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Contactlens Easy

The secret to maximizing service and increasing customer repurchase rate by 80%

Contactlens Easy

It must be everyone's dream to have a pair of beautiful, gorgeous eyes 👀. Whether you have healthy eyes or are nearsighted, you can always look for the right contact lenses to beautify your eyes or find a pair of glasses to enhance your overall outfit.

The secret to maximizing service and increasing customer repurchase rate by 80%

ChatDaddy's multi-person customer service feature

For eight years, Contactlens Easy has been focusing on the online world and has received many WhatsApp inquiries from customers every day. To cope with the massive volume of inquiries and improve customer service efficiency, Contactlens Easy turned to ChatDaddy, which seems to be tailor-made for them and has brought them the good news. After using ChatDaddy's Multi-Person Customer Service, colleagues can log in to the same host number at the same time and share information and communicate with each other more quickly, so they can work together more effectively.

Customers are well taken cared with the team inbox feature, and ChatDaddy's special note function keeps the teams informed about their clients' demands at all times. Therefore, customers' shopping experience in their online store is greatly enhanced. Instant replies feature in WhatsApp are like having an experience on-site staff explaining products to customers, thus makes our customer service job more efficient.

The most user-friendly customer service software ever. ChatDaddy has really aided us in our everyday job, improving our workflow.

Jason L | Customer Service Manager
Increase your daily closing rate by 90% with ChatDaddy's automatic website order notification

It is also worth noting that Contactlens Easy also uses another exclusive feature of ChatDaddy — E-Commerce Notification feature. It's good to have more orders on the website, but with the increasing number of orders, it is very time consuming for the staffs to send orders and purchase confirmation to customers manually.

With ChatDaddy's Notification feature, employees no longer worry about this. When customers visit their website and forget to place orders, ChatDaddy's Notification becomes an excellent helper to remind them of their orders. ChatDaddy has become a great helper in reminding customers of their abandoned carts and send payment reminders to their customers, thus increased their daily transactions!

After the customer has placed an order, ChatDaddy will send the customer an order confirmation message. It will also remind the customer of the date and time of the upcoming shipment.

The entire online shopping process has been improved by ChatDaddy's involvement, increasing the daily turnover rate by 90%. The spare time and energy of the employees may be used to improve the goods and provide better service to more clients, which is a multi-benefit.

Jason L | Customer Service Manager

Auto-billing system is not only about billing, ChatDaddy can also implement the button reply function!

ChatDaddy's button reply function is really helpful in Contactlens Easy's daily business operation. It's not uncommon for customers to receive messages and not be able to type and revert due to busy schedules or time constraints. However, a lot of potential customer is lost as a result of these hassles. With ChatDaddy's button reply function, businesses can set up button replies with the customer's needs in advance. Once the customer receives the message, they can provide feedback to the store by pressing the button according to their needs, saving time and increase message effectiveness. With this feature, there is no need to worry about not receiving a reply from the customer because the ChatDaddy button reply feature allows the customer to reply quickly with just a click.

In addition to online shopping, Contactlens Easy is also a breakthrough in bringing the online world offline. In the Causeway Bay store, they provides the most caring contact lens fitting service. Whether you are a new or an experienced contact lens user, or even if you have never worn contact lenses before, Contactlens Easy strives to meet your needs and select the most suitable contact lenses for you.

Contactlens Easy also provides eyeglass fitting services to help you choose the best lenses and frames at the best price. With the same dedication to every pair of contact lenses, Contactlens Easy’s customers are delighted and say, "It's so different." The staff said, "In fact, we just do the simplest thing: do a good job with our heart and soul for 8 years, not forgetting our original intention to bring better glasses and contact lenses to everyone."

It's not easy to run a business nowadays, and it's not easy to have an online store while having an offline store to reach out to customers to enhance their experience; Contactlens Easy is not compromising and trying to provide the best service customers. With ChatDaddy, Contactlens Easy can take its business to another level with confidence, which is an excellent thing for the contact lens and optical industry.

Good news from ChatDaddy!

If you too would like ChatDaddy to help you drive your business, grab the opportunity at ChatDaddy WhatsApp or schedule a ChatDaddy one-on-one expert coaching session to unlock the potential of your business with a customized plan.

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