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The Interactive Message Templates for WhatsApp Buttons

Since its launch in 2018, WhatsApp Business has been used by over 3 million businesses around the globe. As a result of the massive adoption of WhatsApp Business in recent years, the company has been working hard to make it easier for users to react to businesses and to assist businesses in improving their response rates.

WhatsApp announced Interactive Message Templates (also known as WhatsApp interactive buttons) in July 2020 to make it easier for users to respond to businesses by allowing them to respond using buttons rather than typing.

This is part of the WhatsApp Business API, which was created with the goal of reducing user response time by putting alternatives right in front of them, removing the need for typing and any potential for answer confusion. During testing, WhatsApp chatbots that employed interactive buttons received better response rates than those that used text messages.

Given that this is one of the most recent additions to the WhatsApp Business API, let’s learn more about WhatsApp Interactive Buttons, including the many varieties, why you need them, how to gain access, and examples of businesses who are already utilizing WhatsApp Buttons to develop their businesses.

What are WhatsApp Interactive Buttons (Interactive Message Templates) and Its purpose?

WhatsApp Interactive Buttons are a feature that allows users to respond to a message delivered by a business by using the buttons included in the message.

There are three varieties of WhatsApp Message Templates, the most recent of which is the Interactive Message Template (also known as WhatsApp Interactive Buttons).

  1. Text messages — This type of message solely contains text and can be used to give proactive notifications such as order status updates, delivery updates, or payment confirmations.
  2. Rich media messages — e-receipts, boarding tickets, and onboarding videos are examples of rich media messages that contain graphics, data, or videos.
  3. Interactive messages with buttons — These messages can be a mix of text and rich media with buttons at the bottom that direct customers to do a specific action, such as visiting your website, contacting your support team, or arranging an appointment.

Types of WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

In interactive message templates, there are two sorts of buttons available.

1. WhatsApp Call-to-Action Button — When tapped, this button allows your consumers to make a phone call or visit a website.

  • You can have buttons under your chat, it could redirecting to a website or call a phone number.
  • Each button text has a 20-character restriction.
  • The header is optional, however if you do include one, it must be text, an image, a video, or a document.

2. WhatsApp Quick Reply Button — Using the available buttons, your customers can instantly respond to your business. The response will be sent as a simple text after the customer selects an option. You can add up to three buttons for speedy responses.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp Interactive Buttons?

WhatsApp Buttons are a terrific approach to guide users through a logical and automated conversation flow, reducing confusion. WhatsApp Buttons provide a wonderful user experience and smooth customer assistance with predetermined replies.

  1. Simple to understand — When compared to text-based lists, interactive messages make it easier for individuals to identify and select what they want from a company.
  2. Greater response rate — When WhatsApp chatbots were tested using the interactive messaging features, it was discovered that they had much higher response rates and conversions than text-based messages.
  3. Personalized Interactions – These interactive buttons can be customized for a certain customer segment or situation using photos, videos, and pdfs.

How to get access to WhatsApp’s Interactive Buttons?

No matter you are using WhatsApp business or normal WhatsApp, you can have interactive buttons with ChatDaddy’s platform in just few steps:

  1. Create a ChatDaddy account here
  2. Link your phone to ChatDaddy’s platform by scanning QR code
  3. Go to message flow and create a message with button
  4. You can use it to communicate with your customers by selecting the message flow.

Businesses that use WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

Here are some examples of companies which are already using WhatsApp buttons to engage with consumers, increase conversions, collect feedback, and send reminders.

1. Hotstar + Disney

Disney + Hotstar is presently using WhatsApp buttons to deliver subscription renewal reminders in India. It’s a simple and convenient solution for users to renew their subscriptions with just one click and continue to receive uninterrupted service.

WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

2. Adidas India

Adidas India renovated their online store and announced a new membership programme in December 2021 to boost online sales. They used WhatsApp buttons to raise awareness of the programme and encourage more individuals to participate. When a user clicks the ‘Join for Free’ button, they will be taken to the appropriate page on their website, where they can sign up for this programme.

WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

3. Flipkart

During its Big Saving Days campaign in December 2021, Flipkart also used WhatsApp Interactive buttons. They not only gave away discount coupons to their clients during this campaign, but they also promoted their referral programme by requesting users to share it to a maximum of 10 friends in order to receive further discounts and prizes. This is an excellent example of how to use WhatsApp to promote a campaign, increase sales, and develop referral networks all at once.

WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

4. Apollo Clinics

When it came to WhatsApp buttons, Apollo Clinics chose a unique approach. Instead of using the WhatsApp call-to-action buttons to spread awareness or drive conversions, they used the WhatsApp fast reply button to collect customer feedback. This is how they gather input from users.

WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

Let’s Start using WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

With 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging programme. Not only that, but WhatsApp Business is already being used by over 3 million businesses across the world to interact with their clients. As more organizations recognize WhatsApp’s impact on their client base, leveraging WhatsApp as a platform to create a great customer experience, collect feedback, and drive sales has never been more important.

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