most recently, they launched a new function allowing users to talk with businesses via a QR Code.

But did you know that, even if you don't run a business, you may already start a WhatsApp discussion with a QR Code? In contrast to the conventional method of saving someone's phone number, a WhatsApp web QR Code generates a "click to talk" link. Anyone with a functioning WhatsApp account can use this on their phone as well as on WhatsApp Web on desktops and tablets.

How can I make a WhatsApp QR code free for a chat?

WhatsApp QR code free for a chat?
WhatsApp QR code free for a chat?

Now that you are aware of the applications, advantages, and significance of having a WhatsApp QR code in place, let's learn how to create one in just 5 simple steps for nothing.

●    To view the Delight Chat free tool, scroll to the top of this page.

●    Enter your WhatsApp number (without the plus sign (+),any parenthesis, or any zeros before the country code).

●    Add the pre-filled message of your choice.

●    "Generate WhatsApp QR Code" should be clicked.

●    Save the WhatsApp QR Code.

Your website, social media accounts, business cards, posters, and customer service desks in-store—basically anyplace your customers will see it—can all display your WhatsApp QR code. Though, don't just stop at creating the QR code for WhatsApp. If you receive website traffic, it's likely that the visitors are trying to find a WhatsApp chat button so they can quickly contact you.

To quickly make a WhatsApp button, we've developed a free tool. Traditionally, corporations placed advertisements in locations where their ideal clients frequented, such as movie theatres, shopping centers, and tourist attractions. Even in the modern, digital world we live in, this is still true. It's time to create your WhatsApp web QR code as there are1.8 billion active users.

Why should I use the QR Code Generator to create a WhatsApp QR Code?

It's simple to make mistakes while manually entering your phone number if you use WhatsApp for business and work with international phone numbers. Additionally, a phone number inaccuracy could cost you money if a client or networking contact needs to call you. Instead, design a WhatsApp QR Code with a "click to talk" link to simplify the process.

Minimize typing errors

Simply scan the WhatsApp web QR Code with a smartphone or tablet to get the "click to chat" link, or click the link directly on a computer to access it. You may make sure interested parties have the chance to contact you in the simplest way possible by utilizing a WhatsApp QR Code. The fact that you can use this QR Code to print materials like flyers and posters as well as online venues like social media and email campaigns is the true perk here. In any case, the WhatsApp chat feature is accessible without the need to explicitly enter a phone number.

Options for extensive customisation

By adding some much-needed elegance, QR Code Genera to reelevates your WhatsApp QR Code to the next level. Add your logo in the middle, a custom frame, brand-specific colours, edge and pixel styles, and even a bespoke border. When creating a QR code with a dynamic URL, you also get a short URL that is completely editable.

Make a link with a pre-filled message

Here's a useful function for companies: Even a pre-written message may be included in your WhatsApp link. You do this by creating a particular link with a message attached, such as "I'm interested in the apartment listing." Then, this message is automatically sent anytime someone scans your WhatsApp QR Code and presses the chat link. Then, as a company, you may react to that question appropriately.

Track the number, location, and timing of scans

Want to know the best thing about using a QR code generator to create a WhatsApp QR code? They include scan tracking information. This means that if you created your WhatsApp QR Code using a Dynamic URL, you may view the scan data based on location (city and country),time scanned, the number of unique scans compared to the total, and the OS system utilised. You may also use this information to optimise any associated marketing initiatives across various platforms, time periods, and places. This information is precisely what you need to comprehend the true ROI (return on investment) of your WhatsApp QR Code.

Enhanced customer assistance and communication

Similar to a chatbot, a WhatsApp QR Code enhances customer care procedures by allowing for round-the-clock assistance. However, it goes one step further by being accessible from any device at any time. Customers can always get in touch with you via a desktop, but they can do so just as quickly if they see your print advertisement when they are out and about and are strolling down the street. A WhatsApp QR Code enables businesses to offer the most convenient customer care possible because it eliminates the need for putting in any complicated numbers during customer service.

Create WhatsApp QR Codes

Create WhatsApp QR Codes
Create WhatsApp QR Codes

You must first make a link before you can generate a QR code for your phone number or a group chat. Here's how to accomplish both.

Generate a link

To build a link for a group chat or personal or professional profile, follow a different procedure. Personal numbers will be discussed first.

Link a personal phone number

We may create a link for each WhatsApp number using the Click to Chat function of the app. Once it has been generated, all you need todo is share the link, and tapping on it will instantly launch the chat. You must use this URL to generate a link for your song: true is your whole phone number in international format. The link would be if your number was 91987654321, where 91 is the country code.

Note: Don't increase the number by zeros, parentheses, or dashes.

You have the option of adding a pre-written message to the number. You can do this by visiting Consequently, the URL changes to

When you click on these links, WhatsApp will instantly launch on both your phone and WhatsApp Web.

Establish a company profile link

You do not need to manually construct the link as demonstrated above if you are using the WhatsApp Business App. Fortunately, the programme includes the Short Link tool, which among other advantages creates a link immediately. You only need to copy it. Go to WhatsApp Settings >Business Settings > Short Link to view the short link.

For WhatsApp groups, create a link.

With WhatsApp groups' "Invite through link" option, anyone with the link can join the group, making it simple for individuals to join. So, take care in choosing who you share the link with. Open the group chat, press the name in the top bar to access settings, and you will see the link. Tap Invite through link as you go down.

Create a QR code

It's time to take actual action now that you have the link. You will want the assistance of a third party website in order to make a QR code. Here are a few of the websites we recommend:

●    QR code generator

●    Monkey QR code

●    QR content

You are also welcome to utilise a personal favourite.

No issue. All you need to do is open the website and paste the created link into the website (URL) field. The websites include numerous customization options, including those for colour, logo, and design. Create a QR code that suits your preferences. When finished, select either create or download.

Using a QR code generator, create a customized Whatsapp QR code.

Using the QR code generator is a respectable substitute for WhatsApp's suggested fix. You have access to an almost endless number of customizations with this web application, which is free to use online. You can, for instance, immediately add your company's logo to the WhatsApp QR code and change the border colour and other aspects of the QR code using an editor that is really simple to use.

You must use the QR code generator to produce a WhatsApp QR code.

  1. Log in to the QR code generator and     choose "Create QR Code" before choosing "Web Page."
  2. Make a WhatsApp me link     that points to the WhatsApp profile for your business. If you're unsure     about how to proceed, we suggest reading this article on the subject.
  3. Incorporate the QR code connection link.
  4. Edit your QR code to include the features you want, then download it.

How a WhatsApp QR Code can be used by Businesses?

WhatsApp QR Code can be used by Businesses
WhatsApp QR Code can be used by Businesses

Businesses can use WhatsApp QR Codes in a variety of ways to facilitate consumer communication and contact. To help you understand better, below are a few instances.

A real estate brokerage

The ideal technique to facilitate communication between a client and a real estate company to talk about a specific property listing is using a WhatsApp QR Code. The real estate company might place the WhatsApp QR Code next to each offered property on their business window. Those who are interested can quickly contact the accountable agent by scanning the QR Code.


A WhatsApp QR Code was added to a poster advertisement by a local tourism organisation in order to raise awareness of a brand-new trip package. The customer support staff could follow up directly with the potential customer and book their trip package when they scanned the QR Code with a pre-filled message expressing interest in that specific package.

Business advisors

A WhatsApp web QR Code on a sales brochure during a convention might be used to point clients to WhatsApp to talk about new deals. Their connections may opt to carry the brochure with them so they will have a convenient way to get in touch with the business consultant in the future. To preserve the talk for later, prospective customers can also simply scan the WhatsApp QR Code without grabbing the pamphlet.


A vendor of clothing may make a WhatsApp web QR Code and post it on the store's wall or the customer's shopping bag. Customers can scan the QR Code to connect with a customer care agent right away if they have any queries or require assistance with matters like returns and defective goods.

Conclusion | Create WhatsApp QR Code to Chat

Overall, WhatsApp QR codes are a strong feature with lots of advantages. Customer engagement with enterprises is increased when communication is made easier. Now that you know how to make your own WhatsApp QR codes, go ahead and distribute them. You can reach ChatDaddy if you have any questions.

FAQs | Create WhatsApp QR Code to Chat

Q: What does a WhatsApp QR Code do?

A: By selecting the share icon after opening the WhatsApp QR Code, you can share the QR Code with anyone on WhatsApp, on any printed material, or through any app.

Q: Will my WhatsApp code be available online?

A: To confirm that you are the owner of the phone number, use the verification code. You must be able to call or send an SMS to confirm your phone number. We are unable to email the code.

Q: Can WhatsApp messages be sent via a QR code?

A: You can quickly share your WhatsApp number by scanning a QR code for WhatsApp. Without explicitly saving the contact, users can open your WhatsApp contact by scanning the code and send a message.

Q: What Happens when I scan a WhatsApp QR code?

A: By scanning your WhatsApp QR code, your friends and family can add you as a contact. Until you reset your QR code or remove your WhatsApp account, it won't expire. Your WhatsApp QR code should only be shared with people you can trust.

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