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Tian Si

What customers get is not only exquisite jewelries, but a deep impression of customer service.

~TianSi 添喜珠宝~

What customers get is not only exquisite jewelries,
but a deep impression of customer service.

Tian Si Jewellery is a large jewelry distributor located in Malaysia - Johor. It features a 3D printing technology design that can create exclusive jewelry pieces for customers.

Tian Si Jewellery has been the premier large jeweler in Malaysia - Johor since its establishment 18 years ago and is a well-known brand, loved and supported by the general public.

When the pandemic hit Malaysia, Tian Si stores were forced to shut down first due to compliance with the movement control order's operating procedures. The staff had to stay at home for their daily work due to the movement control order. And they approached ChatDaddy to automate day-to-day operations and further enhance their workflow. This major change made Tian Si Jewellery, who had always been committed to running the offline store, make a significant adjustment.

After understanding Tian Si’s needs, ChatDaddy sales team helped Tian Si Jewellery create a customized solution. As a result, Timothy started using ChatDaddy's multi-person customer service and broadcasting features.

ChatDaddy's multi-person customer service feature allows Timothy's staff to assign tasks efficiently and respond to the high volume of customer inquiries each day.

In addition, Timothy's nearly 50 staff members were able to log in to two phone numbers simultaneously by using ChatDaddy's multi-person customer service. They can easily switch to  two phones numbers to respond to different groups of customers at the same time through ChatDaddy's 'Switch Team' feature.

Timothy's staff exclaimed after just half a month of use, "It's very convenient! We are relieved that now we can each be at our posts, and the response efficiency is much faster! "

> The integration of multi-person customer service with the 'Switch Team' feature that enables quick switching between two accounts makes ChatDaddy's Whatsapp chat platform stand out>

Multi-phone pipeline branding has generated sales for Tian Si Jewellery. Timely response from customer service not only adds to customer response rate but also enhances a good customer experience

> Customer profile recording makes customer service process smoother and optimizes customer experience>

With ChatDaddy's 'Note' function, Timothy's staff who have been involved in customer conversations can leave customer information for effective internal communication and a deeper understanding of customer needs, making follow-up work more convenient, accurate, and effective.

My staff can easily follow up with customers, and when they're on leave, other colleagues may take over, assuring that the daily business is not affected and that transitioning time is minimised.

Timothy | Manager

Like all businesses, Tian Si Jewellery pursues growth. Timothy believes in gold jewellery as a token of beauty and love for everyone to pass on to each other. Because of this belief, their extraordinary gold jewellery craftsmanship has been achieved. The meticulous and pure craftsmanship created for each customer has become a rare treasure that everyone cherish.

During the process of gold jewellery production, Tian Si strictly controls the quality of the precious metal, and with its beautiful cutting skills, its gold jewellery exudes unparalleled luster and sparkle. Timothy can also achieve this dedication when using ChatDaddy platform, "Our evaluation of ChatDaddy is consistent with the quality of our gold jewellery presentation. "

Besides multiple user functions, Tian Si Jewellery does message broadcasting to accomplish automated marketing for their business.

Do you think that's all ChatDaddy has to offer? Of course not. With ChatDaddy customer support, Tian Si Jewellery learned multi-user features, run scheduled broadcastings, and update customers on special promotions and offers to increase customer repurchase rates. This led to a massive boost in Tian Si Jewellery’s sales volume.

Customers are updated with regular promotions and offers, plus online customer service is as direct and personal as on-site, giving customers the most direct and intimate service and assistance in selecting their gold jewellery. The customer's difficulties and problems in selecting gold jewellery online are solved, and naturally, the purchasing rate and satisfaction increase.

Automatic keyword reply, leave no orders behind

While the number of loyal customers grows, the quality of customer service cannot be guaranteed. That's why Tian Si has made good use of ChatDaddy's automatic keyword response.

This ensures that customers are provided with information about shipping costs when they want to place an order. The customer service function is complemented by the ability to respond to customers at all times, ensuring that no orders overlooked.

Now, with ChatDaddy as a proper tool, they can reply quickly and promptly no matter when the customer sends a request message, giving them a VIP experience. In terms of marketing, with the help of broadcast message, customer tracking 'Note' function, and automated keyword response, it is easier to touch customers' hearts and keep interacting with them, leaving a deep impression of the brand in their minds.

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