Where to find the Facebook Business Manager ID?
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May 15, 2023

Where to find the Facebook Business Manager ID?

Confused about how to find your Facebook Business Manager ID? Look no further! We’ve got a step-by-step guide that makes it simple to locate and access your ID number.

Use Facebook Business Manager if your company utilizes Facebook. 

It's a crucial tool for keeping the assets of your Facebook business centralized, secure, and structured.

If you’ve been putting off setting up Facebook Business Manager because you weren’t exactly sure how it works, we’ve got excellent news. 

This article will show you how to do everything from setting up your account to putting your first ad in just 10 easy steps.

But first, let's address a crucial query. What exactly are Facebook Manager and Facebook Business Manager IDs?

Facebook Business Manager: What is it?

"Business Manager provides a one-stop shop to manage business tools, business assets, and employee access to these assets," according to Facebook.

It serves as your central hub for managing all of your Facebook marketing and advertising efforts. 

Additionally, you may manage access for numerous users to other resources like your Instagram account and product catalogs there. Here are a few of its primary features:

  • You won't have to worry about posting in the wrong place or being sidetracked while attempting to work because it keeps your professional and personal profiles separate.
  • It serves as a central hub for tracking Facebook ads and provides thorough reports on their effectiveness.
  • Without transferring ownership of the assets, it enables you to grant vendors, partners, and agencies access to your sites and advertisements.
  • Only your name, work email, pages, and ad accounts are visible to coworkers; your personal Facebook information is hidden from them.

Let's get you set up now that you are aware of the potential benefits of using Facebook Business Manager.

You may handle all of these platforms without going to them directly by integrating or linking them to your Facebook activity. 

It also provides us with information on each of them so that we can assess how well our company is doing.

How Can I Make A Facebook Business ID?

Make A Facebook Business ID

You don't generate a Facebook Business ID; instead, you create a Facebook Business Manager Account. 

Facebook will then provide you an automatic Facebook business ID that will be used to identify that Facebook Business Manager in a unique way.

Therefore, if your Facebook Business Manager has already been set up, utilize one of the aforementioned techniques to locate your current Facebook Business Manager ID rather than creating a new one.

Create a Business Manager if:

  • Your company has a marketing group: You employ several individuals to administer your Facebook or Instagram business pages or work on your marketing.
  • You look after assets: You are in charge of several Facebook or Instagram resources, including Facebook Pages, ad accounts, and applications.
  • Utilizing a vendor While working with vendors to design, administer, or run your Pages or advertisements, you still want your company to remain the exclusive owner of every asset.
  • You must be in charge of permissions and access: You desire full control over your assets, without transferring ownership to anyone who helps run your business.
  • You want your company to expand: You wish to share your own with other agencies or request access to other Pages, ad accounts, and apps.
  • To assist you in maintaining control over your assets and to help you keep your organization secure, the Business Manager is progressively adding new safeguard capabilities through the new Security Centre.

What is the ID for Facebook Business Manager?

Your Facebook Business Manager account's Facebook Business Manager ID is a distinct 15-digit number.

It is used to distinguish and identify each Facebook Business Manager account.

Keep in mind that the Facebook Business Manager ID differs from the Facebook Page ID and the Facebook Ad ID. 

You can locate all of these Facebook Business IDs in your Facebook Business Manager. Each one of them has a different purpose.

You must link your WhatsApp Business API account to your Facebook Business Manager if you choose to sign up for WhatsApp Business API via the standard sign-up process. 

You require your Facebook Business Manager ID to complete this.

WhatsApp will be able to recognize your Facebook Business Manager account and link your phone numbers to it thanks to the ID. 

You can begin the Facebook Business verification process after your WhatsApp Business API is connected.

Where to Find Facebook Business Manager ID?

Where to Find Facebook Business Manager ID

The main business account for managing all marketing initiatives for businesses is Facebook Business Manager. 

This account may belong to a page or a single Facebook user.

You may get your company's admin login information by visiting and entering the 15- or 16-digit FB Business Manager ID.

  • Please go to
  • Open your Business account and log in.
  • Select Business Settings (Top right corner of the page)
  • Select Business Info (Bottom left corner of the page)
  • Your Business Manager ID can be found below the Business Manager Info section (Top center of the page)

Create a Business Manager account at  if you don't already have one. 

Make an account.

To create and validate a Business Manager account, Facebook outlines specified prerequisites. 

For more information, go here.

How Can I Find The Facebook Business Manager ID In The Address Bar Of My Browser?

The second method of locating your Facebook business is almost the same, but it is even simpler. 

The entire procedure, which is the same in the first three steps, is illustrated as follows:

Open the Facebook Business Manager account whose business ID you want to know.

Visit the Business Settings page.

In this case, all you need to do is look at the URL in the address bar of your browser.

As shown in the image below, the number after "business-id=" in the URL is your Facebook business manager ID:


A Facebook Business Manager Account's Verification Process

Facebook Business Manager account's verification process

This certification is crucial because Facebook will acknowledge your organization as legitimate, which is quite intriguing given that you are an actual corporation that sells reliable goods. 

Two steps are required to verify our company account: the first step must be completed if the button to confirm your Facebook activity is disabled; if it is enabled, you can skip the first step and proceed directly to the second.

Phase 1:

If our verify button is not working, take the following actions:

a) Make a connection between your business manager and your fan page.

Pages under Business Setup. 

Click "add" and then input the URL or page name to add your company page to the activity. You must be in the pages tab to do this.

b) Integrate your marketing account

We move to the "Ads account" tab, which is found immediately below the pages tab in the "Account" section, after finishing the first step, and we put our current ad account ID there.

c) Develop a universal app.

Go to the "Apps" page in the "

Accounts" section of our Facebook Business Manager account to build a generic app. 

To add or create an App ID, click "Add".

Choose "other uses" and fill up the pop-up with the necessary information, including the "app name" and the contact email address.

They will be directed to the app dashboard once the app has been created. 

The setup is located on the left, and you must choose the "Basic" option.

It is advised to enter an icon at this point together with the domain of the corporate website (section App Domains). 

Click "Save Changes" after that.

After completing these steps, the Verify button in the Security Center will become accessible, and you can then begin the Facebook Business Manager account verification procedure.

Phase 2:

You can click on the "Business Verification" button by going to the "Security Center" and verifying that it is operational.

You must now complete four parts of information about your company. Send one of the acceptable documents (you can find a list of those that are acceptable here) to complete the procedure. 

Four stages need to be finished:

1) Company name and location.

2) Determine the market for your company.

3) Confirm your company name (by uploading one of the accepted documents).

4) Check the company's phone number or address.

We advise you to submit a business license for the company name verification and a statement for the address verification, as well as to utilize a business email connected to your website domain. 

After everything is finished and submitted, you must wait for Facebook to approve your request. 

The amount of time it takes for approval varies greatly; typically, Facebook validates it in minutes or weeks, depending on the circumstance.

We will be able to see a green tick next to the verification text once Facebook has authenticated our account.

WhatsApp Business API and Facebook Business Manager ID

Given that WhatsApp employs this method to confirm your company's identification, the Facebook Business Manager verification process becomes crucial. 

It is unavoidably necessary to have a confirmed Facebook Business Manager account for your business to be able to utilize the WhatsApp Business API.

An initial edition of WhatsApp's API (application programming interface), which is controlled by Facebook, was made accessible in August 2018 to permit businesses to structure and enable a help channel using the messaging app.

Once your Facebook Business Manager account has been validated, you must have a number accessible that is not connected to an active WhatsApp account to access WhatsApp's APIs (you can use a new phone number, or delete your WhatsApp account from your phone). 

Once you have requested access to WhatsApp's APIs, the phone number will assist you with configuring your virtual line.

If your goal is to use WhatsApp to provide customer support, we advise that you first choose the platform you will use and then run the process through the chosen company. 

The final step to take to access WhatsApp Business's APIs is to choose the best Business Solution Provider for your situation.

Conclusion | Where to find the Facebook Business Manager ID?

That's all, then! You may use Facebook Business Manager and know where to find Facebook Business Manager ID to maximize your Facebook advertising and marketing efforts now that you've put in the minimal amount of effort necessary today.

With ChatDaddy, you can maximize your Facebook advertising spending while saving time. 

You may manage advertising campaigns and organic content across various networks from a single dashboard. 

Today, try it for free!

FAQs | Where to find the Facebook Business Manager ID?

Q: The Facebook Business Manager ID is what.

A: The Facebook Company Manager ID is a number that is used to identify and distinguish each business account; it is comparable to the identification number that belongs to a citizen of a specific nation. This ID is given to each company's account manager on Facebook and is distinctive.

Q: Facebook Business Manager: What is it?

A: Facebook Business Manager is a free tool that we may use to execute marketing campaigns for our businesses. This tool's job is to consolidate many Facebook features that can enhance and connect our business with the rest of the digital world, enabling us to conduct tests and measures of the latter.

Q: Where can I get my company ID?

A: Your EIN can be found on several documents, including past tax returns, business loan applications, confirmation letters from the IRS, business credit reports, and payroll records. To find your federal tax ID number, you can also contact the IRS by phone. Asking the firm is a good place to start if you need to find out another company's EIN.

Q: Is Business Manager the same as Meta Business Suite?

A: While the Company Manager mainly focuses on Facebook pages and ad accounts, Business Suite enables you to manage all Facebook and Instagram business accounts.

Q: What is an Ad ID?

A: A naming scheme for advertising assets is called Ad-ID. It assigns a unique identification to each piece of advertising creativity, whether it's a TV advertisement, a print advertisement, or a banner ad.

Q: What distinguishes a Facebook business account from a Facebook business page?

A; To handle adverts and pages without having a personal profile, you can create a business account on Facebook if you don't want a personal profile. Personal profiles cannot contact business profiles outside of using a page and have restricted access to them.

Q: How can I locate my Facebook login information?

A: Visit Find Your Account page and follow the directions there. Use a device that you have previously used to access Facebook, such as a computer or mobile device. Find the account you wish to recover by searching. You can use the name, email address, or phone number to look for your account.

Q: Where are Facebook's business settings?

A: Look for the option "Business Settings" in the main navigation bar. You ought to see your Facebook business page or ad account in the middle of the screen at this point if you already have one set up.

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