New WhatsApp Feature: Interactive Messages with List Messages and Reply Buttons
Updated On :
March 19, 2024

New WhatsApp Feature: Interactive Messages with List Messages and Reply Buttons

Discover the latest feature from WhatsApp - Interactive Messages with List Messages and Reply Buttons. Enhance your messaging experience with these top feature of WhatsApp.

New features are occasionally added to products by Meta (previously Facebook). 

The newest feature of the company's commercial version of the widely used messaging program, WhatsApp, is its interactive message templates.

Sending WhatsApp interactive messages to consumers will now allow users of the WhatsApp API or WhatsApp Business API to save time, streamline customer service, and boost conversion rates. Businesses can now use WhatsApp List Messages and WhatsApp Quick Reply Buttons, two popular forms of interactive messaging. 

Both features have been developed to make it simpler for buyers to ask sellers common questions.

Both features may be useful to you as a business owner that uses WhatsApp to connect with consumers to facilitate conversations. 

Continue reading to find out more about WhatsApp interactive message templates, and how using WhatsApp List Messages or WhatsApp Quick Reply Buttons may benefit your company.

What are templates for interactive WhatsApp messages?

Templates for WhatsApp interactive messages are pre-written messages that WhatsApp has approved for use in interactive messaging.

Before sending a WhatsApp interactive message template to your clients, you must first get WhatsApp's clearance. 

However, after setting up API access, several pre-approved WhatsApp interactive message templates are included with the WhatsApp API and can be used right away.

There are presently three different types of WhatsApp message templates available to users of the WhatsApp API or WhatsApp Business API. 

Those WhatsApp interactive message templates are a more recent addition to WhatsApp's message templates.

Interactive Messages With List Messages and Reply Buttons
Interactive Messages With List Messages and Reply Buttons

1. Text messages - text message templates are used to offer consumers proactive updates on topics like order status, order confirmation, payment reception, delivery status, and more, etc.

2. Media messages - media message templates let senders send consumers text messages with photos, audio files, and other media types attached. Businesses offer visual content like how-to guides and video tutorials using rich media message templates.

3. Interactive messages (with buttons) - interactive message templates, as their name suggests, feature messages that customers can engage with; the following messages are deemed interactive:

  • a message list
  • Answer buttons
  • one message per product
  • Multiple-product message

WhatsApp offers media message themes with interactive capability through respond buttons and list messages in addition to standard text message templates.

WhatsApp by default provides two types of interactive message templates:

1. The WhatsApp Call-to-Action Button enables users to dial a number or visit a website when tapped.

In this WhatsApp interactive message template, a maximum of two options or buttons may be added, one of which must be a link to a website or a phone number. 

Additionally, the text of each option or button cannot be longer than 20 characters. Finally, there is an option to add a header, but it can only be text, a document, or an image.

2. WhatsApp Quick Reply Button - This feature enables users to send quick responses to businesses using the accessible buttons. 

For the WhatsApp rapid reply feature, a maximum of 3 buttons are permitted. Be aware that the purpose of the WhatsApp Quick Reply buttons is to make it easier for users to respond. 

As a result, they can only be activated when a message prompt is received on the company's WhatsApp Business API account.

3. WhatsApp List Message - Tapping the list message button displays a list of options; a list can have a maximum of 10 items. 

Any list message can be chosen, and it functions precisely like WhatsApp's Quick Reply button. 

WhatsApp Quick Reply buttons are the only three-option WhatsApp List Messages.

Session Messages in WhatsApp's Interactive Messages

As a response to customer-initiated messages, WhatsApp Interactive Session Messages are interactive messages that must be sent during a 24-hour messaging session.

Businesses can send interactive session messages without obtaining WhatsApp's permission, but they must adhere to the WhatsApp Business Policy and WhatsApp Commerce Policy.

They can also connect customers to an agent for customer service or push them to take the next step in a buying cycle using various types of WhatsApp Interactive Session Messages in the same discussion.

It's also crucial to remember that while responding to interactive messaging, customers can only select one button or choice at a time.

If customers change their minds or make a mistake, they can opt to go back to the first step or the step before that.

WhatsApp List Messages: What Are They?

WhatsApp List Messages
WhatsApp List Messages

Customers visiting a business account on WhatsApp can navigate more easily around the most common operations by using the interactive messages known as WhatsApp List Message Buttons.

The WhatsApp Business API automatically provides customers a list menu of buttons with related options after getting a message prompt from them. 

The necessary information is shown to the user whenever they tap on their desired option.

Several usage scenarios, such as Multiple Menu Items & Product Choices, apply to these messages.

When a company uses WhatsApp List Buttons, clients may rapidly access information about their orders without having to wait for responses from the company. 

Customers enjoy a more simplified and quick process as a result, which increases their convenience and probably leads to a greater conversion or retention rate.

Users can use this option while dealing with your WhatsApp Business Chatbot in a simpler and more reliable method.

To give your clients a summary of their options, WhatsApp list messages are a terrific tool. 

They can be used, for example, to provide substitutes for

  • Delivery schedule (for last-mile logistics companies)
  • Appointments (for any company requiring appointments: clinics, hairdressers, etc) (for any business requiring appointments: clinics, hairdressers, etc.)
  • eating menus (for restaurants)
  • locations of stores (for businesses with several outlets).
  • Detail of the most recent order displayed
  • Make a new purchase
  • View the payment acknowledgment
  • Find the XYZ (store, pharmacy, ATM, etc.) closest to me.
  • Report an issue or bug
  • FAQs

WhatsApp Quick Reply Buttons: What Are They?

Up to three option buttons are present in these WhatsApp Business API messages. When communicating with a company, reply buttons provide a speedier way for users to choose an option from a menu.

Instead of having to send lengthy, free-form messages, WhatsApp's Quick Reply Buttons allow users to rapidly respond to specific messages regarding their order or transaction. Customers will find it simpler and easier to communicate with the company in this way. 

It should be noted that as of the time this article was written, only 3 rapid reply buttons or options were supported by the WhatsApp API or WhatsApp Business API.

The following are a few applications for WhatsApp Quick Reply Buttons:

  • Confirmation of password change: Yes/No
  • Confirmation of your appointment: Will/Won't/Tentative
  • Confirmation of mobile number change: Yes/No
  • Confirmation of address change: Yes/No Confirmation of login: Yes, it was me/No, it wasn't me
  • Confirmation of the transaction: Yes/No

When responding quickly, such as choosing a time slot for an appointment or choosing from previously saved addresses on WhatsApp Ecommerce, reply buttons are useful.

Contrary to popular perception, WhatsApp list messages are not regarded as "template messages" by the service. 

This indicates that neither templates nor prior WhatsApp approval of these messages are necessary.

What Makes WhatsApp List Messages Useful?

These interactive messages allow you to create engaging customer experiences and save a ton of work. 

A few usage cases are:

List messages work best when providing a range of choices, including:

  • A support or FAQ section
  • An ordering menu
  • choice of surrounding businesses or areas
  • Reservation window times
  • selecting a recent transaction to repeat

The optimum use of reply buttons is to provide quick answers from a constrained list of choices, such as:

  • Battery replacement
  • altering personal information
  • Changing an earlier order
  • asking for a refund
  • adding things that are optional to a restaurant order
  • choosing a form of payment

Reply buttons are especially useful in "personalized" use scenarios where a standard answer is insufficient.

Things To Consider Always

The messaging features for your WhatsApp Business are fantastic, but there are a few things to consider before implementing these interactive messages.

  • It is possible to integrate interactive messages into one flow.
  • Users can go back and re-open an earlier message, but they cannot pick more than one choice from a list or button message at once.
  • It is not possible to use a list or respond button messages as notifications. They can now only be sent up to 24 hours after the user's last message. You receive an error notice if you attempt to send a message after the 24-hour window has passed.
  • Supported platforms include web, iOS, and Android.

WhatsApp Interactive Messages' Advantages

WhatsApp Interactive Messages' Advantages
WhatsApp Interactive Messages' Advantages

Businesses can grab clients' attention and keep them interested throughout a conversation by using WhatsApp Interactive Messages.

Offering a better customer experience, reducing human error, and raising response rates and conversions, aids organizations in creating a smooth customer journey.

Customer Experience Is Improved

Customers can be guided along a predetermined path in the customer journey with WhatsApp Interactive Messages. 

To give clients a tailored experience, businesses can also alter the message under their circumstances.

For instance, businesses can utilize Reply Buttons to display a customer's past delivery address or display a list of appointment times that can be booked. 

Customers can now simply find what they need from businesses and respond to them with a single click thanks to this.

Cut down on human error

People may find and choose the products and services they desire from a business more easily and consistently with the help of interactive communications. 

There is very little to no room for human error, such as incorrect typing or ambiguous messaging, because every button is carefully constructed.

Without interactive messaging, clients and companies would have to manually enter each response, which could leave potential for error and result in muddled communication.

Boost conversion rates

When sending promotional messages via broadcast, businesses may also use the CTA button to encourage customers to get in touch with them or visit their website to boost conversions.

WhatsApp conducted testing and discovered that interactive messaging outperforms text-only messaging in terms of response and conversion rates. 

This is because it enables customers to respond fast and can help them navigate the conversation.

Saving time

Users can navigate interactive WhatsApp messages on their own. 

Customers can message your company and use interactive WhatsApp features like message lists or quick reply buttons to quickly get the information they require.

For example, WhatsApp list messages can assist with common tasks like scheduling an appointment, getting information about an order, making changes to orders that have already been placed, and more, without the need to wait for a customer support representative or the business owner to manually respond to them.

As a business owner, this relieves you and/or your staff of having to respond to consumer inquiries. This workforce could be used for more beneficial duties.

To sum it up | WhatsApp List Messages and Reply Buttons

Interactive WhatsApp messages can save you and your clients a tonne of time and hassle.

You may streamline and automate the standardized communication part of your customer service by making standard responses available to your customers using WhatsApp list messages or WhatsApp rapid reply buttons. 

This will save you time and money.

Additionally, compared to text-based lists, WhatsApp interactive messages are shorter and simpler for users to grasp. 

They provide frequently requested information (such as order status, delivery window, etc.) in a uniform, standard style that facilitates user navigation.

Last but not least, when compared to text-based messaging, WhatsApp interactive messages get noticeably greater response rates and conversions.

To use the potential of WhatsApp interactive messages for your business, sign up today or schedule a demo with ChatDaddy.

FAQs | WhatsApp List Messages and Reply Button

Q: WhatsApp needs interactive buttons; how can I add them?

A: You must submit a template that includes the buttons to utilize them. Click the New message template button in the Programmable Messaging > Senders > WhatsApp Templates section of the Twilio console. You must submit a message template with buttons here.

Q: How can I send a WhatsApp reply to a list?

A: Open WhatsApp on your device in step 1 first. Step 2: After that, open a conversation and click Menu after hovering over a message. Step 3: Select "Reply" from the menu that appears. Step 4: Type your comment and press Send

Q: What does WhatsApp's chatbot mean?

A: A WhatsApp chatbot is an automated piece of software that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) or rules. Through the chat interface, users may communicate with the WhatsApp chatbot just like they would with a real person. It's a series of automated WhatsApp responses that mimic human conversation.

Q: What is a dynamic message on WhatsApp?

A: Using keywords, facts, preferences, and business rules, dynamic messaging is a marketing approach that generates automatic, personalized communications for recipients.

Q: How can I make a template for WhatsApp?

A: Press the three-dot icon. Manage message templates by clicking. Use the drop-down option to choose the WhatsApp Business account where you want to create a message template if you have numerous accounts. To create a message template, click.

Q: Can WhatsApp have an automated reply set up?

A: You can generate "away messages" with auto-reply for WhatsApp for the periods when you're not available. It will be communicated to your contacts that you won't be able to access their messages. You can program it to send auto replies during your off-duty hours.

Q: How does the WhatsApp broadcast list function?

A: When you send a message to the broadcast list, all of the receivers on the list who have saved your phone number in their address books will receive it. Message recipients will receive it just like any other message. When they respond, your CHATS screen will display it as a regular message.

Q: How can I make a contribution list on WhatsApp?

  1. A: On your phone, launch WhatsApp.
  2. Click More options in the top right corner after that.
  3. Click on "New broadcast" now.
  4. You can either look for or pick the contacts you want to add.
  5. Lastly, press the checkmark.

Q: How can I make a template for a message?

  • A: Go to the Home menu and select New E-mail.
  • Enter the desired content in the message body.
  • Select File > Save As from the message window.
  • Click Outlook Template in the Save As type list of the Save As dialogue box.
  • Give your template a name in the File name box, then click Save.

Q: How do template messages work?

A: Template messages, often referred to as Highly Structured Messages, are a unique message format that organizations can utilize to provide customers notifications.

Q: Can we use WhatsApp to send promotional messages?

A: Can we use WhatsApp to send promotional messages? Yes, starting in September 2021, businesses can send promotional messages over WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp Business API, businesses can use WhatsApp to give unlimited users discount discounts, promotional offers, coupons, product launch notifications, alerts, and more.

Q: How can I send WhatsApp group messages without broadcasting?

A: The other alternative is to form groups if you don't want to utilize broadcast and want to explore if it's possible to deliver a message to several contacts without using broadcast. By choosing several contacts, you can create a group and message everyone at once.

Q: How can I create a WhatsApp broadcast list without adding contacts?

A: Open the browser on your phone.

Once the URL has been entered, press Enter to activate it.

The recipient's phone number and a green "Message" button are displayed on a subsequent WhatsApp webpage.

That's it; you can now send WhatsApp messages to individuals without adding a contact.

Q: Bots on WhatsApp are permitted?

A: The aim of the chatbot is the most important restriction. The usage of WhatsApp chatbots for marketing and promotional announcements is prohibited. For customer support and non-promotional updates, WhatsApp chatbots work best.

Q: What would be a decent automatic response?

A: I'll be coming back on (Date of Return). Before that, you can get in touch with me via my mobile number: (Mobile Number). This week, I won't be in the office. While I'm away, if you require quick assistance, email me (Contact Email Address)

Q: How can I tell if my broadcast message has been read?

If your sent message has two blue ticks next to it, the receiver has read it. When everyone has read your message in a group chat or broadcast message, the ticks will become blue.

Q: How can I send a shortcut for an automatic message?

A: Activate the Shortcuts App. Open the Shortcuts app to begin going.

Set the day and time. You can choose the time of day you want this automation to happen once the menu has opened.

Include a Message. When the time has been set, select Send Message under Add Action.

Q: What does your phone's auto-response mean?

A: The caller will be informed that you are unable or unavailable to answer their call through an auto-reply text or autoresponder. It informs the caller when you'll return, how they can connect with others, and any other customized message using a pre-programmed text message.

Q: Which Android auto-reply text app is the best?

A: Among the top Android apps for auto-replying to text messages is WhatsAuto. It is simple to use and offers typical auto-replies that you can easily send to several contacts.

Q: SMS automation: what is it?

A: SMS automation is a feature that enables you to schedule the automatic distribution of your messages. All you have to do is compose the SMS message, submit the recipient's information, and set the SMS schedule's sending date.

Q: How can I make a template for WhatsApp?

A: Press the three-dot icon. Manage message templates by clicking. Use the drop-down option to choose the WhatsApp Business account where you want to create a message template if you have numerous accounts. To create a message template, click.

Q: Are individuals aware of whether they are on the broadcast list?

A: Any message sent using WhatsApp's business broadcast will be read by the receiver as a private message. It will also show up in your conversations with the recipients. Nobody on the broadcast list is aware of the existence of anyone else.

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