Maximize E-commerce Sales with WhatsApp: How it Works?
Updated On :
March 19, 2024

Maximize E-commerce Sales with WhatsApp: How it Works?

Unlock the potential of WhatsApp for your e-commerce business. Learn how it can drive sales and growth, and how to effectively use it for your business.

The opportunity to connect with customers, market and sell your products, and ultimately establish an e-commerce business on the network should not be disregarded given WhatsApp's enormous reach (two billion users worldwide, by the way).

In reality, given that WhatsApp is the most popular chat app in the world and that most customers like to communicate with businesses in real-time, it wouldn't be a huge leap to equate WhatsApp marketing with e-commerce.

The time has come to incorporate WhatsApp into your e-commerce business plan because millions of companies already use it. Otherwise, you risk falling behind your rivals.

How WhatsApp Works for E-Commerce

WhatsApp Works for E-Commerce
WhatsApp Works for E-Commerce

Through the WhatsApp Business API, you may include WhatsApp in your e-commerce store. WhatsApp for eCommerce improves your customers' shopping experiences.

It accomplishes this by personalizing their interactions with the business and streamlines their connection with their favorite brands using the WhatsApp chat platform.

Today's most widely used messaging platform is WhatsApp.

This indicates that you should start thinking about WhatsApp as a channel for your eCommerce store to efficiently increase sales.

Due to the dearth of actual solutions specifically for businesses, marketers have historically tended to ignore WhatsApp's potential in eCommerce.

However, that is no longer the case thanks to WhatsApp Business, which launched in 2018 and offers more useful solutions suited for companies of all kinds.

There will be around 2 billion active WhatsApp users by 2022. Because transactions can be completed online without compromising on consistent (and planned) contact, WhatsApp for eCommerce business has benefited the customer's retention strategy.

Since 2019, almost 175 million users send messages to WhatsApp business accounts every day, dramatically increasing the business community's contact with clients and prospects alike. 

These figures are encouraging, particularly for eCommerce companies looking to enhance consumer experiences by keeping an eye on the ground.

Put a WhatsApp chat button on your e-commerce page

WhatsApp chat button on e-commerce page
WhatsApp chat button on e-commerce page

Although effective, employing WhatsApp for e-commerce is still a fairly new strategy. This is especially true because e-commerce (or internet purchasing) dates back to the 1950s.

Despite this, it's realistic to assume that a sizable portion of customers will continue to browse products on your website. 

Install a WhatsApp chat button on your e-commerce page to capitalize on those eyes and direct them to WhatsApp.

This not only establishes a direct line of communication with your customers, but it is also speedier and more practical.

If they were using a computer, clicking the button would launch a WhatsApp web chat with you. 

If they were using a smartphone, clicking the button would take them to a WhatsApp chat with you via the WhatsApp app itself. The latter would enable them to talk to you even as they are moving around.

The ability to continue the conversation after a customer leaves your website is the main benefit of adding a WhatsApp chat button to your website. 

This is not possible when utilizing a standard live chat. Both your consumer (who won't have to wait around) and your team (who won't have to move as quickly) will benefit from this.

Additionally, you may enhance your brand's image by making your WhatsApp chat button match your logo!

Get WhatsApp Business API for e-commerce

You need to first have access to the WhatsApp Business API.

All WhatsApp e-commerce strategies are built on this.

Yes, a WhatsApp Business app is available for free download. Additionally, it has its limitations even if it undoubtedly provides enough functionality to launch an e-commerce marketing campaign on WhatsApp for new firms.

This is especially true for expanding businesses. You'll probably need more sophisticated tools as your company grows, which is where the WhatsApp Business API comes in.

Additional advantages include the ability to integrate with third-party software, share a multi-agent inbox, track the performance of your WhatsApp e-commerce plan, and more.

Additionally, earning the coveted green light and fully validating your WhatsApp Business account, which is only possible via WhatsApp business API.

The WhatsApp API does not have message volume limitations and can handle an infinite number of users. It can also be seamlessly included in your e-commerce suite.

Being an eCommerce business, you would require the WhatsApp API to link it with your e-commerce system and scale up both message and sales volumes.

Setting up WhatsApp Business Account for e-commerce to drive sales

If you're a small seller who doesn't need the automation and limitless message handling capabilities, WhatsApp Business may be what you need. If you do, WhatsApp Business API (WhatsApp API) may be what you need.

Create a WhatsApp account from an authorized Business Service Provider using the API.

WhatsApp Business Account for e-commerce to drive sales
WhatsApp Business Account for e-commerce to drive sales

Integrating WhatsApp using a valid business account is the first step in using it for online transactions. Your business display name, a confirmed Facebook business manager ID, and a phone number without an existing WhatsApp account are required.

The WhatsApp Business Account Phone Number should be activated.

After receiving clearance, you can activate your phone number (whether it's a new or existing number) after giving more details, including

  • Facebook Business Manager ID for the Client
  • Your company's contact phone number.
  • Your app's area and first name.

A docker container will be used to host communication on activated phone numbers (virtual server). 

You can control incoming messages on the system of your service provider or through a dashboard.

Add a WhatsApp chat widget to your online store.

To allow website users to interact with your company in the WhatsApp environment, plug in a chat widget and set up WhatsApp Click to Chat. They can use WhatsApp Web on their desktops or their mobile devices to access it.

Automate push updates and notifications

You may reconcile transactions and automate messaging like providing status updates or thanking customers for choosing you whenever customers confirm purchases and payments go through.

You might choose to conduct a post-sales experience survey and gather information to help you decide how to position your business going forward and automatic thanks for picking your texts.

Create chatbots

To create an interactive flow between you and the customer, use conversational chatbots. You can distribute information like links to products and/or services, return and refund policies, and frequently asked questions using WhatsApp chatbots.

Utilize WhatsApp Marketing to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Comparing WhatsApp marketing to other digital marketing channels like YouTube, Google PPC, etc., e-commerce firms have discovered that it is a cost-effective method for boosting brand awareness and fostering consumer loyalty.

It seems sensible that WhatsApp would be perceived as a "wonder" consumer engagement tool for companies of all sizes.

Having everything in one location can greatly increase your capacity to manage customer service swiftly and effectively. 

To allow WhatsApp marketing for eCommerce, we can also assist you in obtaining and integrating the WhatsApp Business API with your online

Concluding Remarks | WhatsApp works for e-commerce

If you're looking to start selling products through WhatsApp Business API  to boost sales, we can help.

ChatDaddy provides the e-commerce integration you need to get your business up in no time.

We have years of experience helping businesses just like yours take advantage of this popular messaging platform.

Contact us

 today to learn more about how we can help you start selling through WhatsApp.

FAQs | WhatsApp works for e-commerce

Q: Does WhatsApp work for E-commerce?

A: Yes, WhatsApp for eCommerce improves your customers' shopping experiences.

It accomplishes this by personalizing their interactions with the business and streamlines their connection with their favorite brands using the WhatsApp chat platform.

Q: What benefits do we get from WhatsApp chat Button?

A: A chat button is an icon that you place strategically on your website so that visitors can click it to start a chat. They can now interact in real-time with your representative's thanks to this. Customers can click a button to begin a chat with your company via WhatsApp by using a WhatsApp chat button.

Q: What is the role of WhatsApp business API in E-commerce marketing?

A: It also has extra features like a shared, multi-agent inbox, software integration options, the ability to monitor the performance of your WhatsApp e-commerce plan, and more.

Additionally, only the WhatsApp Business API makes it possible to formally verify your WhatsApp Business account and get the desired green.

Q: How can I get started my business with WhatsApp-E-commerce integration to increase sales?

A: Installing the WhatsApp Business app on your phone is the first step. You can begin adding products and services to your catalog after the app is configured. Additionally, you can make a company profile and start corresponding with customers to boost the growth of the business.

Q: How can ChatDaddy help me to derive sales and growth on E-commerce?

A: To increase sales and growth, Chatdaddy's team of experts can assist you with every facet of your WhatsApp e-commerce connection. We can assist you with creating your company profile, adding items to your catalog, and starting conversations with customers. To find out more about how we can assist you with using WhatsApp for your company, get in touch with us right away.

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