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Elevate Communication with WhatsApp Automation Solutions

Automate engaging conversations across sales, marketing, and support, ensuring consent-driven and personalized exchanges at every touchpoint


Simplified Customer Journey with Automated Responses

Discover a smooth customer-reply journey. Our platform simplifies WhatsApp communication, making it easy to respond and engage. Navigate effortlessly through customer interactions, ensuring seamless and efficient communication every step of the way.

Effortless Messaging Automation
Streamlined Communication Journeys

Build and Save Your Own Easy-to-Use WhatsApp Templates

Streamline your WhatsApp communications with our easy-to-use template builder. Quickly create, save, and deploy custom messages for efficient and consistent customer engagement.

No Approval Needed
Reusable Communication

Diverse WhatsApp Account Types

Utilize personal accounts for business interactions. Explore a range of account types to engage with clients flexibly.

No WhatsApp Business Account Needed
Use Personal WhatsApp with Automation

Affordable Business Communication

Experience substantial cost savings by opting for ChatDaddy API. Eliminate extra conversation fees, pay only the platform fee, making it an affordable choice for businesses engaging extensively with their audience through WhatsApp.

No Additional Conversational Charges
Fixed Price

Why ChatDaddy API is  The Best In The Market?

Customized templates

Simplify launches with our template library for all your needs - appointment reminders, shipping updates, OTPs, alerts and more

Rich communication

Elevate campaign performance with engaging images, videos, PDFs, CTAs & quick-reply buttons enabling rich 2-way chats


Say goodbye to additional conversation fees. ChatDaddy applies only a platform fee, ensuring cost-effectiveness for businesses, regardless of message volume

Direct Number Ownership

Take charge of your communication channels. With ChatDaddy API, retain ownership and direct control over your contact numbers.

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Do I need to pay for WhatsApp Business API?

No. To set up WhatsApp Business API through ChatDaddy, you will NOT need to pay a monthly API provider fee but a WhatsApp messaging fee  is charged per conversation. For Pro and Max plan users that are yearly subscribers, onboarding support will now include expert guidance throughout the completion of the official WhatsApp Business API application process, ChatDaddy account setup, to the management of Facebook Business Verification, along with a one-hour-long user training and chat backup.

What happens if I reach the customer contact limits?

When you exceed your customer contact limit, you will no longer be able to send messages to your contacts until the limit has been increased by upgrading your subscription plan.

Does ChatDaddy offer advanced automation setup and training for our team?

Yes, we do! With our Chatbot and Automation Setup Support Plan, our dedicated onboarding team will guide your team on workflow customization, from staff permissions to customer flows and even automation rules. Contact us now to learn more about the pricing!

Does ChatDaddy offer onboarding support?

Yes! All yearly plan users will receive free onboarding support which includes guidance on WhatsApp Business API application and Facebook Business verification, ChatDaddy account setup, and 1-hour user training from our team of experts.

What happens if I reach my limit for broadcast messages?

You’ll receive a reminder to upgrade when you near the limit. You will not be able to send broadcast messages once the limit is exceeded.

Are there additional charges for each instant messaging channel added?

Most instant messaging channels do not have additional charges. However, some channels such as SMS and WhatsApp may incur additional fees for API setup and message quotas. Contact us to learn more!

Does ChatDaddy integrate with WhatsApp?

Yes we do! We are an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP). ChatDaddy always ensures that customers obtain the best pricing for a large volume of messages. You can also connect to multiple WhatsApp channels and own multiple official WhatsApp Business accounts (WABAs). Talk to our customer support team to see which one works best for you.

What are the available methods of payment?

We accept all major credit cards through our accredited payment gateway partner, Stripe. We also offer alternative payment methods for invoices exceeding $10,000 USD. Talk to our team to learn more.

Can I cancel anytime?

Plans can be cancelled at any time without incurring any cancellation fees and will no longer be renewed at the next renewal date. All data stored on your accounts will also be erased within 3 months or upon request.

What is Priority support?

Access our highest level of technical support with a dedicated escalation channel where issues can be resolved via service tickets, direct messaging, or additional callbacks. Your queries will be prioritized, and responses will be received in two to three hours as long as it falls from 10 am to 7 pm (UTC/GMT: +8:00) from Monday to Friday. If third-party software support is required, ChatDaddy will also deliver configuration guidance and troubleshooting assistance. Only yearly billing is accepted for this support plan.