Boost Your Business with These Creative WhatsApp Ad Templates
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May 24, 2023

Boost Your Business with These Creative WhatsApp Ad Templates

Take your WhatsApp advertising to the next level with our collection of creative and effective promotion message templates. Drive more sales and engage with your customers.

Have a forthcoming new release, flash sale, or members-only promotion? Spread the word and attract clients by using WhatsApp. 

With an instance of a WhatsApp advertising message from the list below, give them a subtly encouraging word or an invitation they can't resist.

The well-known business chat app can be the driving force behind a company's unstoppable expansion because it is equipped with robust text marketing tools that can assist increase sales.

One way to do it is to craft well-written WhatsApp promotional messages or Whatsapp advertising messages.

We'll walk you through setting it up and give you access to a library of WhatsApp Business message templates in this comprehensive guide.

Owners of e-commerce businesses have several responsibilities. 

The list is enormous and includes everything from stock inventory and marketing to fulfillment and customer support.

However, WhatsApp communication needs to be a part of your growth strategy if you want your business to expand. 

And WhatsApp's ability to automate replies is a crucial tool companies should use.

This comprehensive introduction to automated and promotional messages for WhatsApp Business goes in-depth on their advantages, how to set them up, the many kinds of messages you may automate, and even gives you access to WhatsApp templates you can use.

Precisely that is what we are here to accomplish today. 

Let's get going.

Where Do WhatsApp Promotional Messages Fit In Your Marketing Strategy?

WhatsApp Promotional Messages Fit In Your Marketing Strategy
WhatsApp Promotional Messages Fit In Your Marketing Strategy

Email used to be the preferred vehicle for a promotional activity, but those times are long gone. 

Social media has replaced it, but it has drawbacks like publicly publishing unfavorable comments. 

The best option for texting is if you're planning.

We've created a methodology for channel selection based on activity type (marketing or remarketing activities) and its success metrics to help you understand WhatsApp's role in your marketing strategy (brand awareness or brand engagement).

If you plan to use the channel for marketing or remarketing, decide first. 

Marketing seeks to draw in more viewers and increase brand exposure, however, this can occasionally lead to spam.

WhatsApp restricts businesses to proactively messaging only Contacts on their customer lists while allowing only new customers to start conversations to maintain a high-quality user experience. 

Therefore, WhatsApp is a retargeting platform.

The success of promotional activities on WhatsApp depends more on brand engagement than brand recognition, as seen by performance marketing indicators like open and click-through rates. 

The larger possibility for money here is a result of messaging's superior engagement.

On WhatsApp, is it possible to send promotional messages?

Yes, starting in September 2021, WhatsApp will let businesses send marketing messages on the platform, such as discounts, coupons, and vouchers. 

Before September 2021, WhatsApp didn't let companies send promotional WhatsApp template messages internationally.

This was because the WhatsApp Business API was only meant to be used for transactional communications and customer service.

 Because of this, WhatsApp forbade any businesses from sending out promotional messages to prevent customer spam.

But starting in September 2021, WhatsApp has made it possible for companies from all across the world to use ChatDaddy to send promotional messages on WhatsApp without worrying about a ban (aside from your customers).

Key Advantages of WhatsApp Promotion and Advertising Messages

WhatsApp Promotion and Advertising Messages
WhatsApp Promotion and Advertising Messages

The following are advantages of using WhatsApp for promotional messaging:

potential to reach more people for the least amount of money.

can increase your ROI by up to 33x.

Allows you to quickly reach up to 100,000 users. 

Here's how to use ChatDaddy to send broadcast messages quickly. useful for a variety of sectors, including retail, e-commerce, educational institutions, travel, real estate, and many more. 

Three to five minutes after being sent, WhatsApp messages are accessible. Customers prefer reading promotional communications on WhatsApp over other channels like email and SMS since it is where they are most active. 

As the proverb goes, "Meet people where they are, don't force them where you want to be."

Promotional WhatsApp Messages: Recent Developments

At first, WhatsApp only lets companies send transactional messages, such as updates on shipping. 

Throughout 2021, it tested non-transactional or promotional messages in several nations before removing this limitation internationally in September 2021.

This is significant because any omnichannel marketing plan should include WhatsApp. 

It can support advertising on other platforms, such as social network postings or website banners, or it can stand alone and creatively interact with customers.

Here are some things to consider before you start sending out a barrage of WhatsApp marketing messages.

To begin with, Contacts must choose to receive promotional messages. 

Additionally, you are required to follow WhatsApp's Business and Commerce Policies. 

This includes solely utilizing Message Templates, which WhatsApp must first approve.

The cost of the service also includes the cost of a account, the cost of using some Business Solutions Providers (BSPs), and the cost of using WhatsApp.

However, the potential advantages of WhatsApp marketing messages outweigh the disadvantages by a wide margin.

What does a WhatsApp Promotional message template look like?

WhatsApp Promotional message template look like
WhatsApp Promotional message template look like

Customers have used WhatsApp to contact several businesses in the past three years to request specific products, perks, and deals before making a purchase.

Given this, WhatsApp has only begun to accept templates for customized promotional messages that can be used for remarketing and re-engagement.

A promotional message template, to be precise, will be a non-transactional message that will enable businesses to inform their customers when specific products go back on the market, when certain offers & discounts are available, during App promotions, as well as other messages like cart-recovery messages.

Here are a few scenarios in which WhatsApp Promotional Message Templates might be put to use:

Direct marketing: Companies might be able to contact customers based on their previous purchases.

Here are some starter WhatsApp promotional message examples.

  1. Festival sale offers

With these templates, you may offer your most enthusiastic customers a customized shopping package during a festival or special season. 

When a user searches for coupon codes on your website, these offers are really helpful.

  1. Promotional Offers

When a customer buys something from your website, you can give them discounts to upsell them on further products. 

When consumers are proactively contacting you to inquire about the progress of their orders, then is the time to send these promotional messages.

Users may become irritated if you send them these marketing communications in an unsolicited manner.

  1. monthly specials

These non-transactional advertising communications ought to be distributed for a brief window of time when clients would be eager to purchase particular hot goods.

What do Benefits Do WhatsApp Templates offer?

The better thing to ask yourself is "what's not wonderful about them" if you're debating whether you truly need automatic WhatsApp Business messages and are asking what they're so excellent for.

Automated WhatsApp Business messaging programming provides the following two significant advantages:

  • It makes communicating with your consumers easier, and it's a great method to take care of them even when you're not there.
  • You'll save time and effort.

The setup process for this could seem time-consuming if you're new to WhatsApp Business. However, this instruction will show you that it only requires a few fast actions.

Additionally, the fact that this is a one-time effort is a plus. Once you get this going, you'll rarely need to come back to it again besides making little modifications and adjustments.

Additionally, if you are already familiar with WhatsApp Messenger (and chances are, you are), this will go quickly as you are already familiar with its features and user interface.

Additionally, we have provided you with WhatsApp templates that you can easily copy, modify, and paste into your automated replies to save you even more time.

WhatsApp Promotional Messages: An Essential Tool for Marketing

WhatsApp Promotional Messages: An Essential Tool for Marketing
WhatsApp Promotional Messages: An Essential Tool for Marketing

With more than 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp is a must for businesses in nations where the service is popular. 

Instantaneous, casual interactions encourage immediate action and foster long-term brand commitment.

By far, the ability for firms to start conversations with known Contacts is its greatest advantage. 

Direct marketing to customers who have expressed interest in your goods or services is also very cost-effective.

A clever WhatsApp advertising message also encourages action. More than 90% of new website visitors aren't prepared to buy anything. 

Reiterating their demand on a channel that is regularly used enhances user conviction and conversions.

Examples of Cases with Pre-Written WhatsApp Advertising Messages

Cases with Pre-Written WhatsApp Advertising Messages
Cases with Pre-Written WhatsApp Advertising Messages

WhatsApp advertising messages can be used in a variety of ways to interact with clients. Here are eight typical business events and some examples of WhatsApp marketing messages for each.

Unattended Cart

Let's imagine you own a thriving

ng jewelry company with an online store, but you observe a high rate of abandoned carts. A timely WhatsApp cart recovery message could restore up to 60% of these.

You can use the following examples of WhatsApp cart recovery messages:

"Hello [customer name], that's a terrific assortment you have in your cart. You've been admiring some of our greatest things. 

Would you like to claim them right away?

New Release

Maybe you're a sportswear brand that has teased shoppers with your new spring collection on social media. 

Go time has arrived. Add WhatsApp to your list of marketing channels.

Check out these texts from WhatsApp's new launch that you can copy:

  • The wait is now over, [customer name]! You wanted to learn about our spring collection first, so check it out here! [URL]”
  • "What will sell out quickly, is trendy, and in style? 

Yes, [customer name], the [company name] spring collection is available now. Update your fitness attire right away at [URL] if you wanted to be the first to know about it!

Restocked Goods

You run a well-known electronics retailer where hot commodities like specialized keyboards and headphones quickly run out. 

Offer to let clients know about restocks via WhatsApp when they ask about these. 

While you keep their business, they are guaranteed priority service by a store they know and trust.

Use these WhatsApp refill alert messages to notify customers of restocks:

  • Hello [customer name], by popular demand, the [item] you requested is back " We'd like to thank you for your patience by giving you free delivery on orders over [amount]. 

Grab it right away at [URL]! 

  • You're the first to know that [item] is back in stock, as promised, [customer name] Get it right away at [URL] or stop by any of our retail locations. 

Our address is [list of outlets].

Loyalty Bonuses

Maybe you're in charge of a high-end leather goods company with highly sought-after limited releases. 

Reward loyal high-value consumers with special offers or early access to new products. 

Use a warm or private tone to make them feel special.

Thank devoted clients with the following sample of a WhatsApp marketing message:

  • "Hello [customer name], we wanted to give you first access to our new product drop, which launches at [time] tomorrow. 

The [product] is a limited release, so let us know if you want us to set one aside for you. Reserve yours right away!

  • “Dear [customer name], thank you for supporting [brand name] with loyalty. 

Please use the discount code 10TQ to receive an exclusive 10% off on our new collection.

Loyalty Bonuses

Maybe you're in charge of a high-end leather goods company with highly sought-after limited releases. 

Reward loyal high-value consumers with special offers or early access to new products. 

Use a warm or private tone to make them feel special.

Thank devoted clients with the following sample of a WhatsApp marketing message:

  • "Hello [customer name], we wanted to give you first access to our new product drop, which launches at [time] tomorrow. 

The [product] is a limited release, so let us know if you want us to set one aside for you. Reserve yours right away!

  • Dear [customer name], thank you for supporting [brand name] with loyalty. 

Please use the discount code 10TQ to receive an exclusive 10% off on our new collection.


Perhaps your wellness company specializes in goods and services that promote all-around well-being. 

Customer interaction frequency varies depending on their specific requirements or preferences.

Any of the following messages will encourage your brand's dormant clients to become active again:

  • "[Customer name] it's been a while," We have increased our offerings since your last visit to give you the finest wellness experience possible. 

Why not stop by for a matcha taste or a yoga class? Visit [URL] to reserve your desired workshop. Hope to see you soon!

  • Good day, [customer name]! We would like to extend to you an exclusive 8% discount storewide because we miss you at [company name]. 

Use the promo code YAY8OFF at [URL] to shop for our most recent goods.

Future Events

Imagine you are the owner of a chain of coffee shops known for innovative collaborations or celebrity guest shifts. 

Using WhatsApp, you may offer clients special experiences and let them know where and when things are happening.

Below are some samples of WhatsApp promotional messages for fresh events:

  • We want you to be there because [date] something big is happening. 
  • Join us at [location] between [time] for a few hours of positive energy and delicious coffee. 
  • Immediately reserve your space at [URL]. Let's meet there!
  • Greetings, [customer name]! A limited run of handcrafted coffee cocktails is being introduced. 
  • From [time] till late on [day], celebrity barista [name] will be stirring up a storm at [location].

Partnership Announcement

Brands can use WhatsApp Business to send marketing messages about collaborations in addition to making announcements about new products.

You should let your customers know if you're participating in a joint product giveaway with another company, working with a well-known designer, or supporting a charitable organization.

This is particularly true for the latter given the growing significance of corporate social responsibility. 

According to recent data, about 80% of consumers are more inclined to make purchases from companies that are dedicated to improving the world.

Although there are numerous opportunities for collaboration, in this WhatsApp template we'll concentrate on social responsibility alliances.

Sample WhatsApp Promotional Messages: Best Practices

Here are some best practices to keep in mind whether you wish to change the sample WhatsApp advertising message from above or compose your own from start.

Customers should first be divided into interest groups. Use interest tags to target the appropriate audience in your broadcast lists; otherwise, users may report or ban you for sending spam or unwelcome content.

Additionally, you want to keep your message brief and informal. 

Customers value WhatsApp's casual atmosphere, so capitalize on its distinctive features to turn a promotional message into a chance for relationship-building.

So, interact with your customers. 

Give them an incentive to respond or provide a call to action.

Concluding Remarks | Creative WhatsApp Advertising and Promotion Messages Templates

Without a doubt, WhatsApp Business is now the preferred tool for cultivating customer loyalty and maintaining contact with clients.

All businesses should seek to satisfy their clients since, aside from generating repeat business, they can serve as brand ambassadors and market your goods.

However, as your company expands, it may become more difficult to maintain a pleased and educated consumer base.

And for this reason alone, you ought to begin taking advantage of the numerous advantages that come with automating and promoting your WhatsApp Business messages right away.

We sincerely hope you've found our WhatsApp templates for businesses to be useful, and we urge you to use and incorporate them into your brand's communication strategy right away.

Visit ChatDaddy to find out more about WhatsApp Business and how it may benefit you.

FAQs | Creative WhatsApp Advertising and Promotion Messages Templates

Q: How do you craft a strong marketing message?

A: Sending an SMS that you would want to receive from a company is the secret to crafting an effective promotional message. It should be conversational, focus on a single idea, be timely or topical, paint a clear picture of the customer's course of action, and provide some additional value or information.

Q: What sort of marketing message might you use?

A: As an illustration, "Our award-winning product line reduces expenses and boosts income." Unique marketing messages are brilliant ones. You'll save so much, for instance, that you'll believe you've won the lottery.

Q: How do I use WhatsApp to send a marketing message?

A: Step 1: Select the "Broadcasts" tab on the WATI Dashboard. Step 2: On the top-right side, select the "New Broadcast" button. Step 3: Include the broadcast name, select the WhatsApp message template, and pick the time you want the message to be sent. Select "Next"

Q: What is a creative commercial, exactly?

A: The advertising is more straightforward the more well-known the brand. In this illustration, McDonald's merely uses two deftly placed lamps to advertise the fact that they are open at night. The lamps shine down on the billboard to create the well-known "golden arches" company mark.

Q: What creates a compelling message?

A: I believe there are three important guidelines to follow when creating a message: it must be credible, clear, and succinct. Any message should start with clarity because if your audience can't grasp what you're trying to convey, they won't be likely to like it. (Which is worse?

Q: What exactly is a marketing message?

A: An idea that an advertiser wishes to convey to their target audience is called an advertising message. Its objective is to persuade users to carry out a specific action, such as signing up, making a purchase, or booking a reservation.

Q: WhatsApp template message is what is it?

A: Once users have opted-in and granted your app permission to send them messages, you can message them repeatedly using a WhatsApp message template. You must first submit a message template to WhatsApp to use it.

Q: What is an illustration of a creative idea?

A: Typically, a headline, slogan, and main image represent the creative concept. Successful creative ideas stand out, stick in people's minds, and bring people together. Examples include the Red Ribbon Campaign, the "Got Milk?" campaign, and Nike's "Just Do It" campaign.

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