How WhatsApp Automation can boost the property business
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August 3, 2023

How WhatsApp Automation can boost the property business

Grow your Property Business with WhatsApp Automation - Streamlined Communication, Personalized Listings, and Enhanced Engagement. Easiest ways to boost efficiency.

The real estate market is fast-paced. The demand has gone through the roof. It's a move-it-or-lose-it game these days. This is why when you run a social media ad for your property business you are most likely to be swamped with a gazillion tasks of client inquiries from every angle. But despite these repetitive tasks piling up only 33% of property businesses have integrated one or two technology solutions. This is where automation comes in.

In this article, you will learn what automation is, why it is important in the real estate business, and how WhatsApp automation works for real estate businesses.

What is automation?

What is automation?

Automation is the use of technology to perform tasks or processes without direct human intervention. In the real estate business, automation can streamline various activities like data entry, customer interactions, and property management, saving time and improving efficiency. This is so vital because property businesses are faced with some major bottlenecks. Some of which are:

Communication and Follow-ups

Coordinating with clients, agents, and other stakeholders often requires frequent follow-ups and timely communication, which can be challenging to manage manually.

Lead Management

Effectively managing and qualifying leads from various sources can be overwhelming, and before you know it, potential opportunities are lost.

Tenant and Property Management

Managing rental properties and dealing with tenant requests, rent collection, and property maintenance can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Paperwork and Documentation

Handling physical documents and paperwork can create delays, especially when dealing with contracts, agreements, and legal processes. Now guess how clients perceive delay - unprofessional.

Property Listings and Updates

Keeping property listings up-to-date across multiple platforms and websites can be labor-intensive and prone to discrepancies.

Accounting and Finance

Handling financial transactions, tracking expenses, and managing cash flow can be error-prone if not automated. You could be counting losses into hundreds of thousands, if not more, from this single setback.

How ChatDaddy WhatsApp automation can help your property business

How ChatDaddy WhatsApp automation can help your property business

It has been established that real estate professionals can overcome the bottlenecks associated with an increased clientele base. And it's by simply implementing automation solutions to save time, reduce errors, and improve overall business efficiency. But how exactly does WhatsApp automation work for property businesses? Simply put, it is with cutting-edge features within the ChatDaddy automation platform. Let's analyze how these features helped a leading property agency in Hong Kong - Omura properties, provide top-notch sales, rental services., and property information for their clients. And how you can apply its proven strategies to drive growth in your property business.

Key reply buttons: Omura Property used the keyword reply with buttons feature to make it easy for clients to access information and schedule appointments. Here are three examples of how Omura Property used keyword replies with buttons to streamline its customer service process using ChatDaddy:

  • When clients inquired about property viewings, they received an automated reply with options to schedule a viewing appointment at a specific date and time or request a virtual tour.
  • When clients asked about rental pricing, they received an automated reply with options to view pricing for different property types and areas.
  • When clients inquired about property information, they received an automated reply with options to view property details, photos, and location.

ChatDaddy broadcast message: Omura Property utilized personalized broadcasting to send tailored messages to different groups of clients based on their interests and needs. They leveraged ChatDaddy's personalized broadcasting to improve customer engagement in three ways:

  • They sent a message to clients interested in renting properties in a specific area, highlighting the latest available listings and special offers.
  • They sent a message to clients interested in buying properties, promoting a new luxury property listing, and offering a virtual tour.
  • They sent a message to clients who had previously inquired about diversity consultancy services, highlighting recent successful case studies and offering consultation.

ChatDaddy team inbox: With the team inbox feature, Omura Property managed all client inquiries in one central location, ensuring that no messages were missed and that they could respond quickly and efficiently. Here is how they used it to streamline their customer service process.

  • The team received a message from a client inquiring about a property listing. The team member assigned to the inquiry was able to quickly access the conversation and provide detailed information about the property, resulting in a successful sale.
  • The team received a message from a client inquiring about diversity consultancy services. The team member assigned to the inquiry was able to provide a timely response, offering consultation and addressing the client's specific needs.
  • The team received a message from a client inquiring about rental services. The team member assigned to the inquiry was able to provide a quick and comprehensive response, including pricing information and available properties, resulting in a successful rental agreement,

Imagine what the results are like for Omura, how seamless automation made their processes, and how you too can apply automation in your property business and close leads faster than you can ever think of. You too can learn how to leverage these ChatDaddy automation features in your property business via a free demo with Chat Daddy experts.


Q : Can I send property listings and updates automatically through WhatsApp?

A : Yes, WhatsApp automation allows you to schedule and send property listings, updates, and promotions to your potential clients automatically, saving time and ensuring timely communication.

Q : How can WhatsApp automation benefit my property business?

A : WhatsApp automation streamlines communication, enabling personalized property listings, instant responses to inquiries, and improved customer engagement, ultimately boosting your property business's efficiency and success.

Q : Does WhatsApp automation provide analytics to track the effectiveness of property campaigns?

A : Yes, WhatsApp automation platforms offer analytics and insights to monitor campaign performance, message delivery rates, and customer engagement, helping you optimize your property marketing strategies.

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