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How J Travel & Drstorage, an shopee store automate their business using ChatDaddy

J Travel & Drstorage

With this function, merchants on Shopee don't have anything to stress over; it's simply a great savior for the online business.

Shopee (虾皮) is an incredibly hot 🔥 online e-commerce platform. I believe we all feel that it deserves its name because almost everyone has shopped on Shopee. The platform and features designed to create customer viscosity are unquestionably great.

Headquartered in Singapore, Shopee was first founded in Singapore in 2015 and expanded to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan.

The owner of Jtravel & Drstorage is one of the early Shopee merchants. The owner is from Johor and saw the opportunity to join Shopee when it launched in Malaysia. The store started with J Travel and has expanded from one store to more than 10 Shopee stores.

One day, the owner of Jtravel was glancing through Facebook and saw ChatDaddy's advertisement 🪧, and decided to contact ChatDaddy.

The owner, who already owns more than 10 Shopee stores, was intrigued by ChatDaddy's offers.

With this capacity, merchants on Shopee don't have anything to stress over; it's just an extraordinary friend in need for the web-based business.

It turns out that the owners of JTravel started with JTravel a few years before the pandemic hit, and they had already served more than a dozen thousand customers by selling foreign communication cards for travel purposes on Shopee. Later, the online store expanded, and its customer base grew, with tremendous orders everyday. Chatdaddy's website order service was a big reason that attracted the owner of JTravel to consult ChatDaddy.

> ChatDaddy's website order service

Upgrade your online e-store service to a higher level to make your store more competitive and stand out >

The owner of JTravel shared, "Nowadays, online stores are widespread; even though we have more than ten stores in Shopee, we still pursue the space for progress and think about making our online store more progressive and competitive every day." We often think of maintaining the status quo, no need to progress, because the status quo is already good enough. However, maintaining status quo comes with a lot of uncertainties.

Warren Buffett once wrote in his investment collection that it is tough to predict a company's business prospects if its long-term development is affected by many uncertainties. On the contrary, companies with a long and stable operating history have proven to be more competitive than other companies. However, this competitiveness ensures that they will be able to maintain their competitive position in the future so that the business outlook is desirable and less unpredictable. With this vision in mind, the owners of JTravel began using ChatDaddy's website order notification feature to send reminder notifications, payment confirmation notifications, shipping notifications, and order completion notifications.

> Website order notification function

Automatically retrieve relevant data from Shopee

Proactively message customers on Whatsapp to send and update order status>

After just the third day of use, employees felt the benefits of the website order notification feature, commenting, "This website order notification feature is so easy to install. It takes just 5 minutes! What's more surprising is that it eases our work a lot. In the past, after placing an order, customers would come to Shopee Inbox to ask about the status of their order and when it would be shipped, and we had to respond to them one by one. Sometimes there were many orders, and the delayed response would affect our customers' satisfaction. Now it's different; the order status is fully automated and will update for the customer's Whatsapp through our company Whatsapp number. It's great! "

Customers don’t have to worry because the e-store will take the initiative to send information to update the customer's purchase status. Meanwhile, your team is also more comfortable and can focus on other aspects of the product, reducing manual operation issues and killing two birds with one stone.

> Reminder notification is a good assistant for collecting payments

Helped me to get more customers to pay for the order and buy the product>

What's more? After setting up the reminder notification, customers who have not completed the payment will receive the reminder notification from the store.

The store owner can set up a personalized preset time and status on ChatDaddy when the customer has not completed the payment and then push the reminder notification message to the customer automatically.

The reminder notification helps increase the customer's purchase rate and ensures that every customer who comes to the store has the best service and assistance. It also opens a wonderful first step for future merchants to be able to continue serving guests with their excellent products, leading to transactions.

> Reserve phone numbers for a rainy day

Easily export all guest lists through the "Export" function on ChatDaddy's contact list page >

Another benefit of sending website orders through ChatDaddy is that you can reserve every customers’ phone number. This is great peace of mind for business owners, as they no longer have to worry that they won't be able to take their hard-earned customer base with them when they leave Shopee and start their website. With the list you have built up by using ChatDaddy for a rainy day, you will be able to make a web relocation and feel safe.

Total number of contacts (contact list) when you first started using ChatDaddy

Total number of contacts (contact list) after 5 months of using ChatDaddy 😱

I saved a lot of time by using ChatDaddy WhatsApp notification instead of manually providing tracking and order information, and I was able to automate the entire process with a simple setup.

Mr. Lee | J Travel & JDstorage owner

A great man succeeds because he shares adversity with others who have lost faith while determined to achieve his goals.

ChatDaddy intended to bring the value that was lacking from the existing website while establishing the website order service feature. Such as allowing the owners to easily reserve the customer list so that the customers' contact information flowing into their online store could be grasped by the owners and subsequently be able to do a series of updates, more personalised follow-up, and service to the customers, etc.

The customers’ purchasing experience is improved and leaves a deep and good impression. The likelihood of a second purchase or suggestion to relatives and friends to buy will increase as well. ChatDaddy hopes that this feature will continue to bring good news, hope, and the most significant help to all online store owners as the epidemic hits. ChatDaddy will join hands with you to help you overcome the epidemic.

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