Get the Answers: 19 Essential FAQs on WhatsApp Business
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March 18, 2024

Get the Answers: 19 Essential FAQs on WhatsApp Business

Find out everything you need to know about using WhatsApp Business. Discover the answers to 19 frequently asked questions and start boosting your business today.

Since Facebook released WhatsApp Business in 2018, the product has gone through various updates. Many users had questions and worries about how to get started and utilize the app effectively as the procedures and regulations developed. You've arrived at the correct place whether you're new to WhatsApp Business or simply have a few queries.

Here are 19 such inquiries that rank higher on search engines than the others. Let's begin!

1. What is WhatsApp Business and how does it work?

WhatsApp Business is a free app for iOS and Android. In just seven easy steps, you can get started with WhatsApp Business:

  • You may get WhatsApp for your phone from the App Store or the Play Store.
  • Review the terms of service and click "Agree and Continue" if they are acceptable to you.
  • Fill in information such as your country code and phone number to create an account. An SMS confirmation you will receive an OTP to confirm your business phone number. Finish the verification process.
  • Allow the app access to your device's media files and contacts.
  • Fill in the data of your company to complete your account.
  • Tap "Explore" to create a complete business profile.
  • Begin promoting to your customers or conversing with them.

2. What is the significance of WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a means to engage with customers on a platform where they already spend a lot of time. In fact, Android users spend an average of 38 minutes every day on their phones. WhatsApp Business gives your business the ability to:

  • Gain access to a large customer base - either local or worldwide.
  • Take advantage of this high-engagement texting tool for marketing objectives.
  • Start automatic conversations with customers to answer questions, collect feedback, and distribute promotional information, crucial updates, and offers to them directly and personally.
  • Reduce the time it takes for customer support to respond.
  • Scale operations according to demand.

3. How to make use of WhatsApp Business with multiple users?

Use of Multiple Users
Use of Multiple Users

WhatsApp Business does not natively enable multiple user profile management. Per phone number, only one user may access one WhatsApp Business account. The business does, however, provide a WhatsApp Business API that allows the app to be integrated with conversational AI systems, allowing numerous users to reply to customer messages via the program. As a business grows, it can switch to WhatsApp API; however, medium and big businesses will need to sign up for WhatsApp Business API to meet their vast communication requirements.

4. Is WhatsApp Business a paid service?

WhatsApp Business may be downloaded, set up, and used for free. Using a WhatsApp Business API on a bigger scale, however, may involve charges. Before you can use the WhatsApp API, you must first register with it and receive clearance from WhatsApp. Additionally, after 24 hours, firms are charged for the communications they send to customers. There is no charge if your company responds to a customer's communication within 24 hours.

5. Is there a payment option in WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Payments
WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp Pay is available in some countries like India and Brazil. If you are not in the mentioned countries, you can generate a static payment link from your payment gateway and insert it via ChatDaddy's WhatsApp message button. With the WhatsApp shop integration found on ChatDaddy's platform, you can automate the payment when your customers send you a shopping cart on WhatsApp.

6. Is WhatsApp Business capable of recording calls?

No, WhatsApp does not record any of your conversations with your customers. It also doesn't support the app's call recording feature. All of your customer communications, whether they be chats, calls, or media sharing, are encrypted end-to-end, protecting conversational privacy. However, there are third-party plugins or apps in the app store that may provide you with recording capabilities.

7.  Do deleted messages appear in WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business does not show any deleted communications, according to the company. The sender has the choice to "Delete exclusively for me" or "Delete for everyone" once the message has been sent. Messages are then removed for either parties (sender and recipient) or only the sender, depending on what the sender chooses. You may need to hunt for third-party tools if you want to recover lost texts.

8. Is there a status feature in WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp's Business Accounts were enhanced in 2021 with the option to publish statuses and inform users on what's going on. It's as simple as going to the Status page on the app UI, touching on the profile image button, and selecting the desired material to upload.

9. Can WhatsApp Business account show your online status?

No, the status activity of the person on the business profile is not updated by WhatsApp Business (online, offline or last seen). This feature was once accessible in 2021, but it has since been deactivated. Consumers who are talking with a business account will only see "Business Account" on the brand's status. Users may be able to alter their business account status on the desktop or online versions of the app, though.

10. Are business account on WhatsApp secure?

WhatsApp Security
WhatsApp Security

When a customer and a business communicate using WhatsApp business, the chat is encrypted end-to-end as far as the app is concerned. The privacy policies and practices of the business involved, as well as the vendors or executives it authorizes for access and interaction with consumers, govern the information that consumers and businesses share with one another.

11. What steps should you take to turn your WhatsApp account into a business account?

The switch from a standard account to a business account is mostly automated. Take the following steps:

  • In the standard app, make a backup of your WhatsApp data.
  • Launch the WhatsApp Business app after downloading and installing it.
  • Review the service's terms and conditions and register.
  • WhatsApp Business will recognize your number from your ordinary account and begin the transition process.
  • When prompted, you can select to restore your data from the backup you made.
  • Allow the app to access your device's media.
  • Create a WhatsApp Business account and a business profile.
  • Start a conversation!

12. How to get started with dual WhatsApp Business accounts?

The capability of enabling two accounts to run on the same phone number is not supported by WhatsApp Business by default. You can set up parallel applications to support two accounts on the same phone, depending on the device you're using. Parallel app setup may be found in your device's settings under a variety of titles, including "Twin Apps," "Dual Messenger," "App Clone," and others.

13. Why was my number banned from WhatsApp Business?

In the event of a breach of the terms of service, WhatsApp Business normally bans a company or phone number. "Your phone number has been blocked from accessing WhatsApp," the user receives a message. Help is available by contacting support."

To avoid having your business account number banned from WhatsApp Business, read the Acceptable Terms of Service carefully and understand the activities that may result in your account being banned so that you can avoid it.

14. Why aren't I getting WhatsApp Business notifications?

WhatsApp Notifications
WhatsApp Notifications

There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to get WhatsApp Business alerts on your phone:

  • It's possible that your internet connection is down.
  • Your device's "Do Not Disturb" option may be interfering with notifications.
  • Your phone's background data may be limited.

If trying to adjust these settings does not resolve the issue, try the following:

  • Restarting your computer
  • Logging out of your WhatsApp Business account and then back in
  • Ensure you have the most recent version of the software.
  • Task killers must be uninstalled.

15. Why is WhatsApp Business unable to install?

There might be numerous issues preventing WhatsApp Business from being installed on your phone's operating system. 413, 481, 491, 492, 505, 907, 910, 921, 927, 941, and DF-DLA-15 are error codes connected with installation issues. To fix these issues, you must first log out of your Google account and restart your phone. Re-enter your Google account and check whether it works.

You may also try clearing the cache on your smartphone, deleting Play Store data, and reinstalling WhatsApp.

16. Is WhatsApp Web available for WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business does, in fact, support WhatsApp Web. To get there, go to the WhatsApp Web option from the menu in the upper right corner of your mobile app. A QR code scanner will appear. Scanning the QR code displayed on the WhatsApp Web page with your desktop browser The WhatsApp Web interface will open on your desktop after a few seconds.

17. How can I open WhatsApp Business on multiple devices?

Currently, WhatsApp Business does not feature the ability to run the same business account on numerous devices. However, with its Beta program for Web, Desktop, and Portal, it does enable an alternate option to utilize WhatsApp Business on many devices. The business is evaluating usability across numerous devices with this Beta version without the requirement to keep the phone connected.

The Beta version now allows users to use WhatsApp on four devices at once, but only one phone may be used at a time on a single account.

18. How can I send mass WhatsApp Business messages?

WhatsApp does not allow automated mass messaging since it is a serious breach of their terms of service, according to the company. Private messaging and business/commerce talks with clients and consumers are designed to be conducted on the site. You can however, with ChatDaddy's broadcast feature, reach out to your customers by uploading a csv file or select via the platform's audience filter to communicate with your customers on a large scale.

It is still possible to construct messaging lists from your contacts and send them all messages at once, but this may be against the rules of service, and your business account may be suspended.

Businesses, on the other hand, can create groups and/or use the broadcast feature to communicate with multiple users via WhatsApp. Both of these features are distinct in a few respects.

19. What is the procedure for creating a WhatsApp Business group?

In WhatsApp Business, you may create a Business group in a few easy steps:

  • Proceed to the Chats tab.
  • When you go to New Chat, the New Group option will show.
  • Click on it
  • You'll be prompted to add contacts to this group in WhatsApp Business. Choose the contacts you want to add from your directory.
  • After you've chosen the contacts you want to include in the group, you'll need to give it a name.
  • Tap Create when you're finished.

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